A Warrior Begins Life In Another World


A Warrior Begins Life In Another World Volume 1 Chapter 1

Chapter 01 - My New Name is Gureeshi

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The dark vision changed completely as a dazzling light catches my eyes and I instinctively closed it. I feel like I can hear something going away, but I can’t hear it well. I can understand that someone is talking but I have no idea what they’re saying. I opened my eye, to be greeted again with a dazzling light, I endured the light as I squinted my eyes. As soon as I got accustomed to the light, as if there’s an auto focus, I caught everything in sight.

First of all, it turned out to be a beauty. A Japanese trait can’t be seen on her. A blond hair, a foreigner. No, it should be a human from another world? Well, whatever……

Looking around, I can see that the walls, floors and ceilings are made of wood. I really did get reincarnated into another world…… did I became the child of this beautiful oneesan?

Heyhey, you serious? Just looking at it she’s probably in her twenties? Will I start calling this beautiful oneesan, Okaasan from now on? I only feel a sense of incongruity.

The beautiful oneesan is saying something, but as expected, I still don’t have any idea what she is saying. Probably  because it’s not Japanese. Anyway…… from now on I’ll be living as a child of this person. It is my new mother. This time for sure, I’ll live a fulfilling life.

— ☆ —

I think several months had passed since my birth. This baby’s body won’t even budge, I thought time would help… … but seems that’s not the case.
I always hear the sound of the bell at a fixed time. For about four times a day. That is from the beginning of the day, to the end. It’s about 24 hours a day. I am thankfull that the flow of time is the same as in the previous.
And also, Gureeshi(Grace) is my name in this world. Probably after I pointed to myself and said “mama” or something, that mother said so towards me.
I thought of saying something, but ended up saying nothing. After all, it’s still necessary for me to grow.
When I feel hungry, my mother will immediately come and give me breastfeed. Breastfeed by a beauty! But I didn’t get excited. Why?
I’ve never seen anything raw in my previous life, and I was a thorough virgin. I guess my virginity didn’t allow me to get excited a beauty’s breast… … There’s a chance that I might suffer from incompetence in the future.
Of course not. Perhaps the development of the brain… … I think that it’s not mature enough to be thinking of reproduction. Or maybe because she’s a family member that I didn’t get excited? Yeah, it depends on who it is…
By the way, sometimes leakage occurs. It seems like this body can’t tolerate it. When this happens, Mom will immediately rushed to chcange my underwear.
Well, let’s talk about Dad because I’ll feel sorry if all I talk about is only Mother.
Compared to Mother, Father is rather normal. But there’s something special. My body can feel the aura, the aura of a warrior. A warrior or soldier? Such feeling I get.
Mom seemed very happy when I was with my father… … He looks scary though. But I bet he’s a good father. Knowing that for the time being, is enough.
Also, I have an older sister. I don’t feel good since I remember my sister in my previous life. This older sister of mine is somewhat cold towards me. I think she was six years old when I felt that.
Mother pompered me when I was born, and father can only afford to take care of us at night.
My older sister thinks like that and envies me. In other words, it’s just jealousy. That’s why my relationship with her is not very good, as can be seen from the current situation.
Forgot to mention, but my older sister is also a beauty just like mother. Blond hair. By the way, father’s hair is black. I still don’t the color of mine though… … I also want a blond hair.
For the rest is just is getting to know a few words. It’s probably my memory from my previous life that I can remember quite early as a baby.
In my preview life, I have a good performance until I dropped out of high school… … I think.
It’s strange… … my brain as a baby has developed… … though it became meat paste in my previous life.
Anyway, why not try talking?
“Aa uu”
Yep, as usual I still can’t speak a word, but that’s okay. Let’s cool up for today!

— ☆ —

Time passed once again… … I celebrated my first birthday. Though I just went crawling, looking around the house. Let’s just say I’ll be reporting about the results these several months.
First of all, this house is a solitary house. The room consists of the bedroom which where I am, the living room, and a kitchen. The building is made from wood, even the tablewares are made of wood. Indeed, it’s a different world. After all, are ceramics that expenseive? There is such prejudice.
The bedroom has enough space for all the family to sleep. Well, just barely… … I’m still a baby so I’m in the crib. I’m also wetting.
I began to speak though it was awful. It was understandable.
So now I’ll be showing the results… …
“MaーMa” When I said so, my mother Laera appeared dashing. This is my mother. She’s a beautiful wowan. My mother. And, a beauty.
Since it’s important, I said i twice.
“What’s wrong Gureeshi?” Laera mama bend her knees and streches her hand to reach out.
It’s strange… … it somehow auto converted to “mama”. Even though I;m old enough to call her Mom… …(Mental age) Oh well.
I hugged mama as hard as I could. Then mama hugged me gently, having a surprised face for a moment.
“Really, what’s wrong? I’m not usually pompering much… well, but I’m relieved.” mama’s gently smile to me was very beauty. Anyway… I wonder if I was so spoiled? I don’t actually… Well, let’s do our best.
“I’m home” unusually Dad… … Alford came home in the morning. The bell is still ringing only twice.
“It’s early, what’s wrong?” When asked by Mom, Dad had a look of trouble on his face, sat the on the chair for the moment. Mother also sat down on a chair.
“Actually, it’s a war… I have to go…”
“Eh… …”
Eh… … My mother, as well as me was involuntarily speechless.
“Why so suddenly… …”
“It seems that the front of Ferdyna Republic is being pushed. The convocation took place at my division, so I have to go to the kingdom tomoroow.”
“So today you came back early… Will you come back?”
“Of course, I can’t be leaving my newborn Gureeshi or the still small Sonia, can I?” (TL: A death flag?!)
Sonia is my older sister. I guess I’m probably going to go to school now. I heard such story.
Even so, war huh… That thing also in this world.
“Will you—be—fine?”
I somehow managed to voice out. Your son is worried, I told him firmly. Dad Alford opened his eyes wide, but soon smiled gently, and stroked my head. (TL: Somehow, this line made me teary-eyed. T_T)
“What a guy, Gureeshi… Today, I’m pretty amazed right, Laera.”
“It is so! He just embraced me a while ago, he did not cry, I was worried as he does not cry at all, but it was good.”
Certainly a baby will cry more. But I have a previous life, so… However, I am sorry for worrying you. Let’s cry a little from now on… …
Then, when elder sister Sonia came home in the evening, I had a meal with my family. Dad will go to war tomorrow… Anyway, let’s just pray for his safety. Dad! Come home safely!

— ☆ —

Then time has passed once again, a couple of months… Dad came back with a crooked face. I was worried and lost… But I’m glad for the family’s safety.
(TL: Nice! He avoided the death flag.)
So, I hugged Dad.
Dad’s body is not soft, unlike Mom… … but I can feel strength and kindness.

It was at this moment that I was keenly aware that this is my Dad.

TL Note: The name Gureeshi(Grace) is somehow feminine, should I change it to something like Gresch? Grach? But since his not in Japan now, it should not matter.

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