A Vow So Beautiful


A Vow So Beautiful Chapter 112 - A Bumpy Ride

Let herself become seduced?

By sight alone from that hideous yet bulging scar, Prisana had already been seduced a thousand times over. Looking at him now with that attractive scar of his, he really seemed like a true beast.

His hand rested in between the tender area of her thighs. While doing so to tease her beyond end, Dane's other free hand found the round shape of her breasts through the emerald fabric. She wasn't wearing a bra so she instantly felt him on her. He was slow at first. She could tell that her beast was relishing in watching her twitch just by feeling his entire hand grope and massage around her shape.

He was relentless in his massage at her breasts. Fondling her like no tomorrow until her strap had become undone to drape off her shoulder and expose one breast under his proding gaze. She heard his sigh when her breast spilled to his view and gaze once again. His gaze that heated every spot of skin where it rested upon.

The touch of his bare hand against her breast only further excited her as she already began convulsing when her massaged her breast directly by kneading in every such direction. She couldn't even find a steady breathing to follow. It was almost too much to handle and she didn't know how'd she survive the rest of the car ride.

Dane's chuckle filled her ears with delight. 

And then he whispered while he kept torturing her breast sweetly and hovering the other hand in between her parted thighs,

"I haven't even fucked you yet. Is being naughty in the car turning you on that much?"

His dirty talk always made her blush.

She shook her head to play coy but he whispered again, "Lies."

The moment he whispered the truth, she had to surpress a moan because the beast knew where exactly to tease her nipples with his two fingers. He dove in without mercy and began flicking and twsiting at the erect nipple, all the while his lips found her neck. Dane was showering any unblemished skin with hickeys.

He sucked hard on her skin until she could feel her skin sweetly bruising. By now, Prisana's body was being handled so intensely that before she knew it, her legs had wontonly parted to his probing so both legs spread apart enough as the dress would allow it and dangled over his two legs.

"I don't like this dress. You should have worn the one with the sash."


"Because it's easier to take off...Mmh...Hah..." he almost growled as he kissed the nape of her neck. "...Sorry dearest, I'll buy you a new dress."

The sound of her dress ripping filled the car. Her dress was ankle length so like the beast he was, Dane tore the side of the dress to create a slit. Like this, he had better access to all of her down below. She had to suck in her breath because he chose this moment to harshly tug her nipple forward and run a finger over her most sensitive area leaking with the need to have him inside now. 

Prisana had been feeling wet from that seductive kiss earlier. So when he inserted a finger inside of her, an indecent soaked sound spread. And because sensations from his lips, hand at her nipples and core stimulated her like crazy, a blank washing state of euphoria overtook her whole body when his finger found her soaked insides.

She arched her back and twitched, moaning loudly as the feeling kept crashing over and over. The beast would never let her rest as when she came back to the world, he was chuckling at her and already creating a steady rhythm of fingering her beyond the edge of no return once again. He was fingering her like crazy, the indecent sounds of them moaning among his wet invasion being the only thing heard.

Dane leaned down to usher her exposed breast into his mouth. He was tenderly sucking on her nipple. Nibbling, grazing, and licking at it while making sure her body kept opening up for him invitingly down below.

Prisana yelped out as another bump from the car had her press down hard on his swelling cock bulging in between her buttocks. This time Dane was the one to groan in agony because the movement from the car was making the both of them impatient.

"Fuck," he breathed, massaging and fingering her roughly than ever before so that she was reduced to a wonton woman who could only cry out and beg for another release already. 

They shouldn't. Even though the windows were dark from the outside, watching people pass by made their naughty foreplay that much more forbidden.

The driver was still there too. And yet, some part of her wanted to be daring anyway. It was this strange excitement that was overtaking reason. Passion and desire were winning at this point because Prisana made the bold move to turn around so that now she could face him. She faced him and under all their passionate glory, had tugged away her underwear so it dangled off of her leg.

Prisana silently dared him with her eyes as she wanted to finish this dangerous game he induced.  Looking at him, he was breathing heavily just as much as she was. His face was flushed with desire and he made the next move to loosen his tie to reveal hints of his chest and unbubkle his belt. Dane's cock at last sprung out from his pants, as if it had been eagerly waiting this entire time.

She wrapped her arms around his shoulder and just when she was going to level herself slowly onto him, the car ran along another bump. Prisana moaned so loud she had to bite her lip to surpress the sudden motion as his cock fully rammed up into her pussy. Up to the very hilt in one deadly motion which sent the both of them shuddering. A tear escaped her eye while she all but fell into his chest.

"Don't hurt yourself," came his strict voice ladden with passion, as he lightly used his fingers to pry into her lips. "Bite me."

Prisana did. The very insant that he withdrew and thrust into her along with the rocky movements to the car, she bit his fingers. She bit them softly as possible, trying to surpress her moans because reason had come back to warn her the driver must still be suffering from their wild and unplanned lovemaking. 

He whispered almost comically, "We've been giving him an earful already. Abandon your shyness, lynx. Though it is adorable, I wish to hear your screams..."

She shook her head, to which he gave her a sly smile. Dane positioned both of his hands onto her hips and thrust his cock into her dripping wet core that accepted him fully. Her legs could only twitch as her back shuddered with each tantalizing thrust. Only when his hand hovered over to stroke her clit, did she let go of his fingers and do as he wanted. To abandon shyness and be reduced to screams.

Prisana was practically moaning, panting, and screaming into his lips as she leaned forward to kiss him. Kissing him helped to surpress the moans. This beastly husband was too vigorous and relentless! Cruel mostly, to stroke out pleasure from her when she was already still so sensitive from the last euphoria. She began meeting each thrust to seek out her own pleasure.

When she moved with him, he flinched and sighed as their bodies melding to one felt out of this world, good. He was filling her up with his instaible cock, grasping at her breasts, and kissing her away to oblivion.  She could only call out his name like a chant as if trying to bring him over the edge. 

And she did, the both of them finding their release as she collasped into his hairy beastly chest.

"You screamed for me," came his snarky comment to which she frowned at.

"...Now I don't think I'll be able to face the driver with a straight face," she buried her face even further into his chest.

"Don't worry...You can remain as you are in my arms."

She smiled up at him warmly. "I'd love it if I can just stay here like this forever."

"When we grow old and have done what our life's purpose has set out for us then, you can stay in my arms for as long as you'd like dear."

"That sounds nice. You. Me. In your arms. I think I'd die happily."

"As do I."

They both leaned in to kiss each other again, every one like it would be their last.


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