A Traveler Across the Worlds


A Traveler Across the Worlds Chapter 1 part2


While lying on his shoulder, Kuna all of the sudden whispered to him in such a manner, thanks to that he almost stumbled on his feet.

"Don’t call me that. Better use my name. So, what's happened?" replied Kuuyo, still on a run without any thoughts of decreasing his speed.

Kuna nodded her head after his reply, changed her lying pose in a more comfortable position and then asked:

"The time you were dressing up, I walked for a bit through your house. Your father, where is he?

"Passed away."

Without a second thought gave an answer Kuuyo. His voice made it clear – he had not harbored any warm feelings for his father and pronounced it like he was an arch enemy.

"Aam? How come?"

Not without a surprise posed him a question Kuna. On her usual solid stone face flashed а sparkle of interest.

"Just know, I hate him so much. Especially considering that he was the criminal behind the assassination of my childhood sweetheart Cheng Zai Hu."

Kuuyo’s emotion were revealed to the world in explosion. He usually got out of control if the conversation reminded him of his deceased beloved one.

"He do wore a mask, but I still could recognize him by the voice. That day, I was too young and many things had been beyond my understanding. Then 3 years later, as my age had reached 12 years, my head was slowly getting obsessed with that event from the past and not much later, I was able to see the truth which spit me in the face that those man was indeed my father! Some time after, on the day of his death, I took a nickname ‘Wolf’, because no one other than myself did this world a favor and deprived this asshole of his life."

Lastly, Kuuyo calmed down his ragged feelings and spoke further in a more self-restrained manner.

"You know what, Kuna? As far as I recall, those few days when my father was staying at home, our family tasted the real depths of human fear… He had jumped at every opportunity for a drink and did that till getting drunk as a hog, furthermore, playing gambling games was a second nature to him and more than the former examples, this man never really concealed the cruelty of his character. My mother had suffered a lot because of him. I am glad we were lucky enough because he not for once stayed for a long time at home. Returning once in two months for 2-3 days. Yet, I can vividly remember the longest period of his by us, it had been lasting for 10 months," at that point Kuuyo have sped up his speech by leaps and bounds, telling the story further.

"What happened after that?"

Kuna widened her eyes and stared at the ice-cold expression of the boy.

"When I was 9 years old, something did happen eventually. It was a common day like any other. I, with my mother and little sister, also my childhood sweetheart Cheng Zai Hu, were walking to a supermarket. Absolutely everything after that peaceful trip unfolded to a true nightmare. Not least that I was absorbed by the desperate feeling and could not but deny my childish naivety."

In Kuuyo’s eyes one could see now a cold flame which was flaring up. On that day the destiny of the boy did a 180 degree turn and he started a new life.

"At that time, we were kidnapped by some strangers. It seems they had been targeting us for a long time. My sister, me and Cheng Hu were taken hostages and our mother was left alone by them. After the police come to free us, Cheng had saved me and my sister by covering us with her body. She was shot a damn six times!" Kuuyo again was getting infuriated.

"Those kidnappers had thought up a real clever plan and could at the end find a way to escape. However, while they were at it, I clearly heard the voice of their leader. He had been shouting: “This stupid girl spoiled our game!”

The anger was filling his voice, yet he managed to take himself under control.

"Consequently, I met one grandpa and secretly run away with him from my mother. Only afterwards it dawned on me, once I recognized him as a martial artist. He had kindly suggested me to learn from his style and his techniques and I instantly agreed on his proposal. This is how that grandpa became my mentor. Those days he had been ordering me to come at 5 o’clock in the morning every single day, for me one minute late meant sitting in the horse pose for an entire hour. Besides, my hands were holding heavy weights to make my life even more sweeter than before.”

Horse pose in yoga

Though this punishment sounded somewhat harsh, Kuuyo could feel nostalgy and tenderness of that time.

