Abyss Domination


Abyss Domination Chapter 121: Customized Weapons

Offspring of the god was really hard to evaluate.

Strictly speaking, Gloria was also the offspring of the god because the history of northern witch was divided from a powerful organization that had been existent for quite a long time. Their leader was one of the constituents of magic goddess. During that time, there were many powerful witches in the north, some of whom could even be compared to gods and spirits!

But it had long passed away. Only in the most ancient remaining documents, could we see records of the northern constituent.

As the most authentic northern witch, Gloria more or less carried some genes of her predecessors, which were similar to the royal elf in the front. Some of the genes could strengthen talents while some had already been consumed up. Similarly, the god of slaughter had fallen for years, but most of his offspring or the previous sons of the slaughter god still survived catastrophe who passed down from one generation to the next and finally became almost the same as ordinary people.

Although occasionally there would be some talented ones, their genes had already been reduced to one ten-millionth that of the original.

Actually there were many cases.

Therefore, most descendants of the god referred to those with three generations, beyond which were not considered as the offspring of the god.

The royal elf in the front did not have any deity, not to mention deiform powers. At most he could be said to have superior blood than ordinary people. This pedigree talent was roughly equivalent to the direct descendants of legendary professionals, and might even be worse than the descendants of legendary professionals.

Once upon a time, there was a parlance that heroes passed down on the genes of the god of slaughter so that they could extract soul energies. In this world, only a very small part of unique people could improve themselves by slaughtering. Basically, they were related to professionals of slaughtering field.

But no one had confirmed that parlance.

Soran didn't pay much attention to that royal elf. He went straight to the hotel and planned to have a day off.

The village was not small and had a large population. According to this progress, it was only a matter of time for the village to enlarge to a town. Soran's half-elf genes were not obvious, so he looked just like a human. Therefore, he didn't get any privilege. These elves just saw him as a human adventurer and they were relatively indifferent. In fact the elf was not a friendly race. The world was just so curious about their mystery and then they were beatified by poets.

Soran even considered stubborn dwarfs were much easier to get on with!

There was a weapon shop in the village.

The blacksmith was a relatively burly elf and had no elegance at all. Wearing an apron, he harshly knocked the hammer. There was no natural and elegant race in this world. To eat and digest, one should to cultivate food. To get food, clothing, shelter and transportation, one should have a job. The elves also used the excreted feces to fertilize the land. Some druids who believed in the earth's way would even do some dirty work, and they regarded it as a way of practice.

It was true that the last one was influenced by martial monks, especially ascetic monks.

As time passed by, there were a lot of professional paths coming out and unchanging things would only be phased out. The Druids was now a relatively powerful organization of spell casters, and the enlightened factions had even accepted the elemental thinking of shamanism. The elf village where Soran was in was in the scope of the earth doctrine. An ancient stone pillar could be seen in the middle of the village.

Speaking of this, the world was full of endless vitality!

The burly elf blacksmith glanced at Soran. It was better not to despise the blacksmith profession because they belonged to determined middle class and also were also in the main places for professionals to advance.

Those who ever dared to make trouble near weapon shop would be full of regrets eventually!

Soran of course would not look down on the blacksmith in front of him. Being a blacksmith for over ten years would allow him to be a quasi-warrior. He slightly nodded and said "I want to buy a machete of excellent quality and the price won't be a problem."

Glancing at him, the blacksmith brought out one from his back and gave him "Machete? What about this one?"

Without looking at the machete, Soran knew it was a whiteboard outfit and it was a little lighter.

He disappointedly shook his head and said "It is too light to handle the explosion of the battle. It could be damaged even when I fight with werewolves."

Looking at him again, the elf blacksmith said "I don't have any better."

"I mainly make sickles and kitchen knives or long swords used by patrolling guards. If you want long sword, I have some with good quality."

Long swords used by patrolling guards?

Recalling his memory, Soran found that what they used was all delicate forged ones, so the blacksmith was capable of making delicate forged weapons?

