A Comfortable Different World Life


A Comfortable Different World Life Chapter 19


It's rare for my son who left the house soon after being able to become humanized, to visit the family.

Because of the nature of the akinist tribe that we can’t be in groups.

It's because of the pressure that akinists' emit.

Even while humanized, although the feeling is weaker than the times animalized, it still leaks.

With three akinists together, those who are around them are intimidated, and sometimes those who get sick will appear.

That’s why my son was obliged to leave the house immediately after being able to humanize.

My wife and I can live in the same house for only a while.

The number of akinist who can easily give birth to children has decreased year by year, now there's only us three.

For me it was still good.

Even though it was an arranged marriage, I was able to marry an Akinist wife.

However, there is no akinist who can marry our son.

In other words, pure akinist will no longer be born.

My son’s child will be a half-akinist, mixed with another race.

The blood of a pure akinist will cease.

However, even so my son's child, will still be half akinist.

That's why I think His Majesty is so impatient.

I was also told that he had refused marriage arrangements many times.

We’ve got petitions many times asking us to convince our son, but he never accepted.

Because of the akinist's might, it's a power that Marihecht does not want to lose.

We have lived for a long time, and since the birth of Rodokiaus is a miraculous fertility, children will not be born anymore.

In other words, the only healthy young akinist who can make a child is Rodokiausu.

Therefore, it would be said that it's still good that the power of an akinist is left to future generations, even if it's half.

According to rumors, Rodokiaus seems to have had a lover, It seems that it didn’t last long.

And now, He says that he's mostly working, and currently not socializing with anyone.

It's said that an akinist has low fertility as a whole, but it goes up a little with strong feelings towards the partner.

That’s why it was said that even if you get married with a good match, the chances of having children is quite low.

For the country, us last two married, and had a child.

We were forced to do such an obligation, and having been able to have a child can only be said to be a miracle.

──I don’t hate my wife.

But, “Do you love me?” when asked, it's a fact that I'm not able to nod.

I’ve been with her for many years now, but she feels somewhat more like a comrade.

I didn’t want to let my son feel the same way, although it was a petition from His Majesty, I pretended not to see it.

If my son wants a child, I'll respect his will even if he doesn’t.

I’ve been serving my country so far.

It'll be allowed for us, now in current position, to pass with this much.



One day, I heard the rumor of my son again.

It was rumored that he protected a child, but what surprised me more was the existence of his "half-body."

My son, has finally found his "half-body".

I was wondering if he will come to report his marriage right away, but there's no such sign.

I don’t even hear rumors that he's getting ready to get married.

The rumor may have been false.

But, I heard rumors again.

It seems that the protected child is his half-body.

I think he's going to get married after the child becomes humanized.

……But, isn’t it not good to have such a report?

Why do we have to rely on rumors?

There's no one who talks to us who are akinist cheaply, so it's slower for such information to come in than anyone else.

Even though it’s about my son, I’m sure I'm the last one to hear.

Not only does he not show his face, but he also rarely sends letters.

For my son, even our parents are out of the scope of interest.

Akinist does not even look at things that are not of interest.

It’s the nature of an akinist that I and my wife have.



One day.

Without any warning, my son suddenly came home.

There were no reports or letters.

I feel he came right away.

My son who I haven't seen for a long time, as an akinist, as a soldier, I think he's gotten stronger.


I stare at the figure of the child held up on his arm.

It seems to be a humanized, child.

There was nothing to indicate the race, and the dark eyes were shining brightly.

……who's this?

"Nisu to meed you. I'm, Ko. Ryodo, um, ish, dis.…… Ryodo's, papa? Ryodo's, mama?’

The words were uttered in a tongue-tied manner.


When listening there was hard-to-hear words, but I nod after thinking for a moment.

Was the pronunciation off?

This kid who's apparently named Ko, has round ears with no hair next to his face, and no scales, feathers, or a tail.

Will it be under his clothes?

However, I’ve lived a long time, and never seen this race before.

I’ve seen most of the tribes……

"Ko asked to come because he wanted to know the size of an akinist when they are born. That's all we came for."