"Right, at the beginning I was not accustomed to it and arrived pretty late – suffering was my only option. But gradually, my physical power was starting to significantly increase and I could finally keep up with the learning pace of my mentor. However, sometimes I intentionally skipped the class just to train myself more. Oh my, recalling those times makes my body ache unconsciously, it was rather harsh, yes, but just think about it more deeply and it suddenly makes all sense – it was worth the efforts…”

He barely was in time to notice his fruitful labor of the past, when they arrived at the doors of his house. Before entering, Kuuyo once and for all gave a warning:

"Once we are there, whether my mom and sister are still sleeping or not, don’t you dare open your mouth. If they both get to know the truth, it will be the worst case scenario. Just climb up the stairs to my room and wait for me there. In the meantime, I am gonna take a shower."

"Yes, understood."

Calmly nodded Kuna[1].


Bathroom. Kuuyo was taking a shower while soaking in a cold water. His body, neither pumped or stocky, was in contrast more likely to be called tender and slim[2]. In synergy with his smooth milk-white skin, a bit more length in the hair department, some fashionable clothes and we would have a real beauty there. To be frank with you, he really did looked somewhat feminine.

After the above mentioned water procedures, Kuuyo did not rush to his room, instead he moved in the direction of the kitchen. There he opened the fridge, took some food ingredients and started making a breakfast.

The whole preparation took him not anymore than 20 minutes, and 4 portions of finger-licking meals have appeared on the dinning table. One of the dishes was put into the plastic plate. With his preparation being done, Kuuyo grabbed 2 plates, not forgetting 2 pair of food sticks and with them found the way to his room.

Coming upstairs, he put one plate on the floor and closed the door after himself. Then addressed Kuna with following phrase:

"Go transform into your human form, this portion is specially made for you. Are you skilled enough to handle food with the sticks?" the boy asked, indicating with his finger the plastic plates of her breakfast.

"Uhu, thanks."

Kuna nodded once and in the next instance her body was enveloped in a shiny golden light, few seconds passed, and she took her human shape of a little girl.

"Umm, nice food choice. Unexpected that your skills are so good. You really could become an appropriate housewife in the future."

Kuuyo and Kuna quickly finished eating and she told him her sincere opinion just like that.

"Huh, true, I am leading a substantive lifestyle and can rely only on myself. Sure I should be able to care only about me."

Kuuyo was not going to be shy. He did not count it as something worth mentioning in the first place.


While they were busy talking, someone knocked on the door.

"Onichan[3], are you there? Who are you speaking to?"

From the other side of the door a cute, almost kawaii girlish voice resounded.

"No-no-no, I am completely alone. Just imitating foreign voices and training my vocal cords…"

This excuse bordered on idiocy, but he just could not come up with something more realistic.

"Ho, is that so? Then, good luck, I guess? I am going downstairs, did you finish the breakfast?"

"Yap, everything is ready. Did mom already woken up?"

He asked calmly, without a hint of emotion.

"Woken up and is changing her clothes."


Kuuyo exhaled in relief. The thing he was worried the most had not happened yet.

"That was your small sister?"

Kuna was told the state of affairs in his family in advance, so she made an assumption based on that.

"Certainly. Moments ago I’ve spoken with my sis - Ai Jimei. Truth to be told, me, my mother and our relatives are calling her normally just Ai Siao."

He then bowed his head. Even when telling about his own sister, he was as collected as ever.

"Okay, change to your initial form, we should be going by now. Don’t forget, not a single word from your mouth."

After he had put away the plate into the right place, he told Kuna to get ready.

"Of course."

She again nodded and golden light with renewed vigor filled the room. She transformed herself into a tiny fox[4] who jumped onto his shoulder and as usual curled up in a ball.

Kuuyo left his sleeping room with dishes in the hands and went into the kitchen. His sister and mother who were eating breakfast obviously posed him some questions regarding the fox on his shoulder. As before, Kuuyo made something up and was thanks heaven out of the danger zone.

Not that he had lied to them astounded Kuna, more than anything else he had such a cold-hearted interaction with his family, almost like with the foreign people. However she also noticed that he did that intentionally, as if trying to build a wall between them and himself.

