Adolescent Adam


Adolescent Adam Volume 6 Chapter 4

A man lay in darkness.

He was on a springy bed, but he still sank into the sheets. That was just how much he weighed. His half-naked body was covered in ugly excess flesh. He was not all that tall, but he was apparently heavy enough for the bedsprings to give up the fight.

Before even judging how his face looked, the fat around his neck and cheeks were scrunched up in a way that made him look like a toad.

That man lay arrogantly back in the darkness.

“Ah, ahn…master

“Nh, hhh. Shuntarou-sama…yours tastes so good.”

Two cute girls lay with him.

They were both still best described as children.

One was a girl with light purple hair that tended to curl. Her arms and legs looked like they still had a good bit of growing to do, but her bust alone was unnaturally large. She had the milky skin of the white race, but it was slick with sweat and she rubbed it against the man she lay with.

“Uheehee. Good, Riselle-chan. Here, you want a reward, don’t you?”

“Ahh, thank you so much, master.”

The girl used all her body’s soft and sweet skin to pleasure the man. She sounded joyful as she stuck out her tongue, brought her lips to his, and began a deep and sticky kiss.

The corners of the man’s eyes drooped as the little girl’s nectary saliva enveloped his tongue.

But the girl seemed even more delighted. Each time she sucked on the man’s tongue, she wiggled her little butt around like she could not contain the joy. Sticky extract trailed down her slender inner thighs.

As for the other girl…

“Ohh, good, good. You’ve really learned how to give head, Ange-chan.”

“Yes… Now I can actually pleasure your impressive cock, Shuntarou-sama.”

The cute girl poked her head up above his fat gut.

As a contrast to the girl named Riselle, she actually looked fully grown. But even if she had wide hips and flesh in all the right places, she was still the same height as Riselle: less than 140cm. She had straight…red hair.

Her small head bobbed up and down as she once more swallowed the incredibly massive shaft hidden by the excess flesh on his stomach. She struggled to get its extraordinary girth and length into her mouth.

She had trouble breathing while forced to pleasure him like this, but she showed no sign of suffering. In fact, her cheeks loosened in a masochistic intoxication.

And while the man indulged in the obedient girls and had them pleasure him with their entire bodies…

“It’s about time we got started.”


Mutsuki awoke a few minutes before five in the morning.

He stretched and felt a lot more rested than usual. Soon thereafter, Ren called and she must have noticed something in his voice.

“Did you wake up on your own today? Good job.”

That put him in a pretty good mood as he left bed.

…''I dreamed of Lucya.

How many times had he dreamed of playing with that strange girl now?

The dream was slightly different each time. Some days he simply played with her, some days they grew wheat, and some days they harvested fruit.

The only common factor was the idyllic lifestyle they lived.

And that they were always together.

He did not know why he was having these dreams, but he kind of liked them.

He enjoyed dreaming of her.

Almost like he was in love.


“…? Ange?”

He came to a stop after leaving the living room.

Ange was sleeping in the recliner that was reclined and facing the TV.

It was a strange sight. He sometimes saw Micha sleeping there after she got drunk, but it was not like Ange at all.

She seemed to have left last night too, so had she gotten back late and collapsed there?

What was she doing at night? That question came to mind, but she looked so cute when she slept that he smiled bitterly and carried a blanket over to her.


She must have been a little chilly because, when he placed it over her, she wrapped her arms around her knees and pulled the blanket over her head.

She was just like a child, so Mutsuki smiled bitterly again.

Lately, they had been leaving for school separately and she had been leaving at night, so they did not get to spend much time together.

That made him feel a little sad, so he watched her cute face as she slept until he absolutely had to leave for school.

September had passed its midpoint and the cultural festival, which would take place at the end of the month, was gradually taking shape.

He had worked so hard toward the beginning that the odd jobs helping out Ren were a lot easier now. The Student Council and everyone else were making good progress on their preparations.

Each class and club was working hard to complete their part of the festival.

However, Mutsuki’s Middle School Class 2-1 had a problem.

“I’ll go talk to the Student Council.”

“Sure. Good luck, bestie.”

