Abyss Domination


Abyss Domination Volume 1 Chapter 13


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A short distance of a dozen or more meters

Sauron spent half an hours time, most traps are a headache for people not how to remove, rather they are unable to determine where its possibly hidden. Especially this type of killing trap, ever so often you carry the mental capacity to take chances, even if there is a iota of carelessness it is entirely possible you could meet a violent death. This is also the reason why many professions would rather try to find a steady line of work, also they aren’t very fond of exploring underground ruins dungeons (遗迹的原因).

“Found it”

15 points of awareness gave Sauron an acute sense of danger, relying on former experience, he cautiously used his dagger to lever the corner of a anomalous block of stone, sure enough there in he discovered a complicated projectile device. There ought to be an buried underground trigger, if an individuals body weight was approximately that of an adults stepped on, the trigger then would activate now triggering the projectile device, following which the wall would eject 3 or more crossbow darts.

“1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6!……”

Sauron couldn’t help but wipe away his cold sweat, inwardly rejoicing at his own sufficient caution, these were unexpectedly multifaceted linked crossbow traps, in the case he wasn’t cautious and fell directly into the trap then you’d  be shot and turned into a sieve. Unless he dressed in heavy armor, this would possibly obstruct these sort of powerful crossbow darts. If he didn’t remember wrongly this type of powerful crossbow trap single damage is around 12 points, if not hitting the vital parts, the 6 crossbow darts are also enough to instantly dispatch him.


Sauron used his finger to stop the main trigger, lying on the ground he used the dagger to strike the metal rod, this kind of trap uses a particular steel, after simple enchantment processing, generally within a few decades it’s unlikely to error do to rust. Some underground ruins interior traps are entirely enchanted, resting buried below ground upwards to a hundred years yet still sufficiently deadly!

Bang Bang Bang.

6 crossbow darts shot out, in the end just the roots did not enter the other side of the wall.

Sauron’s face was covered with dust, desiring to excavate the projectile device inside, immediately following his memory to search out the location of the next trap.

1 trigger, 1 launcher, and in addition 1 powerful crossbow trap device.

“Good stuff!”

Upon Sauron’s face appeared a trace of a smile, just a short while ago successfully disassembling those components afterwards putting them away, thieves aren’t capable enough arrange traps with eyes closed. Even if it is a legendary thief, without the appropriate material could not have arranged the trap, like this kind of strong crossbow traps material, if purchased from the Shadow Mask’s hands, to think it to not be 350 gold must not believed!

After all these trap devices are sufficient enough to insta kill rank 5 professionals or lower Warriors.

A row of data appeared.

Trap removal successful

Your thief skill has received a promotion

Obtained 210 points of vocation experience

The demolition experience of specialty traps are high, the thief skills had a higher demand, Sauron put away the rest of the, but however assembled the powerful crossbow unit. Those really isn’t a average crossbow darts, rather a crossbow dart shooting case, Sauron excavated the 6 crossbow darts putting them away for later again once out, merely requiring smashing down the trigger inside the case, emitting 6 crossbow darts in one breath.

This device is not a single shot, it must be fired before it can be fired, once demands 6 crossbow darts!

After all this isn’t a standard built crossbow.

Sauron dismantles a trap later continuing forward, apparently there was only a acid trap here, having already been triggered by the unlucky thief.

The price for acid traps are high, roughly needing `100 coin approximately to set up!

Because it’s possible to request a timed magic trigger system.

Later on the cavern became meandering, at the same time Sauron also slightly relaxed, the difficulty for laying down a trap is awfully high, but also as its likely to be triggered by rats and such, so there shouldn’t be traps setup here. But he also didn’t dare lower his guard, nevertheless cautiously advancing, straight ahead appeared a concealed Stone door.

Crunch! (could be creak also)

Ensuring there weren’t any traps on the Stone door, Sauron lightly pushed open the door.


A burst of chilling wind blew across, Sauron suddenly sensed a chill being sent out from behind, without the slightest hesitation sent out a slash towards the his rear, only to see a dim shadow come into view, on the hideous face showed a miserable smiling expression, sending out a bewildering shout fading away from its original place.

“A ghost?!”

Sauron cautious and solemnly (idiom) leaned against the wall, rapidly grasping the holy water.

Ghosts are a type of spirit liform, conventional non-enchanted weapon is incapable of harming them, even standing still permitting Sauron to chop down 100 also wouldn’t do a goddamn thing.

To handle these he can only use another method.

“Jie Jie!”

Strange laughter emerged, the ghost’s empty image once more appeared.

It issued an intense bawling shout, this is it’s innate skill one of it’s abilities, low level  [Spirit Bawl], having this kind of powerful fear technique, if a timid person will right away become momentarily scared stupid.

Sauron eardrums hurt, his heart not at all the slightest bit frightened, turning his hand over smashing the holy water.

Clang Dong!

Holy water sprinkled over the specters whole body, immediately sounds of mournful screams rose, the ghosts figure rapidly vanished, changing into a cloud of disappearing shadows.

“Fortunately prepared earlier.”

Sauron wiped away his cold sweat, picking up a small black stone from the ground.

This is the ghost’s soul fragment!

When the life of pure souls types dissipates it’s possible to transform into a material structure, exactly like this soul fragment, this is one kind of commonly charging material.

