Abyss Domination


Abyss Domination Chapter 120: Healing Anecdotes

Alongside the clear river, Soran was cleaning his wounds and his bleeding blood spread across the river. He grimly gritted his teeth and used needle and thread to close the flesh. Once he managed to get rid of them, it was impossible for them to find him as rogue was indeed proficient at Evasion. Only legendary tracking professionals were qualified to track rogue like him in the wild. When they found out how to climb down from the cliff, Soran had already ran over 10 kilometers away, disappearing from their tracking scale.

Until he was sure that he was safe, he didn't stop to deal with his wounds.

The bloody smell of his body was too heavy. Although he managed to get rid of those hunters, he might also attract other beasts that were most common in wild forests and they were very sensitive to the smell of blood.


Soran bit the needle with his teeth and then looked at the injuries on his arm. His face turned dark. For the first time in a long time, he was forced to be so miserable and nearly died there. The wounds in other locations were better to cope with, but the injuries on the back were harsh because he could not sew the wounds there. He could only apply a little ointment and tried to take advantage of his 20-point rare constitution to launch regeneration effect and restore him. Although the river in the late autumn was unusually cold, he still went in and cleaned himself because there was too much blood on his body.

Coming out the river, Soran looked pale due to a huge amount loss of blood. He took out the meat and chewed it, and at the same time he used the 0-level trick to dry his body. The elemental crystal in his arms turned a bit bleak as its power had been exhausted and he had to wait seven days before it could fully recover. This legendary outfit could be said to have saved his life. Summoning the earth element contained a lot of enemies and Stone Skin had blocked at least six cuttings for him.

His machete had been thrown out to attack enemies and now he only had two knives that were on the edge of destruction.

He went forward to somewhere farther instead of recklessly going for those hunters for revenge. He had to rest at night to recover both for curing his injuries and recover the wasted energies. Abilities similar to spells were all in the blood category. As long as he took a good rest, he could reuse Shadow Shuttle and Hiding Vision tomorrow.

The effects of outfits were important.

Soran had to first find a weapon and then energize his used outfits.

For example, if he had enough points of Alchemy skills, the energy ring could energize itself.

As for Gloria's and Vivian's safety, Soran wasn't so concerned about that because northern witch was intelligent and she would not launch short-distance portal. Low-grade flashing spell didn't work and it could only avoid attacks temporarily. Random portal's distance was too short. Even if they managed to get out, they would be found out. Therefore, Gloria must have used the ultra-long distance portal. If he expected right, they should be at her Wizard Tower where Vivian was safe there. Soran could find her after he fully recovered.

The northern part of the country and the Snow Nation were separated by hundreds of miles of glacial mountains. It was difficult for ordinary people to pass, but it was much easier for him to go alone as he could learn spells.

Flying spell was a three-ring spell which Soran could learn now. Although the duration was only one minute of 1 point of spell power, it was enough to fly far away.

The world did not have too many expectations for Flying spell as far-distance travel generally used transmission spells. In addition to some high-grade alchemy devices of the Mystery Empire, the fastest flying creature should be giant dragons. Demand came with pursuit. The birth of the transmission spell made too many spell casters to focus on the study of spatial dimension.

Some supernatural flying environment was very dangerous.

After a short break, Soran began to walking along the river where there were more people populated. He had better find an Elf Village first because his injury on the back could not be set aside. He should find a priest to help him cure; otherwise, he had to wait three to four days to recover. It might be that Soran injured so frequently recently that his medical skills improved rapidly. There were actually 27 medical points, and another increase would allow him to reach the level of professional doctors in the town who were responsible for handling sword injuries.

He didn't stop all the way. When he reached at the crossroads, he knew that he was near where elves lived.

Sure enough, farmlands appeared soon.

Farming required fertile flat land and ample water. Most of the smart creatures chose better land to dig up.

Before arriving at the village, Soran met the Elf patrolling guard.

All of them were all-in-one archers, wearing exquisite leather armor and equipped with long swords, cutlas, rapiers and other weapons. Elves rarely used heavy weapons. The head of the guard stopped him and asked him. Looking at Soran carefully, he then warned him not to cause troubles and let him go.

It was okay for humans going around. If they met orcs or werewolves, they would catch them directly.

