Addicted to you

Addicted to you Chapter 124: Zahn's night

Venice downed the glass of alcohol she's holding to calm herself, for someone like Shin Keir it's only normal to have few girlfriends so there's nothing to fret over.

Back then, the Noble Princes especially Shin is someone that she and her friends can only dream and hope to meet someday, now that fate led her to Shin, how can she just give up?

As the night progress, Venice joined in on their conversation, laughing along her friends but still cautious of her words and actions.

"Young Master Saeki, i want to play poker or blackjack." Rose giggled.

"Sure!" Jie nonchalantly replied and pressed the button at the table.

Two casino staff came in and opened the large adjoining room, there were slot machines, roulette table, tables for card games, etc...the women's eyes glittered in astonishment, so this is how it feels to be a VIP!

"yay! Young Master Saeki is the best!" Rose happily hugged Jie.

"Young Master Felan, can i ask you a question? do you guys usually reserve this room or you guys own it?" Tracy asked unable to stop her curiosity.

"Tracy! what are you asking?!" Olive chided her.

"Jie reserved this room." Tristan simply said and excuse himself to make a call, why bother buying a room when he partly own the casino while Jie also own some shares? eventhough Shin didn't show any interest with the casino, other company shares belongs to the mafia families within the organization so Shin is somehow earning with his underworld connection.

"oh-s-sorry Young Master Felan, i didn't mean to...uhm, nevermind what i said." Tracy anxiously bit her bottom lip, watching Tristan leave the room.

Another two casino staff walked in to assist with the games and serve their food. Not long after, Zahn finally arrived wearing an arctic facial expression.

"Zahn! finally! what took you so long?" Jie enthusiastically patted his shoulder.

"Where's Tristan?" Zahn asked coldly glaring at the women that they suddenly turned frigid.

"I don't know but he'll be back, don't worry about him. Now girls let's raise a toast for Zahn!" Jie shouted handing Zahn a drink.

"yay! bottoms up for Young Master Neri!" Rose also shouted.

"hehe~I have a surprise for you soon." Jie told Zahn, who silently sat in the sofa while the noisy women started playing some games at the adjoining room.

"Who said you can invite women?" Zahn glared at Jie.

"Bro don't be mad, you know how boring it is everytime we gather before with just the four of us, Shin finally got a girlfriend so that means he don't dislike girls anymore! look how more fun we are tonight! plus don't worry about them, i invited them for Tristan so they won't bother you."

Zahn didn't speak further and instead ask an attendant to get his usual drink.

"hey! where's Shin?" Tristan walked in and greeted Zahn.

"you allowed this?"

"not really but let the moron enjoy his night, his paying the bill anyway." Tristan chuckled.

"ya! stop assuming, in fact, you should worry Tristan coz there's no way i'll lost the bet!" Jie snickered.

Zahn fiddled with his phone, clearly not interested with the topic.

"so Shin isn't really coming? the hell is he doing?" Jie asked Zahn.

"nope, i just called him and he doesn't want to leave Sheri alone." Tristan answered instead.

Zahn's face suddenly turned gloomy recalling the scene earlier. As a Doctor, he's used to dealing with psychopaths but those two is really getting on his nerves.

He just happened to passed by Yeri Zhi's room and saw Shin, he wanted to ask him about tonight but their faces looked like they wanted to start a war with him the moment he entered the door.

"What do you want idiot?" Shin disdainfully stared at him, sitting on the couch with Yeri beside him.

"exactly! Shin tell him how smart i am!" Yeri nodded her head while munching some fruit Shin is feeding her.

"right, you dare called my wifey an idiot? you must be jealous of me for having a goddess and genius wife!"

"...." why wasn't he informed of the sudden outbreak of psychopaths lately?

"Wifey, which one do you like, grapes or apple?" Shin asked Yeri, looking at the plate of cut-up fruit pieces his holding.

"just the mango, i don't like apples at all, can you eat them? you should have brought an ice cream too, fruits taste better with an ice cream."

"What time are you going to the casino?" Zahn interrupted them.

"I'm not going idiot." Shin deadpanned and turned to Yeri. "you mean yogurt? ice cream is unhealthy."

"Casino? why?" Yeri frowned.

"Jie wanted to celebrate Zahn's, i mean the idiots return in the country."

"Why didn't you tell me? that sounds fun, maybe you guys can do it here so i can join too, right Dr. Neri? let's play drink and eat all you can challenge using vegetable shake and fruits."

"silly, my wifey is more important to me." Shin gently pinched her nose.

Yeri smiled, happiness appeared in her eyes.

"Alright, i'll leave then." Zahn said and turned to leave, a person should remain calm when dealing with psychopaths.

"bye Dr. Neri! enjoy the casino party!" Yeri said in a friendly manner.


"Zahn? Zahn!" Tristan called him out, "what's up? wanna share your thoughts?"

"don't get drunk yet! my surprise will be here soon." Jie told Zahn and went to join the game with the women.

Zahn returned to his cold demeanor while conversing with Tristan.

Meanwhile, Venice's attention is not with the game so she just pretended to help Olive with her cards but she would occassionally glance at the door.

Is Shin Keir really not coming?

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