Basically, those who could make delicate forged weapons were able to build first-level rare weapons with some unique materials.

Elf's forging ability was good. 

Otherwise, he would not build two legendary machetes in the dark arena. The blacksmith in front of him was definitely not a master, but building a first-level machete was not a big deal.

High-level blacksmiths were rare. It was not because they were not good at making weapons but because blacksmiths were all high-grade professionals!

Some of them were part-time wizards who studied alchemy.

The one who built legendary machete for Soran was a grade-15 wanderer, grade-3 Mei Carrie ronin and grade-8 sorcerer. He was an authentic legendary professional who had one-fourth of dragon's blood.

His family once caught a shadow dragon.

What mattered was not it was a shadow dragon, but it was a male shadow dragon. So the evil Drow imprisoned it and used special transformation to turn it into a human.

Not to mention more, Drow elves would not do any good deeds. A group of female Drow elves imprisoned it and tried to seduce it, finally giving birth to a great number of half-blood half-dragons. The male shadow dragon was almost mad when getting out. He went to great lengths to slaughter Drow elves, but still some half-dragons survived.

The man who made machete for Soran was one of them.

Soran did a lot things for him in order to get his machete, even killed a matron candidate of a family for him.

Obviously, the blacksmith in front of him did not have too many requests.

Soran glanced at him and tried to ask "If I can offer you the materials, can you help me to make a rare weapon?"


The elf blacksmith looked at him and said after thinking for a while "If you have materials, of course I can make it, but l know nothing about alchemy. So I cannot make a machete that can cause elemental damage."

That was enough. Soran didn't long for elemental damage at all as it required one to two hundred points of alchemy. For him, making a first-level rare machete was already satisfying. There were many unqualified blacksmith in this profession. Few could make excellent military weapons; even fewer could append demons to weapons with alchemy. Dwarfs were full of tall tales. When Soran previously went there, he only met a group of high-level blacksmiths whose forging skills were around 150 to 250 points.

However, no one could build a third level legendary machete in the forging tower!

Sure enough, the dwarfs could not be trusted.

They loved bragging when they were drunk and their words were totally unreliable!

The elf blacksmith in front of him seemed to be close to fifty. He must have been in this industry for a long time and his forging skills could be estimated to reach more than 200 points. It should be easy for him to make a first-level rare machete.

Soran immediately said "What do you need? I'll bring you as soon as possible."

Materials for first-level rare weapons were not scarce.

He should have fine iron here. He might lack some other materials.

"300 Gold Derahls!" The elf blacksmith didn't rush. He looked at Soran and then wrote something on a piece of rough paper "You only need to bring me these things and others can be bought from Priest Jero." 

Taking the paper, Soran looked at the materials, which were indeed not scarce and cost around 200 Gold Derahls. Among them, fluorite was the most easy to find. The price of customized weapons doubled that of buying second-hand ones. Soran could accept within 500 Gold Derahls.

So he agreed without hesitation.

At the moment, Soran felt emotional, thinking finally he could get a rare weapon after being in the world for such a long time.

Although it was only a first-level weapon, he was satisfied.

At least, he could customize it and it must be more suitable than the previous military products. For Soran, a rogue emphasizing on techniques, weapons should be suitable. Otherwise, he could directly buy a first-level long sword and he just needed to pay a little more. The problem was that there were 120cm and 130cm long swords, but the feeling when he held in hand was totally different.

Rogues were not as particular as warriors in terms of weapons. Their techniques decided their lower requirements towards weapons.

After finalizing the business and getting the down payment, the elf blacksmith began to work. He needed to first refine the fine iron.  Making rare weapons usually use the skills of hundreds of forged steel. The elf forging ability had a feature that he could make tiny fish scales. Dwarfs' forged products were solid while elf-made weapons were more resilient and not easy to break.

Soran soon bought all other materials without bargaining and brought to blacksmith.

The elf blacksmith seemed to be so interested in building rare weapons that he started to make it through the night and said he could make it within three days. Undoubtedly, it was good news. By then, Soran would have fully recovered.


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