A Comfortable Different World Life


A Comfortable Different World Life Chapter 11

-Rodokiausu's side-

For the past few days, I've casually been letting my mind wander and it makes me feel quite annoyed.

Co was in an absoulutely great mood.

I didn't have to go to work today because I had been called by his majesty.

Since I didn't take a walk around the castle, it's only noon.

I will try to do some work after lunch.

I thought about relaxing with Co, but because I am beside him, there's no reason to.


"Of course.  Eat" (AZ: I'm not sure the true meaning for ひゃい, personally I thought it was hurray but idk)

I decided to walk today and, as usual, I picked Co up and headed to the barracks.

Co is walking next to me without minding that I don't pick him up. (AZ: These last two lines are strange, did you pick him up or not??)

"Walk. Town. With."

Co walked while saying such things. It's because he looks happy as he gathers information from the surrounding area.

When I'm beasting, I don't understand people's facial expressions. However, with Co it's different.

Even though it's cute,  it's not amusing at all.

(Even if he's my half)

I get frustrated.

I want to say 'don't look'.

When I arrived at the barracks and opened the door, I noticed something strange.


Co was no longer walking beside me.

Since I was frustrated and walking, I must have left Co behind.

I hurried back the way I came.


I screamed his name.


I'm running while looking around.

I made incredible facial expressions but that's not what I should be paying attention to.

Co was found immediately.

Is it because he was an 18 year old who didn't cry?


However, the expression on Co's face when he looked up at being called, I could understand the hurt immediately.


The next moment, he was as he usually is, if I was a little later Co might have runaway.


I apologized while hugging him.

".....abandon, sad"

My heart aches at his words.

As I thought, I have to explain the half-body soon......

I have to avoid being disliked by Co and explain. (AZ: Dicey)

"Not abandoned."

"Ryodo, Co, cut, become?"

"I hate it. I love Co."

I didn't mean to make you feel so uneasy.

I understand he is my half-body, and although I was upset, I wasn't thinking about Co.

For Co, there aren't family members nor acquaintances nearby.

"Gone, and, didn't notice, sorry"

While lifting him up and apologizing again, Co shook his head.

"Bad if. Different. Call. Gone. Co. Side."

"Not bad"

Why would Co be bad.....

It wasn't Co's fault that he couldn't communicate with me, who didn't understand his words.

"Co, not bad."

I head back to the barracks while saying so many times.

Such a thing, Co should not have to worry about it.

Arrived at the barrack's cafeteria, everyone there was calling out to me.

"Ehh, captain, have you come home already?"

When I told him that we would go to the King's Castle, he also said he would go to the town.

If Co hadn't cried, I thought it would be around evening when we returned.

"Oh, because Co was scared of his Majesty, there may be some kind of connection with someone who resembles Gatrea's tribe, because in the beginning he was scared of Siga, and was wary of Renaiga and I, weren't you scared? "

That's it.

No one would be wary of opponents who they could not understand.

But, I wasn't afraid of anything.

He never cried in fear when he saw me.

But more importantly-

"Co is my half."

I have to tell them.


Renaiga voiced annoyingly.

There were faces similar to his around the room.

...well, it can't be helped.

I skipped over the story.

"I noticed Co was half of me while I was beasted."

"Incredible! Did Co mind the Akinist aura badly?"

Renaiga would be surprised as well.

I had alwasy thought that no one would come close to me while I was beasted.

"Oh, on the contray, he came close and stroked me."

"Something like that happened!?"

I'm at a lost for words.

"Co, weren't you scared of the Captains beasting?"

"Ryodo, scary, is not?"

Co tilting is head to Renaiga's words.

I guess Co isn't intimidated by an Akinist's aura.

Is it because he is a half-body?

"Ryodo. Cute. That. Tough."

Even I was surprised to hear that word.

I had never before been called "cute".

Besides, Co was describing the appearance of an Akinist.

Between Gatrea and an Akinist, most people wouldn't dare approach an Akinist.

The reason is said to be because of the 『Shadow King』 which is intimidating to the surroundings.

From that power it is suggested to be a king, but my ancestors weren't interested in governance. They seemed to prefer a place of battle and I heard they refused the position.

...... Even if we have that story now, I'd still refuse.

I do not agree with your disposition to rule over a country.

My ancestors were the same as me.

