A World Worth Protecting


A World Worth Protecting Chapter 528 - Disaster Firmament, Armament Tumulus, Fat Heaven!

Chapter 528: Disaster Firmament, Armament Tumulus, Fat Heaven!

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In the pitch-black world, the silence was overwhelming. There was no voice, no light, and Wang Baole and company were submerged in the darkness. Only their internal world was lit up!

When Zhao Yameng regained consciousness, she didn't notice that she no longer had a physical body. Her remaining consciousness seemed to be floating in the cosmos of the Sea of Fire.

There was a unique fire that existed in the cosmos. The Sea of Fire covered an endless area, burning the cosmos, and causing the entire cosmos to break down.

In the process of this breaking down, Zhao Yameng, who was floating dazedly, suddenly saw a tree in the depths of the Sea of Fire after an unknown period of time had passed!

It was an extremely humongous giant tree that was vaster than the planet!

Zhao Yameng, who had always been a calm person, was deeply taken aback when she saw the tree. Even though the planets were like toys, there were uncountable faces covering the tree densely. They were faces of people, beasts, and other rare and bizarre living things. There were trillions of them, a number that far surpassed her imagination, and every single one of them was mumbling softly.

Every time they mumbled, a ray of light could be seen emerging at high speed from within the tree, integrating with the faces. The light ray lit up the faces, and at the same time, it seemed to give them a mysterious force. Zhao Yameng saw that other than the giant tree and the faces, there were numerous streams of light that were unending as they weaved continuously between those faces…

This made Zhao Yameng forget about leaving. She stood there, staring at the giant tree before her until a peaceful yet authoritative voice reverberated in her consciousness from the large tree.

"New heir, the fact that you're here is a testament to your eligibility. Therefore, I will abide by the agreement with the elder in your sect and accept you as a personal disciple. Now… Do you accept my inheritance and become one of the hundred personal disciples that are ranked above my trillions of other disciples?"

Zhao Yameng's consciousness shook. As if receiving a blessing, she bowed towards the ancient tree in the cosmos.

"Yes, this disciple is willing!"

As Zhao Yameng's voice was heard, a ray of light emerged instantly from the ancient tree, integrating into her glabella. Zhao Yameng trembled, and her face, with her eyes shut, appeared amongst the numerous other faces on the ancient tree. However, the position of her face was high up, seemingly an indication that her status was different!

A long time passed. Zhao Yameng had her eyes opened as she looked at the cosmos and suddenly spoke.

"Master, might I know what your name is…"

"Someone once called me… Disaster Firmament!"

"Disaster Firmament…" This name seemed to carry a mysterious force as it reverberated within the cosmos, causing the Sea of Fire to explode and more galaxies to burn. At the same time, it was imprinted deeply in Zhao Yameng's mind.

Simultaneously, in Zhuo Yifan's internal world, things were different from Zhao Yameng's. There was no Sea of Fire or giant tree before him. There was only an Armament Tumulus!

A boundless, vast military tomb was filled with uncountable Armament Items on the ground. The Armament Items included all objects of civilization in the entire cosmos, and there were so many of them that Zhuo Yifan had never seen before. Numerous Armament Items were floating in the skies, and even the sky was formed from a huge military drum!

Looking at the Armament Tumulus before him, Zhuo Yifan floated dazedly forward. He didn't look at any of the weapons and instead floated forward continuously while mumbling sounded by his ears in waves. After an unknown period of time, and after he had floated for an unknown distance, he stopped, a sword mountain before him!

At the peak of the mountain sat a middle-aged woman. She was like a man, sitting with her legs wide open. She held her chin with one hand and carried a frightening look in her eyes as she looked at Zhuo Yifan with disdain.

"If this were a time in the past, I wouldn't even cast an additional glance at you, a postnatal soldier. I could simply grab a handful of connate soldiers, but right now… Forget it, a weak soldier is still a soldier. Fella, I may have fallen, but I owe a promise to your sect before I died, and cannot rest if I don't fulfill it. Now I'm accepting you as a disciple to fulfill that promise. If you're unwilling, I'll kill you!"

