A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu


A Warm Wedding and A New Bride of Young Master Lu Chapter 37

Chapter 37 A Sharp Slap

“Ever since Mom and I became part of Su family, you have been rejecting us and made our lives difficult. Mom said that it was because you can’t accept the fact that you lost your mother, and asked me to understand you. She said that you will accept us after time goes by.”

Tears started to streamed down Su YuanYuan's face, her lips started to quiver, and her voice became shaky. She stood in front of Su JianAn and her shoulders were slightly trembled.

Su JianAn looked into her eyes – What mascara she used? Her eye makeup didn’t get ruin even when she cry like this.

“But after so many years, you are still the same!” Su YuanYuan continued to complained. “You have not changed even a little. Your mother’s death has nothing to do with my mother, yet you put all your grievances on my mother. You deliberately make things difficult for her, even ridicule her. Why do you still humiliate her today, during this kind of occasion? Jiejie… no, I will not call you jiejie anymore. Su JianAn, you can’t be too much!”

“I told you long ago that my mother only gave birth to me and my brother. I don’t have any sister.” Su JianAn’s eyes were filled with faint sarcasm. “You haven’t understood it up until now?”

Heh, jiejie? When there is no outsider you always call me by my name! Even the way you talked, do you really think you are the real daughter of our Su family?

“You–” Su YuanYuan cried even harder “You are such a bully.”

Su JianAn smiled “Jiang XueLi knew that Su HongYuan was a married man, not only steals someone’s husband, she even gave birth to you, and even dare to conceal it from my mom’s knowing for 10 years. When my mom was in the worst state, Jiang XueLi suddenly brought you to our Su family’s home, and told my mom that Su HongYuan has another family for so many years. My mom died because she couldn't accept everything that had happened behind her back. Su YuanYuan, do you still say that my mom’s death has nothing to do with you guys? In fact, your family of three is a murderer. "

“It’s not like that…” Su YuanYuan was so overwhelmed that she was crying. She looked very pitiful. “It’s not like that, it was not my mom’s doing.”

Su JianAn gave her an icy smile “Enough, Su YuanYuan, stop with your play.”

“Brother-in-law.” Su YuanYuan suddenly rushed towards Lu BaoYan. “Have you seen it clearly? My sister is such a person, she is not a good class, she…”

“Miss Su,” Lu BaoYan interrupted Su YuanYuan coldly. “My wife’s personality, I am clearer than you.”

“…” Su YuanYuan stunned and forgot to cry.

“There is one more thing that we have to be clear about.” Lu BaoYan’s gaze suddenly turned cold.

Su YuanYuan suddenly had a bad premonition “What is it? Brother-in-law, are you misunderstood something?”

“You leaked JianAn’s information and photos in the forum. Is this a misunderstanding?”

Su YuanYuan's face turned white, and she couldn't say anything at all. She just stared at Su JianAn.

People were still remember about the forum post regarding Su JianAn, but no one thought that it was Su YuanYuan who leaked Su JianAn’s information, which led her to be surrounded.

Hearing that, Su YuanYuan who was painstakingly created the image of the poor victim suddenly collapsed.

“I really cannot tell that this girl has done lots scheme…”

“Isn’t just now she still flatly denied her sister? I have to believe that she is really wronged.”



Those words were faintly introduced into Su YuanYuan's ears. Her hands clenched into fists, and her pale face climbed into two smears.

She clearly broke the news with a newly registered account, and did not expect to be detected.

Lu BaoYan looked over to Su JianAn and his tone was full of tolerance “What do you want to do.”

“I don’t want to see her.”

Lu BaoYan nodded. Soon two police officers came in from outside. “Miss Su YuanYuan, you are suspected of revealing the privacy of others, and we have to bring you to the police station for investigation.”

“I am not…” Su YuanYuan was finally scared. “I don’t.”

“Yes or no, we will find out later. Miss Su YuanYuan, we have to trouble you to cooperate with us.”

Su YuanYuan turned and ran, and the police stopped her with a quick eye “Miss Su, if you don’t cooperate with us, we can only give you a handcuff.”

Hearing what the officer have said, Su YuanYuan looked at Su JianAn in horror “Su JianAn, you can’t do this, you can’t send me to the police station.”

Su JianAn went towards her and stared at her eyes coldly “You have provoked me so many times, why should I let you off?”

Su YuanYuan’s shoulders became weak, like a hydrogen balloon that was vented in an instant. The police took the opportunity to take her out of the banquet hall, and Jiang XueLi cried out.

Looking at his daughter who was taken away, Su HongYuan finally reacted, and angered rushed through his veins “Hey!”. He ruthlessly slapped Su JianAn, and no one could react, let alone block him.

The burning pain spread on Su JianAn’s face, and the pain was so great that it could not withstand the desperation that came from her heart.