After being seen off by an unusually lifeless Sakae, Mutsuki left the somewhat gloomy atmosphere of the classroom.

He knew why.

Since Lucia had ultimately stepped down, they still had not chosen a lead for the play. The Student Council had warned them they had to choose soon.

Mutsuki wished he had not had to give that warning, but…


He arrived at the Student Council Room.

The Middle School Student Council was made up of six people, including the President, the boy and girl pair of the Vice President and Secretary, and Tanaka-senpai, the former President who was acting as the President’s aide.

The five besides the President accepted Ren as their leader even though she had only retaken the position in the second term and they had been very open with the mysterious worker their leader had brought in. They were all quite friendly to Mutsuki.

Mutsuki, however, was not used to a space filled with upperclassmen.

“Okay, let’s get started on today’s work. Are you ready, Fujita Mutsuki?”


But he was no longer nervous around Ren at least.


It had not been easy assigning classroom space for the refreshment shops while taking into account power distribution and the type of food and drink served. Mutsuki felt dizzy after performing so much arithmetic in confusing units like watts and volts.

The boy had been stuck at a table in the Student Council Room for several hours.

He had just finished up arranging the refreshment shops so it would not trip the breaker. His eyes were bleary after staring at the map of the school for so long.

The sky was already red.

He sat up and stretched in the evening sunlight shining in through the western window.

The announcements telling all remaining students to leave would begin in half an hour or so, so most of the Student Council had already gone home. Mutsuki had just finished his work, so he could leave, too.

He sent Ange an email, thinking they could go home together, but…

“I have business to take care of. Go home on your own.”

He only received that blunt reply.

He collapsed back onto the table and sighed.

Before summer break, those two had been obligated to be together at all times, including on the way home, but the alert level had been lowered for the second term and they no longer made an effort to match their schedules.

Since they lived together, they should have been able to head home together, but…

“Good work.”


Something cold touched the nape of his neck.

He was so shocked he nearly fell from the chair. He looked back in surprise and saw Ren’s mischievously narrowed eyes and a chilled can of coffee in her hand.

“Thank you.”

He smiled bitterly and accepted it.

This was his tenth day helping her. She sometimes treated him to a drink like this.

Since it was a treat from the upperclassman everyone admired, even a single can of coffee felt like a luxury.

He opened the tab with a satisfying pshh. Ren’s favorite was the relatively-unpopular black coffee sold at the school store. It was a little bitter.

Ren returned to her seat, opened her own coffee, and checked through the paperwork.


The setting sun dyed the room. While she calmly fulfilled her duties in the red light, the girl appeared inhumanely beautiful.

The way she readily sipped at the bitter coffee made her look like an “adult woman”, so Mutsuki felt a stir in his chest.

He felt his feelings from half a year ago ripen anew.

“Oh, right. Your class.”


“Class 2-1 still hasn’t sent us their role for the play. Have they still not decided on someone?”

“Um…no. Not yet. Sorry.”

He recalled how he had asked about the play’s lead, caused the nearly-complete decision to fall apart, and caused his classmates a lot of trouble.

He also recalled how he had caused Lucia to drop out. The deadline was approaching fast, so Class Rep Sakae had looked fairly troubled.

This was Mutsuki’s responsibility, even if only indirectly. And that put him in a bad mood.

“What is it?”

Ren tilted her head, seeming to have notice his expression.

He tried to shake his head and pretend it was nothing, but he was not skilled enough to completely change his expression so quickly.


Instead, he caused his perceptive upperclassman to worry needlessly.

“Fujita Mutsuki. Are you free after this?”


“I would like for you to come with me for a bit.”

“I see…”

She took him to the tennis court.

This was a memorable location for them. Just before the previous year’s game tournament, they had used the court to practice without permission. They had not known each other back then, so it had been their one connection.

“The tennis team is off today, so we won’t be in their way.”

Just like that day, Ren changed into her tennis wear and beckoned him onto the court.

Since the team was not practicing, the fence had been locked, but she opened it with a mysterious thread – a FeTUS Springloaded – she pulled from somewhere.

They were entering without permission. Mutsuki smiled bitterly as he followed her in.