If she had to describe his mother and sister, then all what was left were praising words: they both looked like astonishing beauties. Especially his sister, though 15 years of age, her height did not exceed 150 cm. As for the breast… She was lacking in that part and could be called flat. Though, still more elevated than the perfect flat valley of Kuna.

"You cannot see through clothes, you!" would you say. You can just call it a woman intuition then.

His mother may be past 30s, her ripe beauty however still could bewitch anyone.

"Kuuyo, you clearly are talking so rude with an intention of something?"

When he finally moved away from the house to a certain distance, Kuna raised a question to him.

"That’s it. I am doing it not without a purpose."

Kuuyo had no motives to be nervous or to give any lame excuses.

"Why are you acting this way? I see that you worry about them, besides your little sis…"

She could not finish her sentence as Kuuyo interrupted.

"That’s because I don’t wish for my family to live in the world I am currently living in. My current self is surrounded by the darkness, I won’t make them anxious just because of the fear of unknown."

Kuuyo was now going to the hill which happened to be on the edge of the town. He was encountering city kids by walking. Their age varied from 8 to 12 years. They behaved so friendly towards him and from time to time apparently were casting a look at Kuna, the fox on his shoulder.

"So, this is the reason you are isolating yourself from them?"

Kuna seemingly wasn’t bothered by the fuss she was making and kept on inquiring.


"Then you should by now realize that the feelings of your sister towards you already are-"

"I know, I know it. I do this for simplicity's sake as well."

He rapidly murmured those words. He still wasn't aware of the speed with which the fox come to understand the sentiments of his sister.

"Even if the day when she hates you with all her heart would come eventually?"

The little fox jumped from his shoulder and slipped into his collar, letting only her face for everyone to see.

"Yeah, no matter what. My hands are tied and I solely can protect them while I am in the shadows, only then can I ensure my family safety and get rid of threats."

Kuuyo abruptly stopped, but soon went up by the chosen path to the hill.

"Haaa, as you wish. I won't ask you anymore. Do as you please. Will you ever be cornered, I will lend you my strength."

Kuna sighed. Her voice remained as impartial as before and she wasn’t even looking at him at that moment, but something flashed in her eyes. Compassion? Tenderness? Or…

Kuuyo got closer to the cave on the huge hill and without hesitation went inside. There he took out a small flashlight and illuminated all the way ahead.

"Where are we actually? Does this cave have some hidden secrets? It doesn't look like you are the first time in here?"

Kuna shot the bunch of questions at him.

"You will know soon."

Without any unnecessary thoughts Kuuyo was going straight along the way, even while surrounding space was being a pitch darkness to him. Kuna didn’t know exactly, but it was very possible he was hiding something.

Kuuyo already went quite deep inside and Kuna decided to strike a conversation:

"I assume we have walked long enough, so here wouldn’t be anyone besides us. Therefore, I will tell you about the traveler’s skill in more detail."

"Oh, I almost forgot this thing. Then, I am listening to you attentively. I fear we won’t have much time later on."

He recalled something and slowed down his steps.

"For starters, open your inventory. The same procedure as before."

Kuna got out of the collar and climbed up onto his head.

"I have it open."

Kuuyo followed her words and a rectangular has appeared right before him.

"What’s next?"

"Can you see word ‘manual’ there? Touch it."

She explained everything to him step by step.

He moved his eyes sideways and spotted it quickly in the first row. There were also some tabs available as: equipment, consumables, options, others, unique (specials), ingredients, accessories, provisions, skills map.

Though for now he ignored everything with an exception of the manual. He pressed on it, and instantly a text cloud emerged, with writings on it: “Do you request to open the manual?”


Quickly hitting "Yes", the system window in accordance with his actions closed itself. Instead an ancient tome (by the looks of it) was revealed in front of him.

