A Sudden Cute Baby: My Awesome President Dad

A Sudden Cute Baby: My Awesome President Dad Chapter 7: The Perfect Couple

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Huo Yunchen raised his hand and gestured to Liu Kai to retreat.

He looked cold and didn't say a word more. Not looking at the mother and the kid again, he took out his iPad and focused his eyes on the screen.

Bai Tiantian also took his iPad. He didn't speak and intently looked down at the photos.

Bai Qingqing looked quietly at the two guys on her right. Their facial features were like copying-and-pasting, and their expression of concentration also resembled each other; even the little movements that they had when occasionally scratching their ears were surprisingly synchronized.

How was this going?

"Mummy, look, I am 95% similar to this uncle."

Bai Tiantian winked his flickering eyes, and looked at Bai Qingqing with an innocent face.

"Tiantina, that is very rude. In the world there always exist things that are the same, and people similar. This is normal, and does not mean anything."

"Then tell me, where is my father? What does he look like? Why doesn't he want us? Because I am not well-behaved?"

"Tiantian, we have already agreed that we will not discuss this question, haven't we? You know that your mother will be angry if you repeat so."

Bai Tiantian stubbornly stared at his mom with his small mouth pouted. He was particularly eager to know the answer.

But every time he asked, his mom would be angry.

Her eyebrows would be slightly frowned, and the atmosphere turned cold. The most fearful thing for Bai Tiantian was his mother being angry.

"Ok, I get it!"

In the end, what he could do was only to compromise. Sometimes his little head often had some strange ideas.

Would his dad be dead? His mother was afraid that he would be sad, so she had been hiding the truth from him by various excuses.

Thinking of this, Bai Tiantian suddenly felt down in spirits and sadly stared at the man who was 95% similar to himself.

Huo Yunchen looked at his iPad without squinting, but his ears tried hard to listen to the mother and her son.

The woman raised a kid out of wedlock, and even didn't know the father of the child.

That was a woman who superficially had a beautiful face but led a chaotic and irresponsible private life.

Hence it was true for him to stay away from women, such troublesome and annoying species.

Now Huo Yunchen had a worse impression of women.


After the landing, Bai Tiantian had been sad and his eyes had been always following Huo Yunchen.

Suddenly it occurred to him that even if this guy was not his father, but only this kind of man deserved the role of his father.

So when his mother took the baggage and didn't pay attention to him, he rushed toward Huo Yunchen. But he was hugged by Liu Kai in the place one step away from Huo Yunchen.

"Boy, what do you want to do?"

"Uncle, uncle, help me, help me!"

Tiantian was struggling with his legs, shouting loudly to attract Huo Yunchen's attention.

Huo Yunchen was just to get on the car. Seeing him struggling in Liu Kai's arms, he stopped to ask him:

"What's the matter?" His tone was cold and his eyes deep.

"Well, can you put me down? I am not a bad person!"

Huo Yuchen gave a look to Liu Kai and the latter put him down.

Bai tiantian was not shy with the strangers. He went in front of Huo Yunchen, looked up at him and seriously asked, "Uncle, do you get married? Do you have a girlfriend?"

Huo Yunchen slightly smiled. He did not answer the questions but asked with interest: "Does this concern you?"

Bai Tiantian winked his big eyes and smiled innocently.

"If you are not married and have no girlfriend, you can consider my mom. She is the most beautiful and perfect woman I have ever seen; and you are the most handsome and perfect man I have ever seen. With me, a perfect son, then we will be a perfect family of three!"

Ah, a perfect family of three.

That kind of big words amused the bodyguards, and even Huo Yunchen could not help smiling.

"I admit that I am the perfect man. But your mom is not the perfect woman I have ever seen. Boy, you should go to find your father, and that person will never be me!"

After Huo Yunchen finished speaking, he turned and went to the car.

Bai Tiantan rushed to catch up with him and put a small card in Huo Yunchen's suit pocket. He pouted and said pitifully:

"Mom said, my father can't be found. I think he must be dead. It's just that my mother worry I will be sad if I know the truth, so she doesn't tell me. This is my mother's phone number. As a man you must be active. There are many men chasing after my mom."

The shining light in Tiantian's eyes was like tears and also like stars.

Huo Yunchen only felt that his chest was filled with something, and that feeling was not very good.

"Tiantian, Tiantian, how can you go around? You scared me!"

"Mummy, don't worry, I am not a child. I can protect myself and I can also protect mom."

Not a child? He was even under four years old!

When picking up the luggage, Bai Qingqing couldn't find him in a second. She was so scared that she almost cried.

In the moment, she held her son with her arms around, kissing and hugging him. The expression on her face was as gentle as the spring breeze.

Huo Yunchen glanced at her and her son with his deep and cold eyes. He wanted to say something, but finally didn't say a word.

The door was closed, and everything would have nothing to do with him.

But the woman's delicate face had been lingering in his mind.

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