“Oh, we have no rackets. Just a moment.”

She reached for a nearby pile of old nets.

Another gold thread shined and the net changed shape. A mesh shaped like a water drop formed in the center and rubber tightened around the head portion.

It was a little misshapen, but it was a tennis racket.

“That’s convenient.”

“Hee hee. Overuse of Springloaded is frowned upon. Don’t tell Miss C or Miss E.”

She handed him one of the two she had created and raised her index finger in front of her nose.

It was a cute gesture for the normally cool girl. That Student Council President could seem quite straitlaced, but she was surprisingly unconventional when no one was looking.

“Now, let’s play. Everyone needs a break sometimes.”

There were a few balls still lying around, so they grabbed one and moved to alternate ends of the court.

“Here goes.”

She held her racket out toward him.


The ball flew gently upwards. Mutsuki narrowed his eyes at the fantastical scene in the setting sun.

When the ball flew his way, it was moving at a decent speed, but she had held back enough to make it easy to return. He had not played tennis for a year, but a light swing of the racket sent the ball back to her side of the court.

It was about half an hour until they had to leave school.

They were playing tennis for fun instead of as a competition, so they simply tried to keep a rally going.

…It was the same sort of game they had played in the name of practicing his receiving on that day.

“Oops! Oh, sorry.”

“Don’t worry about…it!”

Mutsuki’s instincts had yet to return, so he hit the ball back in an odd direction. Ren seemed to have trouble chasing after it.

That forced her to swing her racket wide. The egg-shaped bust beautifully pushing out on her tennis wear gave a nice jiggle. And yet…


The ball she sent back his way was still quite gentle.

Since she gave him an easy ball to return, the feeling gradually returned to his body. He stopped missing the ball and the rally was able to continue.

“This takes me back.”

They could even spare enough focus to talk.

“It reminds me of that day. Do you remember? Y’know, before last year’s game tournament.”

“I do remember. That was the only time I was able to talk with you, Senpai.”

“Hm? …Oh, that’s right. That was the only time we spoke directly like that.”


“Hee hee. It’s weird thinking that, other than that one time, these past ten days are the only time we’ve had a real conversation.” Ren sounded emotional. “I’ve been watching you for so long that I felt quite close to you. What we’re doing here feels like playing with a little brother…but I guess it’s different for you.”


His heart leapt a bit when she said she felt close to him.

He had had feelings for this Student Council President and she had actually had some sort of feelings for him. He could not help but blush after hearing that.

“That day was actually something of a disaster. When I got back, my teacher…Miss A was angry that I had played with you.”


“I wasn’t supposed to interact with you unless the Serpent’s Eye awoke. I had broken the rules.”

He did recall her saying something about breaking the rules back then.

Had she been willing to take that kind of risk to spend some time with him? He felt a heat in his chest. He was too embarrassed to say anything.

The mention of Miss A reminded him of his visit to FeTUS headquarters a month before. He had met Miss A, FeTUS’s central figure, then.

“Miss A did seem pretty frightening.”

“Mh? How is she frightening? It’s the fact that she almost never scolds you that makes it so bad. Although the way she looks kind of ruins that.”

“Hm? But she looked like a really dignified old woman.”

“Old wo-…oh, I see.”

Their conversation fell out of sync and their rally did the same. Ren quickly recovered, though.

The Miss A he had seen at their headquarters had been the kind of wrinkled old lady seen in fantasy movies.

“She was frightening, wasn’t she? Hee hee. That was a very well-made appearance.”

Ren giggled and the boy tilted his head.

Then he recalled the girl he had met at the headquarters.

“Oh, right. Is Alice-chan doing well?”


This time, Ren’s face stiffened.

“You know, that little girl. Alice Arc-chan, was it?”

“Y-yes…she’s doing well.”

“That’s good to hear. I’d really like to play with Alice-chan someday.”

“…I beg you, please stop adding the ‘-chan’.”


“No, it’s nothing.”

The timing of their rally returned to normal and the ball’s back-and-forth stabilized.


“But…then maybe I’m glad.”


“If I couldn’t speak with you like this if the Serpent’s Eye hadn’t awoken, then I’m kind of glad it did.”


