Adonis Volume 1 Chapter 4 part7

OMG we’re finally done.

Because I’m fairly certain that most people will have missed it, I have recently decided to make Adonis my main translation project. I have over an entire volume’s worth of translated (but not proofread) chapters stocked up, and I don’t want to releasing chapters for this series long after I’m done translating it. That being said, I still want to be at least half a volume ahead so I can plan out how chapters are going to be broken up.

The current solution I have in mind is to release chapters twice a week, on Tuesdays and Fridays, until I’ve caught up until the point where I’m only about half a volume ahead in translating. I will go back to releasing only on Fridays when I do. I’ll keep Rainy updated if I change my mind.

Please read this before reading my translation of Adonis.

The Korean novel culture is a lot less forgiving when it comes to fantranslating. I will take down this entire translation without warning and stop translating it the very moment I get any sort of legal notice, or have good cause to believe that I will receive legal notice, from the author or copyright holder of this series. This is true of all of my projects, but it is much more likely to happen to a popular Korean novel.

Please do not share or upload this translation in any way, shape, or form. This includes any ebook versions of the translation I have not personally permitted (and I will not be permitting any). And, to the extent possible, please do not publicly discuss this translation or mention Rainy's involvement in this translation outside of the Rainy Translations website and/or NovelUpdates.

I would like to attract as little attention to this project as possible.

Note that taking down this project does not hinder my personal ability to enjoy this series in any way. I also do not monetize my website and therefore don't care about how many views I get. It's only you, the readers, who will be negatively affected if I am asked to take down my translation. If you'd like to keep reading a translation of this project, please keep word about it to a mum.

Thank you.



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