A Sudden Cute Baby: My Awesome President Dad

A Sudden Cute Baby: My Awesome President Dad Chapter 5: They Were Murderers

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It was them. "Chu Qiao was accidentally killed because she wore my clothes," she thought.

"Unfortunately, he didn't succeed at last, and I don't know who made it."

"Don't care who he would be. Can there be any good people in that indecent place? What counts is that our purpose has been achieved. Remember, try to draw Shen Yihan's attention as soon as possible. The reputation of our family is up to you."

"Reassured, I deal with men better than her."


The light and crisp sound of clinking, and the pleasant laughter came like an arrow piercing into her heart, and smashed her fragile nerves.

When she rushed out, there was only one thought in her head.

Killed them, and avenged Chu Qiao.

She tried her best to run over, smashing down Bai Feifei. She picked up the broken glass fragments on the ground against her neck, shouting hysterically, "Bai Feifei, Chu Qiao was killed by your man? Why, why you do this?"

 "The person who killed Chu is you. I am targeting at you, not her. If you want to blame, you should blame her for having a friend like you."

"For a man, you killed my best friend. Bai Feifei, I will kill you!"

"Daddy, help, help."

Bai Qingqing's hand trembled. The glass cut through her palm, and also cut Bai Feifei's slender

Red blood flowed out of her white neck. The scene was shocking.

"Stop, Bai Qingqing, you stop!"

"Sister, sister, you can't kill me. I didn't want her to die. It was someone who did it. If you killed me, you would never know who he is!"

She loosed her hand, "Who? Tell me who he is—"

Bang! The back of her brain was struck sharply. At once everything darkened before her and she fainted.

Before she lost her consciousness, she saw that the man whom she had called Dad for 20 years was smiling at her with sinisterness and viciousness. She also heard a familiar and friendly voice calling her name all the time.

"Qingqing, Qingqing, are you ok?"

When she woke up, she was lying on the bed in hospital.

Liu Runan, who had been her deskmate from primary school to high school, now was sitting beside her.

Liu family was as famous as Shen family in the Capital City. They were the top families in the field of garment.

Before she decided to die, she sent a text message to Liu Runan. But she did not expect that her friend would appear on the terrace of the Bai House. She should have been in the UK.

"Qingqing, did Bai Feifei hurt you? Tell me, I will avenge you." Liu Runan sat next to her, holding her hand and saying in a low voice. She had short hair and wore gender neutral clothes. A shape sense of masculinity could be found beneath her handsome face.

"Nannan, I want to leave here, wherever to go."

Bai Qingqing dully looked at the white ceiling and said slowly.

Chu Qiao had been already dead, how could she let Runan risk again. She owed Chu Qiao, and one day she would avenge what she owed her one by one.

"But, Qingqing, you have been for four weeks, and the doctor says if you don't want it, now it is the best time to induce abortion so as to damage your body least..."


What a soft and weak word it was.

But it pressed like a stone on her heart.

One day, she would be back.

She must pay back all the pain double to those people.

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