I don't mean to laugh, with his hard face, a son who gives the impression that he is somewhat cold.

When I left home, did I not change much either?

"Sure, about this big."

My wife shows the size by hand.

Since it's been 156 years, there's no helping it if the memory is weak.

"Small, huh."

Ko still seemed to get the information he wanted to hear, and smiled happily.

Looks like emotions are all out on his face…… I think it’s cute.

It seems my wife thinks the same.

"You’re so cute."

I said, and tried to pat Ko's head—

My hand met air.

This is because Rodokius, who was holding Ko, moved his body so I couldn't touch him.

The other party is a child, half-body?

Given that, Rodokius’s actions are not a joke at all……

Judging Rodokius from up to now, it's unthinkable.

Even when young, he didn’t show any interest to anyone.

I don’t think he was too interested even in us, his parents.

And yet—

The expression of Rodokius who strokes Ko’s head is a soft smile that I've never seen before.

I can’t believe he could make a face like that….

…I wonder if the other party is his half-body.

"That's all I came for."

Saying that and turned heel to return.

I understand that we are not of interest.

……No, I feel like he wants to go home early.

He didn't even introduce us.

Will he need anything from us in the future?

"Ryodo, gyood byee? Akinisd……"

And, Ko seems to be terribly sorry.

……what, what?

Ko’s gaze, is directed at us.

Did he still have something to ask?

"If you don’t have any urgent business, why don’t you just stay here? Did you hear about the poor efficiency of the third Legion?"

Rodokiausu wants to go home already, but Ko still wants to stay huh.

This is why I stayed quiet─

Rodokiausu looks as if he's going to kill me.

His eyes are completely hostile.

Towards a half-body, this is the difference……

But, why do you hate me?

I'm rodokiausu's father, and Ko is my future son in law.

“Ryodo, short time? Go home, dis place, not……no gwood?”

However, as soon as Ko said something to hold him back, he seemed to give up on going home

That Rodokiausu, albeit being his half-body, is being swayed by only a child…..

Rodokiausu shakes his head and smiles at Ko-

"Wa~a! Tank you. Ryodo, Tank you!"

Ko laughs happily.

…… Well, if he's that pleased with only this much, you'll want to listen to Ko’s request even if you're not his half-body

With his appearance, the emotional Ko, is fun to watch.

……But, do we have any business

And, what was Rodokiausu going to ask?

To talk to them slowly, we sat down.

Rodokiausu put Ko on his lap.

In the beginning, Rodokiausu, who told the rough story of, saving time.

According to the story, Ko's race is still unknown.

And, the fact that he was not able to understand our words originally was surprising.

Although Ko is lisping, he's still talking.

…… No way, he memorized it?

Isn’t it just a little over a month since Rodokiausu started to look after him

Ko seems to be very intelligent

"I’m Salibatus, Rodokiausu's father."

"…… Shari?"

He didn’t seem to catch it.

(It’s better to have him call me by a nickname.

Even with Rodokiausu, he uses a nickname, and he can't say it properly without a lisp.



It’s the first time I’ve been called by nickname, with a lisp, I’m happy and smile.

“I am his mother, Aruteamiya. Call me Aru?"


In Rodokiausu's childhood, because he's my child I did indeed treat him with love, but was he ever so cute?

Rodchiau did not indulge in being spoiled, and akinist's are stronger than other races from childhood, and he often went out alone.

But, in Ko's case…… for some reason I want to pamper him.

"Ko, big, nyow, Sowsewew, sowdjer. Sowsewew, of, Ryodo. Lou, sayd, yes."


……You mean sorcerer

It seems that Rodokiausu's nickname is Ryodo but…..

"Who is Lou?

"The Torik representative, Rudikda Rennaiga"

When I asked that question, Rodokiausu supplements it.

Do you always talk like this?

However, it can be understood from the power felt from Ko that he became a sorcerer

It's quite a lot of magic.

Seems, he'll be a future big-shot.

With that power is likely to become a country representative, rather than a towen's

It’s amazing that he's already learning magic

“You will become Rodokiausu's sorcerer? You won't aim to be Marichect country's sorcerer?"

"? Ryodo, only."