He opened this large book and began reading its content:

Traveler's skills (You can freely choose which skill you take, but the level of your skill cannot be higher than you own; traveler's skills are special techniques which have a rather long cooldown time. Also, by increasing your rank, you gain an opportunity to unlock an additional slot for your skills. Every 3 ranks you acquire an additional slot. By becoming a demigod, you will be able to have a new slot each rank increase and by becoming a god you receive 5 new slots each rank increase.)

[Warning: The chosen skills cannot be forgotten or be swapped, be careful with your skill choice.]

World skills (Randomly; when arriving into a new world, the traveler can obtain one passive skill of this world for free. You are always able to acquire it while being in this particular world. You may also forget about that skill and get a new one instead. However, this change will cost the traveler 1 W point; by reaching a demigod realm, it is a 100 W for the change; by reaching a god realm, it is a million W for the change.)

[Warning: replacement of this kind of skill can be done 5 times only.]

System skills (Freedom of choice; the level of you chosen skills cannot be higher than your own. With each rank increase you get 10 skill slots; on the demigod level you receive 25 skill slots; on the god level you receive 60 skill slots. Additionally, each skill can be upgraded. The upgrade is set individually by the user.)

[Warning: As a matter of the fact the system skills are creation of the system. You cannot forget the chosen skills. Be thorough in your selection process.

 Character skills (Freedom of choice; you get to learn an active character skill of the world you are residing in, the level of the chosen skill cannot be higher than your own; you cannot learn the skill of the character you have never met; each rank gives you 3 new skill slots; on the demigod level you unlock 6 skill slots each rank; on the god level you unlock 12 skill slots each rank)

[Warning: You can always forget a skill and learn a new one: this change charges you in the amount of 1000 points; on the demigod stage, the payment increases to 10 W; on the god stage, you pay 1000 W.]

Rewarding skills (Fixated; it is possible to get these skills after finishing the certain tasks; in these types of skills are included all existing system skills as well as the skills of the different worlds. Determination of the skill is set randomly; the amount of slots of these skill are unlimited)

[Warning: You can choose to forget the skill, however reinstalling it won’t be possible anymore. The same skill won’t be given twice.

Reference skills (sellable; these skills are going in a chain order. You can either purchase them in a system shop or learn in a particular world. Reference skills are unavailable unless you reach rank C or higher; each new rank you receive 4 skill slots; from the demigod realm it is 6 skill slots; from the god realm it is 8 skill slots)

[Warning: Once you learn a skill, a manual will be self-destroyed. This type of skills can be forgotten or redistributed.

Modified skills (Probability factor; once the skill is modified, the strength of it also increases. MP consumption may increase, decrease or start draining your HP as an evolutional feature; chance of successful modification by the traveler – 3%; demigod – 6%; god – 9%.)

[Warning: The most successful chance of modification takes place in the homeworld of the skill. Modified skills cannot be undone, but can be forgotten.

Aura skills (Freedom of choice; this type of skills can be utilized only after becoming a demigod; each new rank you obtain a new skill slot; on a god level you have 3 skill slots each rank increase.)

[Warning: On a demigod level the skill cannot be forgotten. On a god level feel free to forget it or redistribute it to a new one.

Hidden skills (Skills which are hidden in different parts of the world; can be both active or passive; the passive ones are mainly used for support purposes; the active skills at the beginning are not very strong, but can develop themselves with the traveler’s progress; unlimited in the quantity.)

[Warning: Hidden skills are added by finding and fusion of certain materials. In cases when material surpasses your own level, it will be sealed until you become a suitable level.

Special skills (Special skills – skills learned by you on your own. No limits exist for these kind of skills. Each rank increase deals 20% more damage or gains in efficiency by 20%, simultaneously usage costs are higher by 5% for this type of skill; On demigod level it is 45% increase and costs higher by 15% respectively; on the god level 100% increase and costs higher by 45% accordingly.)

[Warning: These type of skills has unlimited amount of slots. Choose your destiny.]

