Accompanying the Phoenix


Accompanying the Phoenix Chapter 41 part1

Chapter 41 (part 1)

A few days faster than Xing Zhi estimated, the injury on Shen Li had healed almost, but the poison in the body had not been completely eliminated. Xing Zhi wanted to let her stay in the human world for a few more days, after the poison was removed, then returned to the Demonic Realm. Shen Li could not accept. She was afraid that Demon King would know what to arrange after the matter.

Xing Zhi had to rush back to the Demonic Realm.

They didn't think when they came back to the Demonic Realm, learned that Fu Rongjun was still in the Demonic Realm. When he returned to the Demonic Realm, he began to stick to Mo Fang. He followed Mo Fang and sometimes hindered the official duties of Mo Fang. Shen Li was particularly angry when he heard it, just wanted to make the flowery guy stupid, so that he could no longer be annoying, and the immortal who stayed in the Demonic Realm at this time was not only Fu Rongjun.

Luo Tian Goddess.

She was not really a goddess, but the title that the Sky World gave her. She was the sister of Fu Rongjun, the granddaughter of the Emperor, the woman who liked Xing Zhi…

The last one, Shen Li did not hear from other people’s mouth, she did not know, but when she and Xing Zhi met the goddess in the Demonic Realm's Court, Shen Li had to say that she saw it at a glance…

“She is the King Bi Cang, Shen Li.” The Demon King just finished introducing Shen Li, and Shen Li had not had time to nod. The goddess saluted Xing Zhi and asked: “I don’t know why you will go with King Bi Cang?”

This problem Shen Li naturally would not be stupid to answer her, just looked at Xing Zhi, saw how he would answer. He smiled faintly and said: “Just walking together, what's so strange about it?”

The goddess looked serious: “Now King Bi Cang is the wife of my brother, and it is not appropriate for you to walk with her.”

Speaking of this, Xing Zhi did not care about other things and explained: “This is not going to happen with the King Bi Cang. I had planned to travel around before going back to heaven, but I suddenly saw Yangzhou City be full of miasma. I was curious to go and explore, this time I met King Bi Cang looking for Fu Rongjun in the city. The miasma matter is very big, so we will investigate together, and later, Fu Rongjun should say it to you. King Bi Cang suffered a little poison, it is not appropriate to return to the Demonic Realm, so I will let Fu rongjun go first to inform the news, and I will help her to expel the gas, Thus l delayed the time back.” Some words were true and some were false, and the speaking was natural, he was not afraid that the party will expose him. Xing Zhi looked at the goddess to smile with deep gaze, “So, goddess can still feel what is wrong?”

The goddess saw it and her cheek became red slightly, quickly turned her head: “Heavenly Emperor are doing his own things, it is You Lan's fault. I hope you will forgive.”

Beauty… was really helpful.

Shen Li believed as this, but there was a bit of disdain in her heart. She smiled slightly and turned around. Xing Zhi glanced at Shen Li and smiled, continuing to ask You Lan: “What is goddess here for?”

“It is for the invitation of Blossom Feast.” You Lan replied, “The Blossom Feast, three hundred-year-old a time, will be held next month, and the Queen let me send the invitation to the Demon King and invite him to the Feast."

Xing Zhi Nodded: “lf You don’t say that I almost forgot about it.”

You Lan said with a smile: “It is no problem for Heavenly Emperor to forget it. Some days later, l will send it to you.”

“Demon King.” The chilling call of Shen Li broke the inexplicable pink emotion in the room, “There is a poison matter of facts in the human realm— Yangzhou that l have something to inform. Begging the demon, can you end this?” Stared at the Demon King, the words were sharp and You Lan squinted at her.

You Lan dwarfed her body bowed: “If so, You Lan will leave.” She went out slightly, and squinted her eyes in front of closing the door. The room was quiet, and Shen Li's light turned to stop on Xing Zhi: “Don't Heavenly Emperor go? Are you going to listen to the politics of the Devils?”

Xing Zhi's eyebrows were slightly moved, and the anger of Shen Li was disappeared. On the contrary, his eyes were filled with smile: “Don’t go, I said earlier, the miasma of Yang Zhou is very important, so it is natural for me to stay and listen.”

Shen Li still want to drive him out, and the Demon King swayed his hand: “The things of the Demon Realm do not dare to hide to the Heavenly Emperor, Shen Li, let’s talk.”

Shen Li had to endure the fire, and adjusted the tone to Demon King: “This time, the report of miasma matter may be incomplete by Fu Rongjun. Before the discovery of the thief’s nest, we found that the land gods disappeared everywhere, all of them were robbed by thieves, I don't know what they are going to do, and then they all say that the people who catch them are with demon gas, and they are suspected to be the people of the devil. When I fight against the thief, I also feel that he is with demon gas. I know the name of the person, Fu Sheng. Demon King, do you know when did the devil have such a person?”

“Fu Sheng…” The voice of the Demon King was slightly heavy. He had been thought for a long while. “I have never heard of such a person. Can his magic still be strong?He will be not simply to make you injury seriously. “

Shen Li shook her head: “It was not Fu Sheng who hurt me, but a few monsters he raised. They looked like human beings, or monsters, but they still had some intellectual minds. The three monsters were very powerful and well matched. When they finally died, they can also listen to the order to revive. “Thinking of the scene, Shen Li can not help but frown, “There are only a few monsters like this. It will be a bad thing to make hundreds of them.”

Her words surprised the Demon King: “made?” His fingertips deducted twice on the table, “made…”

Xing Zhi Looked at the devil: “What does Demon King think of? Just say it.”

The Demon King sighed: “No…nothing.” He paused for a while. ” Are there other situations?”

“There is nothing redundant. Just these points make us have to guard against them.”

The Demon King nodded: “I will send people to go to the human realm to inspect.” His tone is a little slower: “You and the Heavenly Emperor should be tired, it is better to go back and take a break. This will be not solved, though we are also anxious.” He raised his hand and touched the head of Shen Li. “Firstly, raise your body. You haven’t rested recently.”

Shen Li let him kneaded twice: “Demon King must not be too worried. If the thief dares to act against the devil, Shen Li will make them to cry back.”

The Demon King smiled slightly and shook his head: “Go back.”

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