Mutsuki’s comment caused the girl’s eyes to widen briefly.

It only lasted a second, but she swung her racket too late.

She twisted her body around and somehow managed to return the ball, but she hit it too hard. The ball shot right past the boy’s racket.

“Oh, sorry.”

“It’s fine.”

Mutsuki went to grab the ball from near the fence behind him.

Ren watched him with a dazed look that was unusual for her.

She watched the boy with a look that did not belong to FeTUS Knight Miss B or to the dignified Student Council President.


A moment later, her expression tensed.

“Hm? Senpai?”

When Mutsuki looked back, she was sitting down. Her racket had fallen by her side and she held both hands to the left side of her chest.

———Where her heart was.

“Wh-what’s the matter? Does it hurt?”

“No, I’m fine. It’s just…ugh…”

She did not seem to be in pain, but she wrinkled her brow.

She turned her back like she wanted to hide something and she held her hands very tightly to her left chest.

And then…

“All students must leave in 15 minutes. Please return home.”

The school speaker installed in the tennis court played the recorded message with Oborozukiyo as the background music.

Ren got up when she heard it.

“L-looks like time’s up. That’s all for today.”

Her normal brisk demeanor had returned.

After Mutsuki left, Ren returned to the Student Council Room to change. She held her left chest again and took a deep breath.

(I can’t let him know about this.)

Even if it had been to hide this, she was still embarrassed by how pathetic she had looked in front of him.

She always wanted to maintain her bold persona in front of that boy.

She was exhausted after bracing herself like that, so she sat on a nearby table.

(Fujita Mutsuki…)

Her fingers dug into the mound of her left breast.

Getting to play with him today had been fun.

She had always wanted to do that.

(Hee hee. Is this what it would be like if I had a little brother?)

Her cheeks loosened at that thought.

What she had said to him was true. After viewing his data for so long, he felt like a childhood friend, even if the feeling was not mutual.

So she had been hideously bored while unable to even speak with him.

She had been born with a meddlesome streak. Seeing that honest, cute, and somewhat unreliable boy made her want to act as his upperclassman and help him with his studies. She wanted to praise him when he did something right. She wanted to scold him when he did something wrong. She had felt this way for so very long.


And the feeling had only grown after the cousin she saw as a little sister had gone missing.


That cute little sister had suddenly vanished and was now supporting an organization hostile to FeTUS. Just thinking her name put Ren in a bad mood.

And that strengthened her desire to protect Fujita Mutsuki.

(And why did the turning point have to come in the half year when I was away?)

She put on a lopsided frown as she thought.

She had been watching over him ever since they were in elementary school, but she had been forced to leave for less than half a year due to her family situation. His demonic vision had awakened during those five months. Miss E, aka Machina, had been put in charge of monitoring him during that time, so FeTUS had placed her in charge of Fujita Mutsuki now.

(W-well, I’m not going to criticize Miss E’s hard work. …But, um…)

Thinking of Machina brought her mind to what had happened just ten days before in the infirmary.

Machina had let the boy do with her as she wished and had peed in that lewd pose. That beautiful girl rarely showed any emotion even among the others in FeTUS, but her face had been dyed by an unbearable mixture of embarrassment and intoxication. Her body was sensual enough for another girl like Ren to feel her heart skip a beat and that body had been placed in such an indecent pose…

“…Th-that is just impure, Fujita Mutsuki.”

She could not just laugh this off. Since Machina had such faint emotions, Ren had to express anger on her underclassman’s behalf and provide proper guidance.


But when she recalled that, it was not anger that appeared on her face. It was a complicated blush containing some indecent embarrassment.


She breathed a sticky sigh like she had saliva in her throat and she wrapped her arms around her own body.

She naturally turned her legs inward.

She had felt dissatisfied that the Serpent’s Eye had awoken while Machina was observing him. She did not know what she should rationally think about this. For example…

It might have been her peeing there instead of Machina.

(I-I would never do something like that…I think.)

If she had not given up her position to Machina…it might have been her doing impure things with him.

She trembled as she imagined it.

