Adolescent Adam


Adolescent Adam Volume 6 afterword

Hello. Diapers bought as reference material: 1300 yen. Pregnancy test bought for the same reason: 1000 yen. The look on my friend’s face upon finding diapers and a pregnancy test in a childless guy’s room: priceless. This is Sakakikasa.

Now, this one was Juvenile Attack. How did you like it? I called it “juvenile” and yet focused on the story of an upperclassman like Ren, but I think I made up for that with Ange in the end. Maybe.

I returned to the original trio and kept the sex scenes to only Ange, Machina, and Lucia this time. Even after six volumes, this was actually the first time to have it one-on-one with each of them. I need to pay more attention to that kind of structure.

Once again, I have to thank Amagai Yukino-sensei for the cute illustrations. …Ange with the pacifier and rattle was…dangerous. I think he has me beat when it comes to kinkiness.

And I once more received a lot of help from my editor, T-sama. Although he’s a little too into the backpack + bloomers outfit.

Now, until we meet again in the next one.