Lu BaoYan’s eyes was passing a cold and dangerous atmosphere. He should have protected Su JianAn behind him and clearly saw the finger marks on her cheeks. The red color reflected on her white face and she was shocked.

His whole body suddenly turned cold, like a beast that was touched against the scales, and a gloomy cold enveloped the entire ballroom, and the people next to it could not help but retreat.

Everyone knows that once Lu BaoYan is angry, the consequences are very bloody.

Everyone was waiting for a hurricane, and Su JianAn suddenly took Lu BaoYan's hand. She passed by Lu BaoYan and went towards Su HongYuan,

“Su HongYuan, from now on, I am no longer your daughter.” Su JianAn’s face did not have any extra expressions as she firmly said “From now on, we will have nothing to do with each other.”

Su HongYuan's face seemed to have flashed a confession. At the same time, Jiang XueLi cried and came back from the outside.

“My daughter was taken to the police station. My daughter was taken to the police station!” Jiang XueLi looked at Su JianAn with a sly look. “This is all your fault! This is all your fault!”

She suddenly raised her hand towards Su JianAn.

Lu BaoYan was fast enough to caught Jiang XueLi’s hand. Tang YuLan also hurried away at the time “Mr. Su, Mrs. Su, this is my charity party. If you are coming to cause trouble, I have to demand both of you to leave. Both of you are not welcome here.”

Lu BaoYan took Su JianAn’s hand and went to the balcony.

Even if it was night, the noise of the city still refused to stop. Even the side of the river was full of lights, and every building has the dream of countless people. The buildings of the world in the city was so glamorous, and the pedestrian streets of all major and small brands are not far away.

Su JianAn stood on the heights and looked at it all. It felt like the city didn’t allow people to stop.

Lu BaoYan's gently touched Su JianAn's cheeks "Is it still painful?"

“It doesn’t hurt.” Su JianAn squatted on the railing and said indifferently, “I finally have a reason to sever my relationship with him. Ever since he killed my mother, I wanted to do this.”

For nine years, Su JianAn did not have the opportunity to sever her father-daughter relationship with Su HongYuan, but she never said that. As for what she is worried about, Lu BaoYan knows. But the last glimpse of her heart was crushed by Su HongYuan's slap.

Although the pace of the summer was very close, but the night wind was still a little cold, Su JianAn felt her toes in the high heels she was wearing was cold, so she hugged her shoulders.

Lu BaoYan was quick witted and took off his coat and put it on her.

Su JianAn felt a warmth behind her. She looked at Lu BaoYan with amazement and simply put his coat on “Thank you.”

She also thought that she had no blessing in her life to be treated by Lu BaoYan’s gentleman.

“Right, how do you know that the person who leaked my information online is Su YuanYuan?”

“I found out about it.”

On the night of the incident, Lu BaoYan called Shen YueChuan to check. It took less than half an hour to find out that the IP address belonged to the Su’s home, which was done by Su YuanYuan.

“You also knew it was Su YuanYuan?”

For more than a month, Su JianAn has been quiet, and Lu BaoYan thought she didn't know anything.

“Of course I know it was her.” Su JianAn tightly grabbed on Lu BaoYan’s coat and sniffed the familiar scent on his body. “In addition to what Luo XiaoXi had said, there are only few people who know about me, and the photo was taken when I graduated from high school, and I left it at Su’s home. Su HongYuan wouldn't do this kind of thing. Jiang XueLi wouldn't go online. Su Yuanyuan, who hated me when she was young, wanted to retaliate against me.”

Lu BaoYan frowned “She hated you since childhood?”

“I have nothing to say.” Su JianAn spread out her hands indicating that she was also very helpless. “A person who is too good and too perfect is easy to be excluded.”

Lu BaoYan smiled and he pulled her to face him. He looked at her and noticed the obvious swollen on her cheek “Go back and apply ice on your cheek.”

The lights on the side of the river fell on Lu BaoYan’s face. Su JianAn found that every time she saw him, she thought that he was better than the last time. The clear outline made his beautiful facial features perfect. She asked without thinking “Lu BaoYan, there must be more people crowding you out, right?”

Lu BaoYan raised his brows “They won’t dare.”

Not dare? Because no one is better than him, so those people have no other choice but to curry favor with him?

Su JianAn smiled and said “I got married with you, seems like I earned profit by it.”

She laughed so much, and the pain on her right cheek came. She snorted and covered her face.

Lu BaoYan frowned and reached out to her “I will take you back.”

Su JianAn reluctantly “Go back so early…” She slept from yesterday afternoon to this morning, and she was a hundred times more energetic. She didn’t want to go back at all.

“Let’s not go back,” Lu BaoYan suddenly approached her. “Then we continue what we just did here?”

Continue…what we did?

Su JianAn suddenly thought of Lu BaoYan’s strength and softness… his soft lips, shy red quickly spread all over her cheek…


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