A Comfortable Different World Life


A Comfortable Different World Life Chapter 17

-Rodokiaus side-

The crying Ko falls asleep, I who was laying in bed too, also fell asleep in no time.

I have a lot of concerns, my anxiety has grown, but now I have Ko in front of me like this.

I don’t know if it will be a long time, I don't want Ko to leave.

Magician, you don't have to aim for it.

Ko's strong power, such a thing, it doesn't matter to me.

A little longer, I want to be by your side.

What others think of me, shouldn't matter to Ko.

Even, if Ko has an extraordinary level of power as a magician.

The magicians want him, and are always looking for him.

But, Ko is my half-body.

Getting their hands on him, I'm not obliged to let them.

In my arms, I feel a sign of movement, I woke up.

"Woke, you. Sowwy."

When I opened my eyes, Ko apologizes with a frowning lowered face.

"You don't have to apologize."

There's no need to apologize.

If it’s Ko, it doesn’t matter if he was jumping around while I'm sleeping.

When I got up, I heard Ko’s belly sing.

Did you wake up because you were hungry?

It's natural to be hungry, since we went to bed without supper.

When we went to the cafeteria, because of the late time, people were sparse.

"Captain, Thank you for your hard work."

"Yes, Thank you for your hard work also."

But it’s not necessary at all, you seeing me and calling out.

I just raise one hand on every time.

Because I said that it's not necessary to say hello or salute.

We are together all the time at training, you don’t have to say anything while we head to the cafeteria.

I'll eat with Ko.

I brought a chair dedicated to Ko in here, since we come every day.

In an ordinary chair, even if Ko sits on his knees, it is difficult to reach the plate, so we haven’t gone to eat elsewhere.

Because Ko wants to eat by himself.

Even clothes, when he gets dressed, Ko does it by himself.

When I try to help, I always get rejected.

He often says he's an “adult” so he has been doing everything himself before.

During the meal, the corps members stood in front of the Ko.

Because I'm by his side, I have always been close….

From the excited chatter, they must have heard from Renaiga about what happened at the trick Tower.

….unnecessary talk.


With a confused face, Ko looks up at the members.

"From the trick tower, did you get something?"

"Is it true?"

When they talk closely with Ko, why do I feel so angry?

However, without noticing I hold my breath, waiting for Ko's reply.

Ko……. seems to not be able to understand it, and tilted his head.


Ko, turned his eyes towards me.

"Everyone, what, said?"

As I thought, he does not understand.

Rennaga and I, try to get them to talk slowly to Ko, but they didn't listen,

If you speak fast, Ko won’t understand you.

Ko only knows a little of what your saying, because of his efforts.

"Ice, came out. Great."

Speaking briefly.

"… great?"

Yeah? And to say, they don't seem convinced.

I don’t understand my thoughts.

But, to Ko's next action, I’m not the only one who was surprised.


The moment he said that, the ice that appeared on the table.

In the tower, he formed the water and froze it, this time he pulled out ice from a place where there is nothing from the beginning.

Such a magic, I've never seen before.

In other words, the ice attribute magic came from nowhere, because Ko just did it.

"You're amazing!"

"Show us something else!"

A member strokes his head so strongly, his body sways.

"What? Hurts, hurts!"

Ko is in pain.

I grabbed the wrist and pulled them apart.

A soldier is yelling, but it's not something new.

It's more important to protect Ko from pain.

As an akinist, even humanized I'm stronger than others.

I am very careful when I have contact with Ko.

But, I don't care for anyone other than Ko.

Ignoring those who apologize, l move Ko onto my lap.

Ko sits there and looks up with a blank face.

But, when I bring food to his mouth, he who always shuts his mouth, Ko who refuses by turning his face, he opened his mouth.

He seems to be eating as it is today.

Ko eat without spilling.

But, because of his small mouth, the food overflows from the edge of his mouth, tongue peeking as it wipes.

Though Ko looks young, I feel like colors incensed, is it because he's my half-body?

If someone other than me had the same feelings, maybe I'd kill them.

The desire to monopolize a half-body, can be compared to feelings exclusive to lovers.

Attachment is the same.

If akinist finds their half-body, I heard from my parents a long time ago, what kind of behavior they need to do.

My parents when meet in an arranged marriage, weren't half-bodies.

I was said to be the last of the akinist, and I wouldn’t have a chance to find another akinist.

Even if I had a lover it didn't last long, there was no love for the other party.

I thought no one would like me.

That's why my parents, If I were to get married, I was told that I should find my half-body.

….. I heard it at that time.

Akinists have low fertility.

It seems to rise for half-body partners, but it's still lower than other races.

That's why, I don't want anyone to touch, or show them you.

I was told that I would want to surround and confine.

I don't want to take Ko's freedom.

But, if someone approaches Ko, I don't want that.

After knowing that he's my half-body, I can't afford losing him, I can't think of it.

My parents' talk, was not wrong at all.

Conversely, I feel like my emotions are more intense.


After Ko finished his meal, I resumed my own meal, Ko spoke up.

"What's wrong?"

As I speak, he stands between my legs.

"Ryodo, feed, you?"

Then food was brought to my mouth.

Is he saying that because I fed Ko, Ko wants to feed me?

When eat the food that was offered, Ko smiled.

The cuteness is too much, a smile naturally comes out.

Previously, when he drew his grownup form, there are many who will try to touch him with that figure.

He still has a pretty face, with his young appearance, there will be few people who try to reach out their hands in that sense.

But, if it was that figure…

Although he's a little young, cute, I think he's beautiful.

It seems that there are likes and dislikes in races, I didn't know, he smiles at everyone.

It seems that he's not aware that I am his half-body, doesn't it?

That makes me so worried.

You said You were thinking about marrying me, Ko.

However, as usual I don't feel romantic feelings from Ko.

Even if you come to accept me as your guardian, unlikely.

You might go home, I also wonder if your not thinking seriously about things with me, apparently not.

But, he didn’t want to go home.……

If Ko disappeared all of a sudden, what should I do?

If everything that Ko said was true, I won't be able to find Ko who has gone to another world.

The existence of another world, I wouldn't believe it if it wasn't Ko who said it.

Ko has no reason to lie.

In other words, if Ko disappears, I will never see Ko again.

Such a thing…. I won't stay sane.

"Ryodo, you, full?"

Ko leans to meet my eyes.

I shake my head, and the food is delivered to my mouth again.

If Ko strongly wants to return, I feel that he will disappear.

There seems to be a possibility even if it's small…….

I don't want to lose Ko.

What should I do, so that Ko stays here forever?

Ko’s intentions do not seem to matter, I can't say it doesn't.

The existence of a half-body, meeting is less than a once in a lifetime.

I mean, I'm happy we met but, I am in a situation where I can't honestly rejoice.

Even if he stays for a long time, Ko's unknown lifespan is also an element of anxiety.

What can I do……

When I thought about it, nothing comes up.

– Rodokiaus side end-


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