Accumulate Experience by Reading Books


Accumulate Experience by Reading Books Chapter 14

Lee Jong-suk went came back to the classroom during the class hour.

Without saying any word to Lee Jong-suk who came late the History teacher just pointed to the back of the class.


Lee Jong-suk wanted to tell that he was with the principal but the hand just pointed to the back.

At that Lee Jong-suk couldn't do anything.

'This doesn't make any sense.'

When Lee Jong-suk was muttering to himself the history teacher opened is mouth and said.

"Lee Jong-suk stand up."

Lee Jong-suk stood up following the words of the history teacher.

"Why are you late?"

"The principal called me so I was with him sir."

"The principal? Then it's okay"

"I’m sorry sir."

'You didn't even let me finish.'

And when he was muttering to himself the history teacher said.

"Go and sit."

At the words of the history teacher Lee Jong-suk went and sat in his place.

Lee Jong-suk was listening to the history that resumed and took out the history book and wrote the name King Mungyeong.

'King Mungyeong'

It seems that The Royal Family is a book that teaches about royal family… it looks like the King Mungyeong had the same castle.

And the words [] was written based on the text from The Royal Family. Then….

'The person who wrote The Royal Family was the King Mungyeong? Or is it someone who followed the writing style of king Mungyeong? And is King Mungyeong a famous personality? Like Han Seok-Bong?'

{Han Seok-Bong was a famous calligrapher in the Jonsen period.}

If he is a famous calligrapher like Han Seok-Bong then…. While Lee Jong-suk was thinking about how much price the writings would be the class was done.

When the teacher went out the room Lee Jong-suk pulled out his hand phone and searched for King Mungyeong.

[King Mungyeong

A politician and a famous writer


Results came about the King Mungyeong but not much usable information was there.

He was an honorable man from Cheongdae, and his handwriting was concise and very beautiful.

Lee Jong-suk once again searched.

[Price for Han Seok-Bong's writings]

The result of the search for the price of Han Seok-Bong's writings came out in black print. And looking at the post Lee Jong-suk was astonished.

'7 Billion?'

On the auction list the writings of Han Seok-Bong goes out for 7 billion.


Kim Young-Woo said this to Lee Jong-suk who was looking at his hand phone with surprised eyes.

"I know that you went to meet the arts teacher but the principal too?"

"It turned out like that."

"Why did it take that long?"

"I was asked to write calligraphy."

"Write? Self reflection?"

Kim Young-Woo who thought Lee Jong-suk was made to write as an act of self reflection didn't know that the principal asked him to write so Lee Jong-suk shook his head.

"Even I don’t know."

Shaking his head Lee Jong-suk was getting ready for his next class.

The time seemed to move quickly as Lee Jong-suk's final examination came.


"Son do well in your test."

"Say something to your son who is going to write his exam. Not just asking me do good in it."

After listening to what his parents Lee Jong-suk came out from his home and shook his hands. Lee Jong-suk who was on his way to the school was feeling a little excited.

'This is a first for me to get excited for an exam'

The long awaiting exam that Lee Jong-suk wanted to take will be the result of the study experience that he gained.

For the final term Lee Jong-suk had studied very hard. Though his parents words weren't of much encouragement Lee Jong-suk was confident in self about taking the exam.

Thinking about these Lee Jong-suk rushed into the school and sat in his desk. When he was reading the book Kim Young-Woo came in smiling and sat beside him.

"Yah! Why did come so early today?"

"Since there is exam"

"Funny, from when did you start study?"

And Kim Young-Woo leaned back on his chair and said.

"Exam do little good."

"Why does it have to end early?"

"Then. What good is this. I have to do morning classes all week."

"There would be no person other than you who wishes the exam to be completed early."

"You are acting a little unfamiliar."


"Where is the guy who used to be like a god along with me till the last mid-term go?"

While Kim Young-Woo was mumbling to himself about this Lee Jong-suk opened the exam books.

'I’ve already memorized everything… but I’m not sure.'

While the students were reading books the teacher entered the room.

"Put your books away. Like the saying enemies are also needed to be forgiven the cheater will find forgiveness in two place, a combination of the cheater and the knower. Do not cheat."


After the students answered him the teacher started to divide and give out the question paper.

"Math in the beginning!"

Lee Jong-suk took his paper and opened it after looking at Kim Young-Woo who was mumbling to himself.

A smile arose on Lee Jong-suk face.

'This isn't that hard.'

Though he just briefly looked through the paper the questions didn't seem to be much hard. He was able to answer them with just a glance.

'Ho Ho Ho! Mom wait a while. I’ll make you amazed.'

Holding his laughter Lee Jong-suk started to answer the questions.

After the mathematics exam was done the students ran towards the smart children.

"Yah! The answer for 7th question is 3 right."