Miss E and Miss C’s reports hinted that Fujita Mutsuki could be pretty rough when it came to sex. She had even seen his fingers and tongue making a veteran soldier like Schwarze cry out in pleasure.


She trembled when she remembered that.

She could not stop trembling…


She suddenly realized her hand had made its way below her skirt.

She wore her gym clothes below the tennis wear instead of an underskirt. She could easily feel the flesh below the fabric.

(If I had stayed in Japan…)

She impatiently rubbed her knees together as she moved her fingers toward her crotch.

Even through the two layers of her panties and bloomers, she could feel the heat within.

(He might have…done something like this…to me. …Ah.)

Her swollen secret slit had grown soft, as if it had melted in the heat.

That area was meant for urinating, but it had grown active even though she did not need to pee. The plump and swollen flesh inside was poking out of the slit.

She pressed down with her fingers.


It split apart like an overripe fruit.

She felt like tiny particles of electricity were racing through her body and a tremor ran down her spine. The sweet sensation was dizzying and she also felt a vague sensation of some important part of herself melting away.

As she pressed down with her fingers, a warm liquid leaked out and soaked her panties.

(Wh-what am I doing? This is…this is impure.)

She could not control her fingers. A wet sound came from below her skirt and she bit her lower lip.

Lavriel was the daughter of a noble family and she had been raised from birth to be a knight, so she had been distanced from sex her entire life. She had a personal fixation on purity, so she had never had sex or even masturbated.

But as the Serpent’s Eye’s observer, she had been prepared for exposure to its power to inspire lust.

She had been prepared for Fujita Mutsuki to violate her.

(But everything he does…is so obscene. And he was so rough with Miss C.)

She wrinkled her brow as she recalled how he had violated Machina and Schwarze.

It was a strange feeling. She did feel anger that he had treated her comrades like that. She definitely felt that anger, but…


The angrier she grew, the greater the longing in her skirt and the more intensely the hand on her crotch massaged the contents.

It was like her crotch was breathing with a life of its own.

Unable to bear that throbbing, the girl slipped her fingers inside her panties. The inside was filled with a sticky liquid.

(You’re impure…so very impure, Fujita Mutsuki.)

“Ah…ah….hh. Nnah, uuh…hh…”

The Mutsuki in her mind gradually took shape.

The Fujita Mutsuki she imagined was the usual cute underclassman, but he had the expression of the wicked incubus who had taken advantage of FeTUS Witches Miss C and Miss E.

“Senpai, you’re already soaked down here.”

“Aren’t you embarrassed with your pussy like this?”


He groped her body with his imaginary hand.

Tormented by her fantasy, Lavriel bent the fingers pressed against her labia. The fingers sank inside the melted flesh.

(S-stop it, Fujita Mutsuki. I wasn’t trying to do this kind of thing with you…)

The girl tried to speak to him as “Shirohara Ren-senpai”, but the Mutsuki she had created ignored it.

“You say that, but I can tell you want me to lick you here.”

“No…hh…nnah, ah, ahhh, not there!”

She pictured Machina in the infirmary having her melted secret flesh teased until she peed, but she put herself in Machina’s place. She imagined herself in Black Cat’s place during summer break, being fucked by his thick penis, being kissed until she could taste him in her mouth, and having her asshole teased.

(No…I can’t. This isn’t…what I… Ahh, i-it’s going inside.)

The girl’s own slender fingers extended deep into her secret flesh and approached the hole there.

She had no experience with the opposite sex and that small closed hole did not know how to open up.

But a hot and sticky syrup was already seeping out of the gap. It spread across her panties and dripped down her thighs.

“S-stop…ahhh. Hey, Fujita…Fuji…ta.”

That pink garden was spread open in a diamond shape and the flesh within poked out. It stuck longingly to her fingers and she could not believe how obscene her own body was.

But her fingers would not stop. They massaged the circumference of her virgin hole.

In her fantasy, Mutsuki was stealing her lips, groping her entire body, and pressing his manly penis against her skin. There was more than one of him. More of him licked at her neck, shoulders, navel, thighs, and butt. Countless cocks rubbed all over her body.