"Greetings, Master!" After being taken aback for a brief moment, Zhuo Yifan immediately greeted her with cupped fists without hesitation.

To Zhuo Yifan and Zhao Yameng, whatever happened was bizarre. In reality, it was a unique form of inheritance, where the imprints of countless generations of elites in the reincarnation cycles of the cosmos were projected in their internal worlds.

To a certain extent, the image in their internal world could be a representation of the subconsciousness of the cultivator or their dreams.

In the case of Zhao Yameng, her internal world was a Sea of Fire. It wasn't to say that her personality was one of ruthlessness. Instead, under her calm exterior, she was tough and determined and didn't give in easily. However, to a certain extent, her subconscious carried a hint of destruction!

More accurately, she was a lady that shouldn't be provoked. Once provoked, she would want to take revenge, and would leap out at full force like the Sea of Fire and burn everything down!

Zhuo Yifan, on the other hand, had an internal world that consisted of an Armament Tumulus. That meant that pessimism filled his internal world. He was the soldier, while the tumulus represented his burial land.

Different internal worlds would attract different projected forms of inheritance. However, that was the way things were for the Vast Expanse Dao Palace in the past. After all, back then, many people came to be challenged. Despite there being many failures and deaths, there was still an endless stream of people who came to take on the challenge. Right now, there were simply too many boats chasing too few fish, and the situation had changed.

Fundamentally, that was the tradition of the Vast Expanse Dao Palace and could be considered a blessing for Wang Baole and company. However, they belonged to the group that was being picked and didn't have much choice.

Those invisible figures were actually all projections as well. Most of them were images of ex-Vast Expanse Dao Palace disciples who were forced to stay there against their will after failing and dying from the challenge. On the other hand, some of them were imprinted with unique inheritance imprints, and that was why the Soul Guiding Hand couldn't grab them.

Wang Baole was also in the process of receiving the inheritance right now, but his internal world was extremely bizarre…

It was a colorful world that consisted of many different regions!

When he regained consciousness, he first saw a world filled with fatties. The world was vast, with both male and female fatties. Any of them chosen at random was significantly fatter than Wang Baole. It would make him seem unusually slim and handsome if his physical body were present amongst them.

Is this heaven…? After he took a closer look at his surroundings, he felt a tremble in his heart. He was in a daze for a long time before he continued moving forward. Along the way, Wang Baole saw the heaven of his dreams.

After a long time, as he reached the boundaries of this world, he saw another world with a familiar cosmos, a familiar planet, and a familiar… Lone Boat, Black Robe, and Lantern Oar!

This was the Dark Sect from his memories!

Waves of frightening auras were emanating from each star in the cosmos. That was especially so on the main star of the Dark Sect, where the auras were stronger, such that Wang Baole could feel the aura of his Master!

He floated there at high speed as his heart tumbled. However, for some unknown reason, he was unable to go near. It was as if the path along the cosmos to the Dark Sect main star had been endlessly extended. After a long time, Wang Baole sighed softly, changing his directions and leaving the world of the Dark Sect, before arriving in the third world.

The third world was very quiet, with a scroll that opened up and covered a large area. A female toddler was drawn on the canvas of the scroll, looking extremely adorable and quirky. She opened up her arms to a white-haired male beside her, as if addressing him as daddy and asking for a hug from him.

When he saw the female toddler, Wang Baole's first thought was that she was Little Missy. As for the white-shirted male, Wang Baole only took a single look when his mind buzzed noisily and continuously with activity, the Dao sutra vaguely reverberating by his ears.

That made Wang Baole surprised for no reason. He hurriedly floated away, and he soon reached the fourth world, which was largely similar to the third world, only smaller. It was all silent, with only a single statue that had three heads and six limbs. Waves of frightening aura emerged from it, and there was a blue mosquito staring angrily at Wang Baole.

Never-Ending Clan? Wang Baole was taken aback and instinctively moved away. He soon arrived in the fifth world.

In that world was a gigantic heart!

The heart had long stopped beating, but there was no sign of death. Instead, from within the heart, a suction force that could shake the heavens and earth was given off!

This is… a devouring seed?


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