Akinist are not battle crazy, but they are proud of breaking their enemies and protecting their own.

In other words, from the standpoint of giving out instructions from behind, standing before everyone, I place an importance on returning as many people as possible.

If Akinist are on the front lines, it is a fact that less people will end up dying.

Compared with other people, it is common sense that there is such a power difference.

I also refused when I was told that I became the first commander, but most troops are often doubling as their Majesty's guard.

The first corps protect his Majesty and does not lend a hand to other troops fighting to the death, so it does not suit me as an Akinist.

Since the second corps is often passed up for the assistance of the first corps, the third corps suits me the best.

"Awesome ... as one would expect, half-body"


I'm tilting my head at Renaiga's words.

He doesn't know the meaning of half-body.

Was there no one who taught Co about things like half-body?

"Captain, will you wait for Co to become an adult before you get married?"

Certainly, if we stay as we are we would not be able to get married.

"Yes...... apparently, Co seems to be 18. This figure may be the same as what we call beasting."

I showed the two pictures Co had drawn.

"Co said these two pictures are him."

Two figures of Co's current size and the grown figure.

The picture, while drawn in such a short time is simple, but it is understood.

"... ... Does it mean he is beasting? Can he humanize?"

"He said that he is unable to. Although, it might not be enough to simply show him."

If you know the figure of growing then you probably have done humanization.

Like my aura, there is a possibility that there would be some inconvenience around.

"Ryodo? What is?"

I do not understand it at all.

I saw that Co looked a bit scared.

But how can I explain half-body to him when he still hasn't completely learned the words.

I know Co doesn't have romantic feelings for me.

This Co, if I told you to marry me in the future, aren't I just being cautious?

"Co will get married to the captain in the future and give birth to the captain's child."


"Hey Renaiga!"

I will be a bit flustered when explaining it in my own words.

"Be quiet, what should I say? In that case, I have to figure out who Co is half of! Would you care about Co's half body?

"...what, huh...?"

Kyoton looks up.

But, how should I say and explain.

"Marriage. Two people. Love. Together live. Children. Birth."


It doesn't seem like he understands afterall,  even with just the words.

"Family, becoming"

"Is it ok?"

Co tilted his head.

It may be faster to just show an actual family.

Some people live with their families in barracks.

I headed for a family who was in the dining room.


Point to them, then turn my fingers to the child.


"Chilren. Parent," (AZ: He says children wrongish)

Co imitated and spoke.

"Married. Children, give birth"

I put them together and point them towards their children.

"Marraige, chilren, Umu...are they marriage?"

I nodded my head in agreement, but soon my face was surprised.

"Ryodo, Co, marry, too, do it can't."

 But at the words he tilted his head.

"A man, a child, can, he, a child, gave birth."

That family is the same gender number.

It seems that Co was taught that children can only be made between a man and a woman.

Why was he taught such a lie?

"....Marry?"(AZ: おちょこ I have no idea wtf this is, please help out!)

It seems that he was quite surprised, looking up at the person who bore the child.

How long have you been staring?

He looked up at me looking like he was ..........

"Co, Ryodo, marry? Co, birth, Ryodo, children, umu, eeh!?

The meaning of marrying me, you said you didn't know. (AZ: dodgy)

"Co, half-body of Rodo, Rodo, like, only Co"

"Hehf? ......no know..."

Having a face that looks like it might cry, I'm at a lost for words.

Was it too soon after all?

If you don't understand me as being your half-body, you don't understand my current feelings.

"... ... Marriage, unpleasant?"

What am I asking? Even if you say it's unpleasant, I can't let go.

"...Ryodo, Co, chuki? Go, area?"


When I nodded to the question that he asked after a while, I could swim in the confusion in Co's eyes.

Now that I am your guardian, do you care?

"Rod, together, disgusted, a different person, together, good?"


I did not say anything, but I was shaken.

It seems that he does not want to be with me.

He stroked my chest tightly -

"...... consider..."

I doubt what I heard for a moment, feeling overwhelmed.

He seems to be "thinking" of marriage with me.

It was nice to not be refused...

How can I get Co to love me?

─ Rodokiausu's side end

This is only my first time doing something like this, even in only this chapter I learned so many new vocabulary words, Japanese is a third language I'm not too confident with, but I'll do my best!

- Azure.Zink




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