When entering into village, Soran immediately went to the elf temple of life goddess who was the queen of the incumbent elf god, the second wife of the elf guardian god in charge of spring, harvest, birth and planting. The most ancient life goddess had disappeared for a long time. No one knew whether she fell or not. The godhood that had been bred in the field of life was now divided by many gods. Most of the current signs of life gods were specialized in a certain field, such as the life goddess of the elves, the life goddess of the Halflings and so on.

Unless someone deprived and integrated most life godhood, he could bot be the real life goddess!

I had nothing to say about this life goddess

It was worth mentioning that the predecessor of the elf life goddess, the legendary spider goddess as well as the first wife of the elf guardian god was now the main god of Zhuo Er elves in the dark area and the most powerful, the most evil and most cunning Devil. No one had expected that the first elf goddess would fall into this way and became one of the most powerful demon gods in the chaotic evil camp!

Perhaps because of her existence, other talents had a deeper understanding of the fall of the gods.

In fact, Soran actually appreciated the spider goddess because she was really powerful. Many gods had fallen in the turbulent years, or lost a lot of power. Only the spider goddess became the demon god closest to master in the abyss. In just five years, she had been promoted to a powerful godhood from a higher level of godhood with middle-level divine power, which was moving toward the great power of the dominant level.

Without too many enemies, she was likely to be a god with great divine power.

That was to say, she could create a world from nowhere.

The simplest way to evaluate the standard of great divine power was by saying "If the god wants light, then comes the light."

This was the standard of great divine power.

So far, not a single god had great divine power. Some ancient god with this power had already fallen.

Current gods could be only said to open a spirit nation in some layer.

The temple was one level lower than the sanctuary.

There were few priests. A middle-aged male elf was responsible for receiving Soran. The elf looked elegant, who was probably a priest with a professional grade of eight.

The main way for priests to earn money was to cure for others and then sell various medicines.

Maintaining the sanctuary needed money; spreading beliefs needed money; improving powers also needed money. So wealth goddess's priests could even become professional businessman. Most temples sold therapeutic spells to the outside and they had price tags and refused any form of bargaining.

Soran bought medical treatment for moderate injuries, whose price was staggering 200 Gold Dehrals. The price and cost made the spell destined to be unpopular. Ordinary people mainly relied on drugs and physicians for treatment.

The effects of the spells were amazing!

After casted spells, Soran soon recovered. His injuries on the back gradually returned to the original and only vague scars could be seen.

He bought two bottles of therapeutic medicine before leaving the temple.

Then, he saw a team of well-equipped Elf Guards convoying a handsome royal Elf who was riding a white horse.

The elves were naturally not equal, and ordinary elves were similar to human civilians.

He was a male elf with long green hair who undoubtedly boasted handsome look and noble blood because the elves nearby all leaned down slightly when seeing him.

Soran also noticed the royal elf. After noticing some features, he could not help but reveal a strange smile.

It seemed that the royal elf in front of him was the son of the elf life goddess.

Of course he was not the first son of the elf life goddess, but he must have inherited years' of godhood blood, whose talent was much higher that ordinary people's. However, it was still below the Son of Horror's level. The Elf Patrolling Guard escorted him toward the Temple of Life. Soran quickly stood aside and let them pass. The guard looked at him quite unexpectedly because there were not many human adventurers in the forest and even less for rogue moving alone.

The elf master was really hard to describe.

As the patron of the elf, his first wife fell into the abyss and became the spider god, which meant he basically could do whatever he wanted. Many people were aware of the character of the spider god as you can see how badly-behaved Zhuo Er elf was. His second wife also had some hidden rumors. She was said to have been with an ordinary person and had a child with him, which was happened when she had been the elf life goddess. Of course, the official saying was that the ordinary person was originally the embodiment of the elf master. In fact, the couple just played a trick.

But no one knew what really happened!

However, the legendary elf patron was a hermaphrodite. The incarnation of the past was sometimes a female, and there were stories describing they might date with some excellent males. So she might not really care about these things.

The royal elf in front of him should be the son of the elf life goddess.

Although he was not sure about his father, Soran felt he would not be the son of the elf master because their son would not be on the earth.

The chance of their child who was born as a god appearing was indeed little.


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