A Traveler Across the Worlds


A Traveler Across the Worlds Chapter 1 part1

Like that, Kuuyo and the girl had gone from the dimension of the Main God to somewhere else and just Kalajar himself was left standing there.

Actuall, he was not the only one here. Behind the God, out of the shadows, came a middle-aged man whose appearance didn’t seem to be attractive as such, however oppressive aura of his felt more intimidating than even that of the God.

God: Now tell me… How do you like that boy from before?

Kalajar wasn’t going to turn around and out of the blue asked the man while standing with his back to him.

Man: Haaa, this youngster is really not that bad. Even without including his talent, we are in dire need of this kind of person… Yet you have created that girl knowing all of that, haven't you? You meant to give her to him from the very beginning.

The man found the situation funny and bursted out laughing.

God: Ahaha, I thought you would not discern it… That’s right. I aimed to give that particular loli as a greeting gift to the boy.

Man: What if his talent would have fallen short? What would you do with her then?

Right at this response Kalajar was at a loss for words. Did he really not considered this outcome?

God: Hehe, I really discarded the possibility of it. Well, you know my prediction technique. Not every time it is the same accuracy, still, after the prediction, I sensed something within him.

As if he was a child somehow, Kalajar stuck out his tongue and laughed in awkward manner.

God: …Nevertheless, had it been it a mistake on my part, I would just have made my personal maid out of this petite loli.

Certainly, he just joked, this joker. In reality, he had created this girl precisely because of his absolute belief in himself.

Man: What a hopeless and mad lolicon you are.

The God lifted his head up and put a hand on his face, without anything to retort.

God: Aaaah, shadap! You are well aware of my true form. Because, with all my efforts, no matter how much I try, I would not be able to knock down that mini loli.

Finally, Kalajar could not pretend to hide disdain in his eyes to the man anymore.

"That old pervert of yours, never missing any skirt on his way, has just no rights to say something about me at all!"


Deeply embarrassed, the man replied to him with a small laughter.

Apparently, this seemingly middle age individual who was looking like a really-willy-golden-dilly gentleman, does not appear to be gentleman in the least.

"Hey, author, you just could not hold out your tongue long enough and got sarcastic this one time, ha?"

Well, well, well, this shameless God had already forgotten what the name of this middle aged man was.

"Hoi, author, are you mad at me and do this intentionally, don't you? You are really doing it  willfully, are ya!"

*Enjoys the silence… and his ignorance of the others.*

Khem-khem, let’s get back to the story again.

The next morning, in a simple yet clear room the young man called Kuuyo Jimei had woken up and the first thing he did was he opened his eyes.

He just needed several seconds to drove off his drowsiness. But then, he suddenly sensed something unusual in his bed. Surprisingly warm, moreover, it was a temperature like that in a summer heat. That is why he has instinctively torn away the blanket.

"Ha? This is… the girl from before?"

Under the blanket, peacefully curled up, appeared a snow-white tiny nine-tailed fox. She was the size of a little cat. Clear blue eyes, elongated animal darling and blood-red gem in the shape of rhombus was engraved in her forehead.

"Yes, I am. Just for now I am in my animal form," in a calm voice clarified the little fox.

"Um, you really have no name? During my observation of your stats the name column was empty."

Kuuyo let her lie on the bed, but he himself stood up.

"Nope. From the moment I was shaped by the loli-mad God, I was just being called ‘Small loli’ the entire time," – emotionless as usual she stated the dry facts.

"Now that’s clear. Mm, could you maybe leave me for a moment alone?"

Kuuyo took his clothes from the wardrobe and was just about to get dressed.

"Ah? What for?"

It was unknown to him whether she was pretending now or just had no clue, but she nevertheless tilted her head to the side clearly in confusion.

"Are you gonna be looking at how I am getting nacked? Well, I don’t care either way, look as much as you want."

Kuuyo turned to her side and glared at her mysteriously. Though after this staring game, the young fellow felt rather uncomfortable.

"Ouh, I got it. Just don’t let me wait for too long, I will be waiting outside then."

It was a daaaaark mystery for him whether she acted or not, yet as though it made sense for her now, she nimbly jumped from the bed and easily found an exit door which she then used as intended.

"Be careful and don’t get caught by my relatives."

Kuuyo could not know what it was, his imagination which had played trick on him or he really has seen a redness from the embarrassment on the face of this foxyloligirl right before she has escaped his room.

She may not has noticed it, but every single time when she was looking at Kuuyo, her face was starting to burn bright red, her heart beating faster than ever. How could she know that, while he was creating her, Kalajar had set up her secret characteristics like "constant attraction" to Kuuyo and "starting charm points to Kuuyo" to be equal 100 and under no circumstances go below that value?

As the fox had left the room, it dawned upon Kuuyo.

"M? Isn’t her voice just like ‘Golden Darkness’ from ‘To Love-Ru’?"

Despite his severe and icy appearance, Kuuyo was a true fan of anime and manga at heart. And Golden Darkness was one of the main female cast from the manga and anime now mentioned.

He finally dressed up and while he was leaving his room, one particular fox jumped from the ceiling and settled down herself right on his right shoulder.

"From here onwards this is my and only my personal spot," the fox curled up again and lazily stretched out the words.

"As you wish. By the way, while I was dressing up, I thought up of a name for you. Thus… I name you Kuna."

Kuuyo did not mind her sitting on his shoulder and also found a new name for her.

"Kuna? Um, fine, I like it."

The fox nodded a few times, however her voice was still without a flash of emotion, so it was not clear whether she was pleased or not.


The floating watches in front of the eyes of Kuuyo showed exactly five o’clock in the morning. Right now Kuuyo was running down the streets as fast as lightning… Don't mislead anything, he has been earning his income by newspaper delivery.

The delivery of morning press – a part-time job which he has been doing for three whole years. It is right that his family was poor, but thanks to his alter ego “Wolf” it was one more reason why he could rely solely on himself.

Usually he was alone on this run, however now he has a small companion with him – a nine-tailed fox Kuna on his shoulder.

When he was sent to deliver the newspapers, his working colleagues' gazes followed him, all the time strangely looking on Kuna. As though they have never seen something like that.

In all honesty, the nine-tailed was truly something very uncommon in this world. It was rather difficult not to expect the gazes of the outsiders which were gathered on her.

Of all the newspaper delivery men only Kuuyo was moving by his own means, on foot. Simple reason actually – all for the training sake!

In reality, it looked more like running Kuuyo has been finishing his job as the fastest from everyone. In the beginning, other workers just could not believe their eyes and rubbed them, but after some time, they used to him and were not that easily surprised anymore.

Truthfully, at the start of his career Kuuyo wasn't like his current self who finishes his job the fastest. He simply have chosen to increase the speed of his jogging.

Half an hour later, Kuuyo had finished the newspaper delivery, returned to the newspaper redaction, took his today's allowance, and finally sprinted back home. Previously, before his body strengthening, he needed about 30 minutes to finish everything. Now he could have done it within less than 15 minutes, yet not to gather any suspicion or unnecessary attention from the others, Kuuyo intentionally reduced his speed. That way, the newspaper delivery took him usual 30 minutes of time.

иконка стрелка, стрелка вправо,