A Comfortable Different World Life


A Comfortable Different World Life Chapter 18

-Rodokiaus Side-

Ko's title, became apprentice sorcerer.

I told him it was okay not to go to trick tower, but Ko said he'd go.

The sorcerers, seemed upset after hearing that Ko may not choose to become a sorcerer, I understand that Ko intends to become a sorcerer, I showed a happy appearance for him.

While learning magic in the tower, I'll be away from him.

I want to always be by his side, but I can't just leave my job.

I reluctantly returned to the barracks.

He seems to be mastering magic at an incredible speed.

If he keeps this up, he's going to be able to work as a sorcerer soon.

But, Ko has still not humanized.

It would be impossible to work with a person who has not humanized, no matter how much power they have.

— humanizing, can he do it, I don’t know anything about Ko yet.

I decided to eat meals together as often as possible.

I always go to pick him up, eat at the barracks cafeteria, and send him back to the tower every day.

I want be with Ko longer, it's not bothersome at all.

Ko was reluctant at first, but when I told him it's what I wanted, he said nothing.

"Ryodo, wets go."

Ko who said so happily, was incredibly cute.

That's why, I go back and forth between the barracks and the tower holding Ko.

At first there were a lot of stares, after every day, everyone was familiar with it.

With my smiling face, the attention is somewhat reduced.

I'm an akinist, Ko who's my Half-body, because of his young humanized appearance he's species is unknown, I don't want to lose sight of him.

From the tower, Ko talks about food.

Currently, what kind of magic are you learning, what kind of magic can you do?

Honestly, I don't know much about magic, I don't understand the difficulty of the magic that Ko is learning.

Ko who gestures while he speaks is lovely, I want to watch him forever.

Even if I was attacked by magic, many are nullified by the power of the akinist.

That's why, I never learned magic.

What's required for general magic, isn't the power of the akinist.

That's why, the power of magic, I have never thought about it.

Even magic that people usually use, "it's not necessary" so I never learned it.

That’s why, cleaning is also entrusted to people.

Usually there are many people who clean up with purification magic.

"Today, Ko, do, wap awound, da bind."


Wrap around?


"A vine?"


It appeared from his palm, vine.

Mainly, it's sorcery often used during restraint.

"Bwig, i got it."

But, Ko seems to have brought out something big.

"Really, great."

When I smile, his smiles right back.

Ko, I don’t think he likes or hates his head being caressed, but sometimes he shakes my hand off.

He is particularly reluctant to be treated as a child, and he won't talk for a while.

Because he often says “adult”, child treatment seems no good for Ko.

For his appearance, there's no one who doesn't treat Ko as a child.

But I wonder if I'm doing it too much?

However, he does not dislike being praised.

"Ko, Ryodo, wor, togeder."


I am a soldier, and Ko will be a sorcerer in the future.

It’s not that we won’t work together, but we usually work separately.

When working together, most soldiers are on the front lines, the sorcerers assist from the rear.

The recognition that we have is, not much.

If I get injured, not a sorcerer, I see a healer, body enhancement etc, is performed by all sorcerers for everyone.

There's no one on one.



Ask it, and affirmed.

"Ko, sorcerer. Ryodo, soldier. Together, can't."

I do not know the reason for misunderstanding, but I decided to tell the mechanism.

Ko is not yet working as a sorcerer, but he has mastered sorcery.

So, It’s not fun if you don’t know how it works.

The sorcerers, Ko can't work yet, I’m sure they're not teaching him that.


"Ko, Ryodo, togeder. Ko, sowsewew. Sowsewew, of, Ryodo."

Ko shook his head, and opened his mouth again.

I’m surprised he's saying that, nothing.

"Sorcerer of Ryodo?…. just my, sorcerer!?"

Even if I ask again, the same thing ie repeated.

Ko, will be my personal sorcerer!?

Such a thing, I've never heard.

No, I'm really glad, did Ko think about this himself?

My personal sorcerer, your grace for only me.

"The Chief Sorcerer, didn't say anything?"

Because he's talented, he teaches magic to Ko, an extraordinary sorcerer.

The Chief Sorcerer of trick tower, Rūdikuda Rikoamuru.

Although Ko calls him “Rū”.

Even my name can't be said properly, so it can't be helped calling him by nickname.

At first he seemed to be dissatisfied, but didn't say anything because Ko can't speak well.

"Rū, I, said. Ko, Ryodo, togeder, now….. Ko, spwend, twime, togeder."

Damn…… with a distorted face, my chest hurt.

I don't know when he'll leave, but until then he'll stay with me.

The fact that Ko come from another world, I haven't told anyone yet.

I myself, I just don’t want to believe it.

—there's a possibility that Ko will disappear.

I want to be your side, I wonder if he thinks about it even a little?

But….. if you get stronger you might be able to go home.

Ko look lonely into the distance, I’ve seen it many times before.

How much, in that little body, sadness, and loneliness are you holding?

You’ve never been said "I'm lonely." before.

"I want to go home." was never uttered.

How much longer will you hold it in?

For me, are you putting up with it?

Are you enduring from crying?

You haven’t cried in a long time.

"Ryodo, home?"

"Yes. Go home."

After protecting Ko, I had no more work after dinner.

I used to never go home before, not wandering about, I just trained.

Now it's important to have time to teach language to Ko.

Because he had to go to the tower to learn magic, he had less time to learn words.

That is, the time I spent with him was reduced.

