A Sudden Cute Baby: My Awesome President Dad


A Sudden Cute Baby: My Awesome President Dad Chapter 6: How Handsome Your Dad Is

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Five years later, on the flight of F to Capital, a mother and her kid were particularly eye-catching.

Her skin was as smooth and white as a piece of white porcelain. Her eyebrows were beautiful and picturesque, and her facial features were pretty and delicate. Besides, there was a sense of loftiness beneath her mild temperament.

She had already attracted the attention of the people around her, but the kid next to her was even more attractive. The boy was around four year old, wearing a white T-shirt with blue suspender jean trousers. His skin was pink and tender. His facial features were perfect, and especially his eyes look perfect. His eyes were big and round, and the glazed colour was so bright and so cute that people couldn't help but want to touch his little face.

He held the iPad, staring at the screen. It seemed that he was playing some game, not disturbed by the over-concerned eyes surrounding him. He looked a little lazy but elegant, and there was also a bit of naughtiness about him.

Bai Qingqing was sitting next to the window, peacefully reading the weekly fashion magazine of the new issue.

Travelers around them, whether they looked like her aunts or sisters, were all around Bai Tiantian asking questions.

She had long been used to the scene.

Every time her boy went out, it was always particularly eye-catching.

"Boy, you are so handsome. For the first time I have seen such a good-looking kid like you. Can I take a photo with you?"

Regardless of whether the kid agreed or not, with the phone in hand she took many photos.

Bai Tiantian felt so speechless and looked at the phone with reluctance.

"Boy, who do you look like? Like your Dad? If yes, then how handsome your dad is!"

"Little kid, is there a photo of your dad? Can you let us have a look?"

Those girls may imagine a very handsome guy in their mind, with their eyes shining.

Bai Tiantian looked at his mother with a look of innocence, as if he were to blame her.

He also wanted to see what his father looked like, but even his mother had never seen it, what should he do?

The little mouth pouted unhappily and he said lazily, "Sister, no matter how handsome my dad is, he belongs to my mother. You have no chance."

"Look, he is jealous."

"He is really angry."

The group of young ladies still wanted to make jokes, and suddenly there was a clear and stern voice behind them.

"Please go back to your seats."

Looking back, they saw who had spoken.

Tall and slender, like a jade tree in the wind, he looked so lofty and awesome. He was also so handsome that both the gods and humans would envy him.

Huo Yunchen did not show any care about the attention focused on him. He was used to that.

Sitting on the empty seat next to Bai Tiantian, he was calm enough with no spare expression to the people.

"Handsome, little boy, your daddy is so handsome! It's no wonder that you are such a beautiful kid."

"Yeah, the gene is really great. Look, their eyes look exactly the same."

"I must ask my daughter to find a handsome boyfriend in future. You see the family are really too eye-catching."

"It is quite worthwhile that I return to the country on this flight."

Huo Yunchen slightly frowned. He was now really regretful that he tried to be in time by taking this flight, especially in the economy class.

These uncles and aunts, especially women, were really noisy.

He was unwilling to explain and clarify to them. Anyway, whoever would get off the plane later will not know each other.

But he still curiously turned to look at the child sitting next to him, and the woman next.

When they were looking at each other, the air seemed to be solidified for a while.

Deja vu?

Bai Qingqing quickly avoided his gaze, and her heart beat faster inexplicably.

She had seen too many handsome and graceful men.

But this man was the first one to make her heart beat faster.

Though Bai Tiantian was very young, he was so witty, that he decisively picked up the iPad to take a photo against Huo Yunchen when he saw his mother was amazed by a man for the first time.

"Kid, don't take pictures. Just delete them."

Huo Yunchen's assistant and bodyguard, who had been sitting in their back row, immediately stood up to stop Bai Tiantian with a serious expression.

"Uncle, I am only comparing the similarities between our appearances. I won't do anything else."

Bai Tiantian twinkled his eyes with a cute look to Huo Yunwei.

Huo thought that was just like a light feather lingering on his heart. It was a kind of feeling that he had never had before. Though he could not tell whether it was a good or bad feeling, he was sure that it was not disgusting.


"Not father?"

"How could it be? They look like so much!"

The onlookers were shocked, and one by one they turned heads and paid all their attention to the three sitting side by side.

Bai Qingqing apologized to Huo Yunchen with particular embarrassment. "Sorry, what my kid likes is only to take pictures of people. Please rest assured, I will delete the photos in a while."


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