Is this, because you're a child

Because he's his half-body

Are you not aware of the nature of your power

Don’t you have any desire to improve

“Ko, doesn't know why he was where I found him. He was suddenly pulled from his family and seemed to be put there while sleeping…. I haven’t told anyone yet, Ko seems to have lived in a country called "Niho" with a star called "Chikyu"

I can’t imagine how he came to Marihect."

I'm surprised at what was told indifferently

I’ve never heard of such a star

I’ve never heard of such a country

Is that why, I couldn’t make myself understood

Why I’ve never seen his tribe?

Story of beyond the sea…. but are you sure

“Ko looks like this but seems to be 18 years old. Also, this look doesn't seem to be his original appearance either. Ko says he’s an adult……. and the average life expectancy is less than 100 years old.


I got up involuntarily

Ko started at me in surprise.

He didn’t know what the conversation was about, so he tilted his head frequently

It seems that Rodokiausu was talking so fast, because he didn’t want Ko to hear it

Even if it’s Ko's current state…..?

Is it because you care

“If he's 18 years old and has a lifetime of only 100, you can’t stay together for long! What are you going to do after that?

I know what it' like, after being left by your half-body

It’s just like a lifeless living doll who doesn’t feel like doing anything, and whose soul is missing

Some people give up their lives

If he'd have lived for a long time, it might still be ok, but Rodokiausu is still very young

Even if it’s 100 years later, Rodchiaus would be 256 years old at that time

Still in the prime of life

An age that hasn't lived half of his life

"……Ko said he came from a different world. He also said he didn’t know when he would return to his original world. That's why, if he's by my side until then, that’s all I need."


I lost my words at the present situation of my sons

The same goes for my wife

“Ko doesn’t say he wants to go home in front of me. He dosen't say he wants to see his family. Even making a sad face he doesn’t do as much as possible…… He’s putting up with is feelings for me.”

With those words, he looks at Ko, sitting on Rodokiausu's lap with a concerned face.

Even though he looks so young, he cares more than adults

“Ryodo, what?”

“Work, talk."

After all, it seems that it's content that he didn't want Ko to hear


they really care about each other…… can they be happy in such a state?

"…… awight."

Ko is making an indescribable face

Although it seems that he's not convinced

But, he didn’t complain and turned his eyes to us again.

However, After a while, he started to squint.

Flickeringly he glances at us

On the contrary, Rodchiaus’s expression becomes stiff

It’s just like when he first arrived home

“What’s going on?”

When I called out to him, Ko looked up with sparkling eyes

“Akinichu, become?

I hear unexpected words, that made me astonished.

Hearing that, Rodokiausu makes a funny face that says ‘After all…’.

In other words that is…..

"Ko, can stand the might of akinist!?"

It's a surprise.

I’ve never heard, of such a child.

Even adults are pressured by the might of beastified akinist's.

"For Ko, there's no pressure from akinist. On the contrary, he boils with happiness. Saying "Like" and "Cute"…… But mysteriously, he was afraid of His Majesty. At first, he was also scared of Sig, but now he's used to him.”

With Rodokiausu's words, I'm too surprised I lose my words.

His Majesty is of the Gatrea race

A long-lived, governing race

And yet, he's scared…

No matter how you think about it, most people are afraid of akinist

…… But, I’m happy if you like us

Undress and beasify.

"Kyaa! Akinichu!! Pwetty like ah, pwetty like, hey."

With hands on his cheeks, Ko raised his voice in excitement

"Can twouch, a wittle, bi?"

He approaches while reaching out.

There's no reason to say "No" after being asked with such a sparkling eyes.

"It's fine."

As soon as l speak the words of permission, his small hand pats my coat.

It's filled with exquisite power, It’s so pleasant that my throat is ringing.


Ko said something in a language that I've never heard of

What to do, Rodokiaus

is watching us with great eyes.

It seems that he didn’t want him to be in this state

However, an existence which does not fear akinist is valuable

When I lick his cheek, Ko smiled happily and laughed.

……I was immediately separated by Rodokiaus

Even though he's your half-body, you have a narrow mind.

─? (Ryodo Father) side end ─


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