"What’s the answer for 4th one?"

The person who the remaining students were going to was the first ranker Kim Soo-Cheol.

Kim Soo-Cheol seemed to be a bit annoyed when the students gathered around him and gave his question paper to the boy next to him.

"Check the answers and give it"

"Thank you."

Kim Soo-Cheol laughed a little at the students who were taking his question paper to check their answers.

'What’s the use of checking the right answers fir the exam that got completed? You should be preparing for the next exam.'

Kim Soo-Cheol was this muttering to himself as he took out the history book which was the next exam, when a classmate came beside him.

"Soo-Cheol Ah!"

"The question paper is there."

A paper was put in front of Kim Soo-Cheol who didn't even turn his head from the history book.

[Lee Jong-suk]

Kim Soo-Cheol lifted his head after seeing the paper which had the name Lee Jong-suk written on it.


"Look at the answer of the 13th question once. It is 2 and not 1 right?"

To see what Lee Jong-suk was talking about Kim Soo-Cheol took the question paper and after looking at it he said.

"First one…..Ah!"

Kim Soo-Cheol quickly went over and took his question paper that his classmates were looking at and his face went stiff after looking at his paper.

"It is 2."

"Oh Yeah!"

At the words of Kim Soo-Cheol, Lee Jong-suk circled the answer on his question paper with a pen.

And when he was going back with a smile on this face Kim Soo-Cheol immediately grabbed his hand.

"Just a minute"


Kim Soo-Cheol took Lee Jong-suk's question paper and his face went stiff at what he saw.

All the correct answers were circled in the question paper.

'A perfect score?'

Though Kim Soo-Cheol wasn't a close acquaintance of Lee Jong-suk's but he did know that Lee Jong-suk was not good at studying.

But…… how were the correct answers circled?

Kim Soo-Cheol who was shocked by the question paper started to compare his exam paper with that of Lee Jong-suks'.

And all the answers in Lee Jong-suk's paper were correct. And in his paper the 13th question was a careless mistake…

"Did you chea…."

Kim Soo-Cheol shut his mouth before uttering the word cheat.

"Hmm? What?"

"Nothing. Looks like you studied hard."

"Not so."

Kim Soo-Cheol face a stone cold as he watched Lee Jong-suk going to his seat with a smile on his face.

'It is hard to cheat in…. math. How did he get all the right answers?'

Even if it was memorization, there is process for solving which is different from memorizing the


Even if he did manage to write down the formula it would be impossible for him to cheat.

Did he cheat in some other way? Any way would be impossible. And Lee Jong-suk does not have the brain to do the math.

'How did he do this?'

Kim Soo-Cheol was biting his lip while looking at Lee Jong-suk with wide eyes.


Homeroom teacher Choi Hyun-soo was once again examining the question paper.

"Kim Soo-Cheol has come to meet teacher Choi."

At the words of teacher Han, Choi Hyun-soo lifted his head.

"Is it water?"

"Yes sir."

After the teacher passed Choi Hyun-soo got up and went out of the staff room.

When the exams are going on the students were not allowed to enter the staffroom at any cost.

"What is it Soo-Cheol?"

At this question from Choi Hyun-soo, Kim Soo-Cheol debated for a second and opened his mouth.

"Its Lee Jong-suk."

"Jong-suk? What about Jung-suk?"

"In today's exam… he got the right answer for every question."

"What are you talking about? A perfect score?"

Choi Hyun-soo was astonished at what Kim Soo-Cheol had just said. Lee Jong-suk was a student who never caused any accidents and was a quiet student who like books.

He was good in history and social but he was weak when it came to science, math and English.

It is not possible to get a perfect by just studying hard.

"Is it really true?"

"Yes. Anyways…. I thought I should let you know."

At Kim Soo-Cheol's words Choi Hyun-soo tapped his chin.

'Did he cheat by any chance? It can be achieved by studying hard too.'

Choi Hyun-soo looked at Kim Soo-Cheol.

"Thank you for letting me know. Go for now"

At Choi Hyun-soo's words Kim Soo-Cheol bowed and went away. After he lest Choi Hyun-soo went into the staff room and walked towards the math teacher.

"Would you please show me the answer sheets of 5th section please?"


Choi Hyun-soo took the sheet of Lee Jong-suk's from the envelope that was at one side of the math teacher.



And Choi Hyun-soo started comparing the answer paper of the math teacher with that of Lee Jong-suk's paper.



The answer sheet and Lee Jong-suk's answer paper were the similar.


Choi Hyun-soo what kind of grades Lee Jong-suk gets. And his memory was making him question about Lee Jong-suk answers.

Thinking over it for a second Cho Hyun-soo went over to another subject teacher who put the exam today and took Lee Jong-suk's paper.


'All correct?'

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