A Vow So Beautiful

Other name: No other name

Genre: Drama, Mature, Romance

Date released: Unknown
Views: 4733

Author: valeriex

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Webnovel

"Prisana, it's not too late to stop now before we do something we both regret."


"Break me," she whispered into his lips. "You're the kind of despicable man I'm looking for that can ruin me for good."


"That I can do."



Vows are supposed to be promises of undying love. But they were broken even before the bride—Prisana could make it to the altar. Fate brought her to Dane. A mysterious man turned CEO.


They were never supposed to meet.


When they share a night of passion, both believed they would never cross paths again. But fate was always cruel as Prisana has become captive by men she once loved, upon meeting the man that gifted her pleasure.


Their passion however only further ignites when Dane vows once and for all, a vow so beautiful that will shatter everything to pieces.


Note: Dirty sweet romance with touch of drama. EXPLICIT SEX SCENES. Told from male and female viewpoints. Original story by me :)

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