A Sudden Cute Baby: My Awesome President Dad


A Sudden Cute Baby: My Awesome President Dad Chapter 1: Trapped by Drugs

Proofreader: Peter Gong

"A young lady was killed at a hotel. According to the preliminary investigation and evidence collection by the police, she had taken a large amount of aphrodisiac drugs before she died. Up till now, the murderer has been unknown..."

She reads the news on her mobile phone, and looks at the photos of the miserable victim, and her chest seems to be stuck in a dense forest of needles drilling bit by bit. She feels too heart-broken to breathe.

The dead is Chu Qiao, Bai Qingqing's best and closest friend. Now she is dead.

What Chu wore was her lost clothes-a pink fur coat.

On the evening of November 8th, before her leaving, she had just had a drink with Chu at a bar named Yue Se, in order to celebrate her finding a job she liked. But she had to leave Chu alone because she suddenly got her menstrual period of the month.

Unexpectedly, this leaving should be a farewell forever!

If she had not left early that day, maybe Chu Qiao would not have met the perverted murderer, and maybe she would still live a good life now...

For more than a whole month, the police did not have a tiny piece of any clue.

Every time she thinks of the fact that the murderer is still at large, she would be restless. Each day means a torment for her.

In the recent week, she has always been sitting at the bar, wearing a miniskirt with heavy makeup. She is waiting for someone.

She is sure that the murderer will never stop his or her crime. Maybe he or she would like to find another prey.

She does not want to give up, so she returns here with a hope of finding some clues.

In the past few days, nothing was worth her special attention.

But just tonight, when drinking at the counter as usual, she was suddenly hit by a dizzy attack. It was that moment that she realized some drugs had been added to her alcohol!

She looked around with vigilance, and sure enough, she noticed a man standing next to her at first glance.

As it is too dim, and the neon lights flash too fast, she could not clearly see his face at all. But she sees his watch, a silvery one shining brightly like the ice.

"Miss Bai, sorry to have kept you waiting. Since you want to fall into my arms so much like this, I will fulfil you...last time, you were very lucky; but I think you can't escape this time."

He smiles at her, with a pair of evil, hazy and cold eyes...

He calls her Miss Bai. Does he even know her?

What did he mean…A second thought incurred profound fear. She suddenly thought of one question: should she be his targeted prey last time?

Bai Qingqing tried very hard to stand up, with one word coming from her subconscious: run!

The effect of the drug is getting fiercer. She gradually becomes distracted; she is so faint that she feels like stepping on the cotton. The footsteps behind her are getting clearer and clearer, and the man chasing her is like a cat playing with a mouse.

As if he knows she cannot manage to run away, he seems to only fool with her.

She tried her best and turned a corner. She got into the men's washroom, closed the door, and listened to the movement outside the door.

The calm, ghostly footsteps crossed here and went toward the direction of the women's lavatory.

Bai Qingqing breathed a sigh of relief. She leaned over before the washbasin, opened the faucet and desperately rinsed her face with cold water, trying to keep herself awake and calm.

She really hated that his action was too fast and she took the enemy so lightly. She prepared nothing; otherwise, she could catch him. Or at least she could find evidence and send him to the police!

Suddenly, the door was pushed open, and a tall figure came over.

Instinctively Bai threw a punch to attack the person. But she learned only a little concerning methods of self-defence; so that was beyond her capability.

At the moment she had no strength at all, so that she would definitely fall to the ground. However, she unexpectedly fell into the person's arms very quickly.

The bathroom is dimly lit. Before she could see his face, she is caught off guard, and tightly kissed by his lips. For her, he is too dominant to resist.

Bai feels so dizzy as if someone is humming in her head. And the erotic flames that constantly spurt from her body are burning her sense little by little.

All the struggles seem to have become a kind of soft half-loathing and half-consenting.

Just then outside the washroom came the voice of a man and a woman.

"She seems to have entered the bathroom?"

 "Go in and have a look. We can't let her run away!"

The man standing before her listened to the sounds outside the door, and then held the girl in his arms more tightly. He fleetly turned around and pressed her against the wall, taking off his suit and throwing it on the floor, back to the door.

The two people, who had talked outside, pushed the door open and came in. Just in time they saw this hot scene, especially the scene that Bai Qingqing in her short skirts exposed the sexy and stirring long legs, twisting her enchanting body. They apologized in hurry.

 "Ah…Sorry, go on, go on!"

Could it be that she was taken as a shield by him?

There is a voice in her mind constantly reminding her that she must push him away as he is rather dangerous.

But her body could not be controlled by herself. The male hormones emanating from the man are like a blasting fuse, which has detonated the desire that she tries very hard to suppress. It is completely out of control.

All that she hears now is the erotic moans by her, "Don't leave me alone. I want you..."

She hates such a self so much, but she can do nothing about it.


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