A Comfortable Different World Life


A Comfortable Different World Life Volume 1 Chapter 16

It seems that Ryodo understood that I came from a different world.

When, I don't know if I will disappear from this world, I can’t be sure.

I’m worried about not returning to Japan, and going back.

If I go back to Japan, will Ryodo be sad since he says he likes me?

I want to go back to Japan.

But, I also don't want to go back to Japan.

I want to see my parents, but I don’t want to leave Ryodo.

I love both too much, I can't choose.

And, I have no right to decide.

If I could choose myself, I'd also have to accept the regrets for my choice.

Though, I can't do that either.

I can't stop crying and holding him, Ryodo keeps saying that he likes me.

What type of existence a "half-body" is, I too understand a lot now.

There are many books written about it, picture books too, and I roughly understand, even if I don't completely know the letters.

"Half-body is the keeper of the soul".

In a nutshell, that's what it is.

Since I came to this world, three weeks have passed.

Maybe, It might not be possible to go back.

But, the possibility is not zero.

….it's scary.

If I can’t go back I won’t go back, I have to be prepared, I can't do that.

If I'm returned, I'd have to be prepared to break up with Ryodo.

To be returned to Japan after falling in love with Ryodo, is only painful.

Crying hard, the hand that caresses my head that is slow and gentle, warm and comfortable as ever.

I was attacked by sleepiness, and let go of consciousness like that.


When I woke up, I was in my bed, and in Ryodo’s arms as usual.

He's always on my side when we go to bed……. It was still evening before I fell asleep.

In other words, no dinner.

It’s dark outside, so what time is it?

And, Ryodo is also sleeping.

(Is it midnight now?)

There's no clock in this world, to know the time you have to look at the sun and stars.

But, I still can't do it.

I know the sun, but the stars aren't at all the same.

It looks like there's a marker star, it’s a pity for me.

If I line up the mark, it might be possible to find something somehow but, I think it would be possible for me to lose sight of even the Orion.

North, South, East, West, I can’t judge the direction.

Even if it is said 'it's two kilometers to the north', I have confidence I won't arrive.

I do know how to remember the road, but I don't know how to go North, South, East and West.

When I crawled out of Ryodo’s arms, he seems to have awakened.

“Wake up, you. I’m sorry."

While I apologize my head was rubbed.

"You don’t have to apologize."

Ryodo, is sweet.

I'm lifted up, and put on his knees.

As soon as that, Guu … I felt hungry.

"Hungry, empty, huh?"

The words Ryodo spoke slowly, to make it easier to understand.

"Hungry, empty."

"Rice, eat. Go."

Apparently Ryodo didn’t cook for himself, he always goes to the diner.

There are a lot of dishes, you won't get bored.

But, this house also has a kitchen, and it’s a shame.

I feel that we're not paying much attention to money, though it is good.

He’s 156 years old, and seems to have the ability to live well.

Cleaning and laundry, he doesn’t do it himself.

He seems to be hiring people to clean occasionally.

He lifted me up, put on his shoes, and went outside.

Even after he knew I was 18 years old, Ryodo still treats me like a child, such as changing clothes and cleaning my hair.

Although I don’t like being alone, it's going to be a battle to stop Ryodo from helping me each time.

I'm an adult, just a smiling face, you can not believe.

However, in this world where there are many long-lived people, 18-years-old may be perceived as a child.

"Adult, age?"

When I asked, I think I heard 100 years old.

It's a lot, to think about, I decided to stop for now.

When we arrived at the cafeteria, because it was later, people were sparse.

There’s no such thing as a late night trend.

Without Lin, there is no one who calls to Ryodo in greeting.

I heard there were many people afraid of akinist, there are many people who feel that way without the appearance of the cat.

Ryodo is sweet and spoils me.

But, I know it’s not just the people who are his subordinates.

If you only bring fear, you will not be so respected.

Unlike me who is relieved to have said things I had to say, I know that Ryodo has a difficult face when I’m not looking.

While I’m his "half-body", I'm afraid I’m going to disappear.

Maybe, it won't happen in the future.

It may be that I'll live in this world forever.

…..but, there is a possibility that I won't.

When I’m in this world, is this the only thing I will look like?

Would I change back if I return home?

In this world, how old am I?

…..I don't know a lot.

As always, if I was sitting and eating in my dedicated chair for some reason, the people who didn't say hello to Ryodo, stand in front of me.

(Can I help you?)

I don’t have much to talk to you about.

….I felt hostility at first, but now there is no such thing.


I don't think, these people have work for me.

With my appearance, I can't do work.

It would be nice if I could earn as a sorcerer, but unfortunately I just used magic for the first time today.

It will not be possible yet.



They said something quickly, but I didn’t get it.

And then they talk one after another, but I still don't follow.

By tilting my head, I will tell you that it has not been transmitted.

What, on earth are you trying to say?

When I turned to gaze at Rod to interpret it, for some reason he pointed sharp eyes at the men.

(Did they say something bad about me?)

However, by his expression it's not like that.

Something, more like excitement.


When I speak up, it's as usual returned with a smile.

…..I wonder what you were doing with your eyes earlier.

"Everyone, what, said?"

But first, let me ask that question.

"Ice, came out. Great."


Is that so?

Even me being a beginner, how could it have been so easy?

"Everyone, can, no?"


The affirmation came back and I was surprised.

If you imagine it, can't anyone do it?

If you knew the process of ice, I think it's easy.

Moreover, after getting water out, you just think the image to freeze it.

Is it possible to put out ice from the beginning?


Not water, make the image of ice from the beginning.

And then…..


Ice appeared on the table.

(What? You can do it.)

It's so easy…..

Everyone, shouldn't you just try to make it come out?

I look over at Ryodo—

He was surprised.

Even when I look at the people standing in front of me, they also have surprised faces.

…Is it really that surprising?



"What, hurts, hurts!"

After what they said, my head was pat, or rather was shaken.


I think that and the hand suddenly left, It seems that Ryodo pulled the hand away.

The man shouted with a painful face.

Does Ryodo have a strong grip?

After Ryodo let his hand go, the wrist was clearly marked with a handprint.

The man apologizes to Ryodo, he’s face is desperate.

Ryodo is—

I thought while staring at them, for some reason, I was lifted up and put on his knees.

Eating by myself, is quite difficult but…

What do you want to do?

When I look up at Ryodo, food is carried to my mouth.

Even if Ryodo didn’t feed me, i’m telling you I can eat it myself.

But, even though I know that I am in a different world I am on my side today, he told me that he liked me, and I think it would be fine if I wanted to do this everyday.

When I open my mouth, the food is carried to inside.

In the end, that was the condition until I finished eating.


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