Elemental skills (This type of skills are determined by your affinity to a particular element. For instance, should your affinity to fire element be above average, learning the spells of the fire element will be easier, their strength will also be higher.)

[Warning: No limits set on these type of skills, but each rank you have access only to 3 skill slots.]

"I have a headache because of so much information. Then again, they all look great and mighty[5].”

He slowed down his steps somewhere in the middle of the text, but then continued walking as if nothing had happened.

"Without a doubt. Psst, you are now an E-rank, wanna acquire some spells?"

"Let me see. And how do I choose them?"

Kuuyo pondered for a moment. For the worst case scenario he will need quite a few skills. This had told him his carefulness of a master of martial arts.

"The same as before. Recite the words “system skills” in your head and a window shall float before you."

She closed her eyes and made herself comfortable on the boy’s shoulder.

"Will do."

Kuuyo nodded and followed her advice. He then watched how the system window with a whole bunch of the skills has unfolded before him. Just the first page covered over hundreds of skills, the exact number of pages was not even listed. Though in the left corner we did had a typical search field. Thanks to that, you could search for the skill with keywords.

Apart from that, on the top of the page there were some tags visible , something like single damage, AOE damage, single defense, group defense and other things.

By selecting the first tag, the development path opened additional tags for you. Like skill element and so on.

In total, Kuuyo have chosen three skills for himself. All of then suited mostly the assassin class: “Windization”, “Windblade” and “Swift Shadow”.

The description was as followed:

Windization: your body turns itself into stream of maple[6] leaves, enabling you to avoid 100% of physical damage and teleport you instantly in any place of 350 m radius. Magical damage is reduced by 50%, elemental damage is reduced by 35% (Excluding fire damage. Not only that, you will suffer a 65% fire damage in the next 4 seconds). Only available with daggers, knives, spikes or unarmed.

[Usage costs: 150 MP, active maintenance 9 MP / sec, cooldown time 25 sec; by level up activating costs rise by 50 MP, active maintenance by 3 MP / sec, the radius increases by 50 m, cooldown time reduces by 0.5 sec.]

Windblade: On daggers, knives, spikes and similar weapons applies an effect of "Armor penetration". Duration: 3 minutes. If you attack the target while hiding, the damage increases. Also reduces the durability of enemy’ s weapon and armor.

[Usage cost: 76 MP. You can add a special effect to your attack. A poison for example. By leveling yourself up, the effect lasts one more minute, the usage cost increases by 24 MP]

Swift Shadow: You enter the shadows which enables you to avoid any physical or magical damage, you speed also accelerates by 100 %. Duration: 3 seconds.

[Usage cost: 60 MP, cooldown time: 6 sec. In case you utilize the skill again in the next 12 seconds, duration time rises by 1 second, movement speed by 10% with each second, MP usage by 40 MP. The maximum number of usage in succession - 10 times. After leveling up the MP cost increases by 10 MP, the movement speed rises by 10 %, reactivation causes an increase of 15 MP, movement speed by 5 %.][7]

All these 3 skills were really practical, especially "Swift Shadow". Even though it consumed a lot for an assassin ability, useful was it nevertheless. A real seasoned killer, doesn't matter if he succeeded in the target elimination or not, after the attack should head back immediately. Additionally, if he is agile enough, regardless of being surrounded by the enemies or being almost defeated, he still can manage to take the head of the leader and return safely.

Then, the "Windization". It is such an incredible skill. Be like cherry flowers blown away by the wind. Its practical performance is undoubtfully excellent too. Not forgetting how much mana it drained, it however made it possible to dodge 100 % of physical damage and 50 % of magical damage, moreover elemental damage would be lowered by 35 % as well. Those 3 options are simply priceless. Aaaand, teleporting yourself to a different place in the matter of a second. Was there another assassin's ability which could give you that?

What? Are you talking about "Swift Shadow"? Are you mad in the head? This skill alleviates a successful escape after the accomplished assassination attempt. Would you even manage to avoid absolutely all of the attack in the last several seconds? Or, you presume that we possess an infinite amount of mana? One way or another, this skill has 6 seconds cooldown time. Enemies from the distance might not bring you down, but definitely won’t provide an easy escape route.