Several of him also massaged her bust.


Driven by that urge, Ren lifted up her shirt.

She wore a mature floral-print lace bra that matched her panties. Too impatient to undo the front hook, she tore it away and grabbed the contents.

“…Hee hee.”


Ren turned toward some mocking laughter that had not just slipped out. Whoever it was had clearly used it to let her know they were there.

Someone else had appeared inside the supposedly locked room.

The girl thought her heart would leap out of her mouth.

“J-Jiyuuni Ange… What do you want?”

She groaned the question with a tremor in her voice.

The red-haired girl continued laughing instead of answering. She narrowed her green eyes and observed Ren’s body as if licking across it.

That was when Ren finally caught on.

She currently had her bra removed and her hand in her skirt. She could not afford to have anyone see her like this.

“Hee hee

Ange’s red hair flipped around…

“I saw you

…and she leaped out the window.

For a moment, Ren simply stood there in a daze, but…

“~~~… Wait!!”

After leaving the tennis court, Mutsuki returned to his classroom to change. Once done with that, he walked down the red-lit hallway to reach the building’s exit and head home.

The “go home” announcement was playing, but his pace was carefree.

He was too worried about Ren to listen to the announcement.

Back on the tennis court, she had suddenly held the left of her chest and curled up.

(Was it true that she has heart problems? But…)

He seriously doubted the rumors of heart disease. And she did not seem to be suffering much at all.

Then was there some other reason she had held her chest then?

But just as he wondered that…

“Huh? Hey, Ange.”

“Wha-!? M-Mutsuki…what are you doing here?”

He had assumed she had long since gone home, but he happened across Ange as he exited the stairs.

When he approached, she looked around in concern for some reason. And…she held a paper bag to her chest and turned her back.

“Hm? What’s that?”

“It’s nothing,” she bluntly responded.

Mutsuki tilted his head. The bag was bigger than a school bag meant to hold school supplies. He had no idea what she was trying to hide, but it was unnaturally large to be walking around with.

“What’s going on? And what’s the business you mentioned in your email before?”

“It’s nothing!”

“…You don’t have to yell.”

The boy approached her frankly and the girl suddenly shouted angrily back at him.

She got angry easily, but this was strange even for her. Taken aback, Mutsuki frowned.

“What is with you? You’ve been acting weird lately and you’re keeping all kinds of secrets.”

“…What’s it to you if I have secrets? I’m not causing you any trouble.”

“I’m not saying it’s causing me trouble; I’m just worried. You’re almost never around at night either.”

“I wasn’t asking for your worry. And you always fall asleep right away, so what does it matter if I’m not there?”


It was true he had been going to sleep early lately due to his early mornings.

But it irritated him to have his worries answered like that.


Ange glared indomitably back at angry Mutsuki.

The atmosphere rapidly grew heavy…

“There you are, Jiyuuni Ange.”

A voice cut in from down the stairs.

It was a familiar voice, but Mutsuki and Ange were both shocked when they saw who it was. The girl walking slowly up the stairs was dressed in an unfamiliar way.

Her bright blonde hair was tied back. Her clothing made her look like a princess in a pure white dress and some gold accessories could be seen here and there. It was clearly a knight’s armor.

Shirohara Ren…no, FeTUS’s Dame Lavriel let the sword at her hip and her scarlet cape sway behind her as she approached the two of them…and she seemed somewhat reluctant to look Mutsuki in the eye.

“Wh-what is this? First him and now you?”

She glared sharply at Ange.

The angel girl cautiously held the bag, but the knight remained elegantly courteous as she raised the back of her hand to her mouth.

“I believe I made myself very clear before: I am a member of the proud Baran family and I am a knight. Thus, any slight against me is a slight against the Baran family and Great Britain as a whole.”


“I hate insults above all else!!”

She placed her glove’s finger in her mouth and pulled it from her hand.

“Challenging an angel now is not the best idea, but this relates to my family and my bloodline. Nothing else matters more!”

“What? Um…Senpai, calm down…”

“What is your poin-…ow!”

She threw the glove at the confused girl’s face.

“Jiyuuni Ange! I challenge you to a duel!!”