Necromancers (亡灵巫师) are very fond of these.

The price was probably about 15 gold!

Ghost difficulty grade is level 5, there is no restraining it, coming with many people was useless.

Because it simply didn’t fear physical attacks.

Only if one brought along holy water and other such materials, could a ordinary person get rid of them, considered to be one of the utmost difficult to deal with and also the easiest to handle.

Holy water hit apparition

Dealing 60 points of damage

Target dead!

Extracting targets spirit energy

Obtain 120 points of experience

Sauron’s experience was already enough to promote one thief rank, only he didn’t do that.

Because the difficulty of obtaining killing experience is too high, this sort of experience is generally used to raise advanced vocations and concurrent job abilities, before level 5 thief it is completely unnecessary to use  killing experience. In the event he ran across other traps, so long as he once again dismantled one or two traps soon afterwards possibly promoting, if in case there is an opportunity to advance the concurrent job, killing experience is  the most valuable thing.


Sauron pushed open the door to the stone doors back room.

Inside many items were covered in dust, a few books were placed upon the walls, merely they were already damaged.

There were cobwebs on all sides, in addition to mouse holes in the corners.

This place has already been abandoned for a very long time.

Dead ahead was a stone desk, on top of it lay many broken fragments of things, for example an unknown skull, a fractured finger bone, dried out bat carcass, as well as a black wooden case.

“There are no extraordinary weapons, or enchanted equipment.”

Sauron’s eyes couldn’t help but to show a trace color of his disappointment.

Inside this private room there seemed to be nothing valuable, apart from the wooden case with an unknown interior. (除了那个里面不知道装着什么的木盒子)

Sauron lightly touched it, making certain it wasn’t a trap, before with the utmost cautiousness and solemnest picking It up.

“Seems to be Ironwood?”

Sauron looked at it all around, taking the case into his hand, keeping it far from his head, tensly proceeding to use the dagger to pry it open.

He was still unable to judge if there was a enchanted trap on the interior.

However it could be assumed that in this kind of low level hidden treasure cave, it ought to be unlikely to exist many traps like that, but still keeping his head at a fair bit of distance.


Sauron levered open the case , 3 playing cards were placed inside.

These seemed to be similar to the [Deck of Many Things], those 3 playing cards are unexpectedly so exquisite, the secret silver decorative border was embedded with bits and pieces of jewels, the center was just like a kind of vortex of magic patterns, a quick glance could at once make all people among those in the line of sight entirely suck in their breath. This thing appeared to be something today’s inferior civilization was absolutely not capable of manufacturing, even the Temple of God’s Divine Badge wasn’t so elegant.

On Sauron’s face revealed an expression of not knowing whether to be pleasantly surprised or concerned, because in his hand is a legendary grade magic item.

—–“The Deck of Many Things?!”

This is a treasure left behind from the Imperial Arcane’ era, it is said to be the work of a certain bored Legendary Expert.

There are altogether 108 cards in the Deck of Many Things, every card possess a particular magic, possibly allowing you to obtain hard to imagine profits, it’s also possible for you produce a devastating catastrophe.

Who knows what the Deck of Many Things will bring!

Some after activating the card become submerged in 10,000 gold coins dropping from the sky, there are also some who activate directly strike down with a powerful lightning.

“Item identification!”

Sauron attempted to activate the mental data stream, immediately a row of tiny letters soon appeared.

Deck of Many Things

[Legendary item]*3

A trinket left behind from the Imperial Arcane era, equivalent to the previous eras highest period of achievement inalchemy, an inconceivable thing will happen after opening.

It is said that drawing out the trump card may provide you with hard to imagine strength!

Would you like to open?

On Sauron showed a trace appearance of conflict, finally ultimately he grit his teeth and drew out a card, splitting open his finger by biting down a drop of  blood dripped.

The pros and cons of the Deck of many things are the same, only by using blood can the playing card be activated, before activating who knows what these cards represent, even a legendary Wizard also wouldn’t have any means to predict what would appear.

Faint rays of light appeared before the eyes.

After the first card of the Deck of many thing absorbed Sauron’s blood, ripple like undulations started to appear, following which in the central vortex began to emerge a image, the very first to appear is a concealed treasure-trove, inside were heaps of countless gold coins, gems, and equipment. This image made Sauron incomparably excited, because this represents that he in the end drew out the  ‘Treasure card’.


Immediately in the concealed treasure-trove’s huge gates appeared a vulgar figure, it held a bag, trying to do it’s utmost to put away as much treasure.


Sauron’s complexion instantly collapsed, he now knew what he drew out.

—-“Godly Thief!”

The activated Deck of Many Things arose rays of light, presently a incomparably wretched empty shadow appeared, it strangely laughed, in the hollow of it’s palm appeared an ancient alchemical rune (炼金符文), in the blink of an eye all of Sauron’s valuables were thoroughly snatched, apart from the 3 playing cards in his hand, even his clothes were snatched away.

Chilly wind blew!

Sauron stood in place shuddering, whole body stark naked.

Weapons, clothes, gold coins, holy water, and tools, basically disappeared from Sauron’s body, even the iron wood case disappeared, the only thing remaining were the 3 cards of the Deck of Many Things.

Wind blew.

Ass was cold! (屁屁凉!)

[XIII. Deck of Many Things]