Why this skill is not our primary skill, you ask? You gotta be kidding me! Let me ask you, what is quicker: battle to the point of exhaustion or a concealed assassination? With the former choice your enemy might be much more exhausted than you are, but is he gonna be that dumb not to use a recovery potion?

And lastly, "Windblade". Although it has an effect of „Armor penetration", without sufficient damage it is like a drop in the sea, don't cha think? That’s why it is placed as the last one.

"Kuna, I am finished."

"Mmm… Already done? How much skills have you chosen?"

She raised her head, yawning, then rubbed the eyes with her paw.

"Three. Look."

"Ha? Those skills are shaped for the assassins."

"That's alright, I am pleased to follow the path of assassin."

"So be it. But you have definitely made a wise choice. Especially Swift Shadow, bullseye. Just so you know, there a lot of assassins amongst the travelers, yet almost no one takes this ability. They assume the costs are too high and it is not worth it."

"It seems their train of thoughts has one common flaw. Either they don't know that "one hit – one kill" principle defines the victory of assassin or, even worse, if we expect to have huge consumption of the magic, don't tell me nobody could afford to buy some recovery portions for themselves?"

Kuuyo was rendered speechless. They are so greedy and dare not to spend few “coins” on recovery potion?

"Haaaa… You actually haven't discovered anything new to me, it is exactly it. Only tiny minority of the travelers have the same thoughts as you have."

Kuna sighed and shook her head in denial, probably not the first time the same scenario occurred to her.

"Ah, it almost slipped out of my head. Kuna, when I was checking characteristics, I noticed a column "Race". Does it mean the travelers are able to change their races if they wish so?"

Kuuyo was going to ask her about that anyway.

"Absolutely. Every traveler has ability to do so. Moreover, the mightier your starting rank is, the powerful you gotta be after the change of race. However…"

Kuna noticed he is doubtful about something and stopped her explanation.

"So what..?"

"The risk is proportional to the change. If you are powerless and cannot control your race, you are going to fall into the darkness even without the help from the demons and sure as hell would willingly serve them without any purpose in your existence. But if you can reign over that power and gain control over yourself, your growth is going to be unpredictable to calculate even. You might rise above the level of the Main God. Sadly though, there were plenty of adventurers who chose to connect their destiny with the dangers and risks of an unknown race, but in the end they either have fallen amidst the  transitional procedure or were killed by the demons while doing quests."

Cold-bloodedly Kuna rounded up her speech. It looked like as if their death wasn't something she was responsible for.

"Okay. How should I change my race then?"

Kuuyo stopped in the tracks and gazed at Kuna who was lying on his shoulder. His eyes have been reflecting his unshakeable will.

"What? You are going to change it now?"

"Something like that. Right now."

"You never know till you try, hm? Just think about race list in your head. Now I am watching over you."

Though her voice was emotionless, her intentions clearly surfaced her sincere feelings.

Kuuyo contemplated about the race and afterwards like always, a system window reappeared before his eyes. Then, under Kuna's watchful eye, he began to choose his new race. His final decision amazed the little fox to the bottom of her heart. Be here Kalajar, he would have been laughing out loud.

His choice wasn't laid just on a simply "dangerous" race. The scale of that race can be considered as the most uncontrollable race from all the dangerous folks. A race of demons.

[1] Guys, I just thought of something… aKUNA Matata!

[2] Kiya?! Well, what have I expected, those Chinese….

[3] Could not find any more suitable alternative for that… He is technically older than she and little bro or brother is not the best way to have it here.

[4] what does the fox say?!?!?!

[5] We too… FackIamlikeauthorwhysomuchheissoopnowbutokey

[6] Like this Canada stuff… Maybe Canadization?

[7] Too much conditions and whatifs, I am like reading a magical law book!


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