So, this was the only time we could be together for a long time.

From now till morning, I’m with Ko.

The bath, Ko at first, wanted to enter alone.

On the first day I was an adult, but I just shook my head the next day.

So, I persuaded many times, he gave up, and we bathe together now.

I also sleep with him.

Well, that's because there is only one bed, Ko had a disturbed face, but nothing has been said about it so far.

There's extra space, it's just an empty room.

I didn't intend to have any guests staying in this house, it's not needed.

Even my parents, never come to visit me.

If three akinists gather, even if they are humanized, they become intimidating and their surroundings are intimidated.

The feeling isn't that strong as a child, but when you grow up and can humanize, you feel it as an adult.

That’s why, soon after being able to humanize, I came to live here.

In fact, my parents are pretty wealthy and in celebration of being an adult, the house was given to me.

Because the akinist has great power, the country gives high pay.

They are both in charge of the National Guard, it's not funny how rich they are.

Even I myself, am given a salary that can't easily be used up.

The two above me in terms of contribution to the country, deserve it more than me.

I have said that it is better to be treated as the Third Commander……

What's going on, I don't know in detail.

I'm not interested in what's not interesting.

Holding Ko, I head home from the cafeteria.

Ko often wants to walk, but he doesn't have a dissatisfied face anymore when I hold him.

Sometimes he even happily sings songs.

The words Ko says in his language, I still don't understand.

Even Ko's full name, can't be understood.

Even if I listen and speak, it seems that the pronunciation is different.

In this way, It may be the same thing as Ko’s lisping, it may be heard that way by Ko.

While walking towards the house, suddenly a strong wind blew.


He raised his voice.

Something was blown away by the gust of wind.

"Hang on."

I was walking without worrying, at my shoulder Ko's voice sounded out.

Manipulating the wind, I grabbed the thing.

Looks, like cloth.

This light brown cloth, is often used in wrapping around children.

Humanized adults, when carrying a child that is still beastized, small ones are wrapped in cloth, sometimes they are moved in a basket.

This would be the cloth used at that time.


He seems to offer it to the person it flew from…… they aren't coming over.

Ko who's tilting his head, doesn't seem to understand.

They won't come closer, because of me.

"Ryodo, pwease."

Probably wondering why they didn't come for a while, Ko told me to put him down.

When he's lowered to the ground, he runs towards that person.

In my field of vision chasing that back, a woman with a basket appeared.

In the basket, was a child.


Ko holds out the cloth again.

"Th- Thank you very much."

The woman was pretty scared, probably because I'm here.

She receives the cloth with a deep blue face.

"Wat age?"

Ko peeked into the basket.

Because he didn’t see children in the neighborhood like this, you're interested in it?

Children don't get near me, Ko can't see it while near me.

"Y- yes. He's five years old."

When the woman takes the cloth, the sleeping beast child raised its head.

Apparently they're from a tribe called “Torujiu” which is popular among people.

The tribe that Ko is afraid of…… or not it seems.

"…… Wah, kyut. Kyut, right? Nareri ~yu*, Chite mo*, eh?"

I know you're excited.

……It seems to be a very desirable race.

On the contrary to me who's surrounded by a black aura, He’s happily stroking the child.

"Kyut, right? ****、***。******"

Because he was too excited, he started to speak in his language.

Ko is currently, trying to use the language of Marihect as much as possible, when he's excited or scared, It seems that his mother tongue come out when his feelings are high.

Even when caressing beast me, those words he's have often been used before.

That’s why, when I see Ko speak the language he used before and i’m not involved, black haze is accumulating.

……I have such a strong desire for monopoly, I didn't think I did.

Unlike the looks directed at me, the woman who sees Ko smiles.

The person who caresses my Ko with a "cute" and gentle hands, and he doesn't object.

And the child being stroked, narrowed its eyes in comfort.

By myself, I realized that my expression faded away.

In my present condition, I just can't smile.

"Gwood bwye."

Finally satisfied, waving to the woman, while walking closer to me.

I immediately hold him up.

My monopoly, seems to be getting worse.


"What's wong?"

I was called out.

I wonder if was my hard expression that pointed it out?

"Akinisd, Chiyald. Bwig? Diny?"

"…..I don't know."

He'd like to know the size of a young akinist, but I have never seen an akinist child, I don’t know how big it is.

I didn’t care, I wasn’t interested.

If you want to know, I can ask my parents.

Because they gave birth to me, they would remember the size.

……but, the two of them, like me they have no interest in things that aren't interesting.

Would they remember?

"Ryodo, parents, meet, go?"

"Ryodo, oh?"

"Why?" I remember when I was little, Speaking of that, I remembered that I did not tell that the akinist was a rare race.

…….But, how can I tell you that?

"Akinist. Parent, parent, Ryodo. Three. Akinist, Akinist, different, No."

Ko doesn't understand it now.

But, I think he'll understood soon.

His big eyes looking up got even bigger.

"Akinisd. Ryodo, parent, parent? Shao!?"

All over the world, it's surprising but true but only three anakinist are confirmed.

"…… Ko, Ryodo, chwild, hawf…. Akinisd?"


Normally, if the tribe is different, a child is born that inherits the traits of each half.

But, I don't know Ko's race.

Even if I don’t know, Ko isn't an akinist, it would be half.

"It would….."

I thought about it.

After all, what do you care about?

Then Ko who thought without saying anything, and didn't say a word until we got home.

-Rodokiaus Side End


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