A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return


A Star Reborn: The Queen's Return Chapter 779 - Publicly Announcing His Identity

Chapter 779: Publicly Announcing His Identity

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Everyone's line of sight fell on Su Tang.

Su Tang's face, which had exquisite makeup, showed the right amount of surprise and dumbfoundedness. She was like an actress who was extremely shocked after realizing that her name was being called to receive an Oscar.

She couldn't let Li Lei find out that this was premeditated by Old Master Li and her.

She had to act as innocent as possible so that Li Lei would not direct his anger at her.

Old Master Li did not see through her intentions and only thought that he did not communicate with her well beforehand, which was why she was so surprised that she did not know how to react. Thus, Old Master urged. "Su Tang, what are you waiting for? Quickly come up."

Only then Su Tang acted like she just awoke from a dream and walked on the stage with elegance.

Her long gold fishtail dress swayed as she walked up the steps. At this time, she was not inferior to the big celebrities who walked the red carpet. Many guests whispered. "No wonder this woman is deemed worthy by Old Master Li. She looks so calm and generous. She is truly material for marrying into a rich household."

Many people secretly nodded in agreement.

In fact, some people also said, "In comparison, Ye Xingling is like a child."

Although she was an extremely popular Diva and was full of arrogance on stage, she was too famous. Everyone knew how simple-minded and innocent she was in real life—like a little girl who had not grown up.

"Su Tang already has the aura of a queen while Ye Xingling is still a little princess." Someone concluded.

They watched as the queen-like Su Tang walked on stage and stood beside Old Master Li.

Old Master Li looked down from the stage. "Xiao Lei, you should also come up."

The purpose of wanting him to go on stage went without saying. He definitely wanted to promote the marriage between him and Su Tang!

Old Master Li was really vicious to take such a drastic measure. In front of so many people, could Li Lei really oppose him? If he did, he would humiliate the Li Family and Su Tang!

Xia Ling was infuriated. She grabbed Li Lei and said in a low voice, "You aren't allowed to go on stage!"

However, Li Lei gently let go of her and softly comforted her. "Be good, Xiao Ling. I will take care of this."

"How are you going to do that? Agree to this ridiculous marriage?!" Xia Ling glared at him.

Li Lei laughed. This little girl was really cute when she was jealous. He pinched her cheeks. "Haven't you forgotten that we have Shaohui?" After that, before Xia Ling could react, he went on stage.

On the stage, Old Master Li and Su Tang stood in the circle of silver lights.

A small beam of light fell on Li Lei. He slowly walked forward and said, "Grandpa, you're right. My child needs a mother and a complete family."

There was a slight uproar below the stage.

Did this mean that Second Young Master Li agreed with Old Master Li's words?

Even Old Master Li was astonished. He thought that his grandson would resist, but who would have thought that he would actually agree? What exactly was he hiding…

Old Master Li's face darkened. "Well then, you should give Xiao Rui a complete family."

When it came to this, Su Tang flashed a smile. Victory was in sight. She couldn't think of any other way Li Lei could evade this. She looked at him affectionately. "For our child, I'm willing to be with you."

"B*tch!" Below the stage, Wei Shaoyin couldn't help but curse. This woman couldn't wait to get married to Li Lei but was still putting on an act! She was still pretending to be innocent while taking advantage of him! Shameless!

Beside him, Feng Kun said, "Calm down. You must trust that Xiao Ling has chosen the right man." It couldn't be that Li Lei was that weak and obediently obliged to Old Master's request.

Unexpectedly, Wei Shaoyin rolled his eyes at Feng Kun. "Are you sure that we can trust that stupid girl's taste in men?"

Suddenly, Feng Kun fell silent.

On stage, Li Lei looked at Su Tang warmly and sounded apologetic. "I'm sorry, but I can't marry you."

Wh… what?!

Second Young Master Li was actually rejecting this marriage in front of everyone?!

There was a huge uproar. Everyone imagined it, but no one expected that this would really happen! Second Young Master Li disregarded his elder and violently attacked Old Master Li and Su Tang!

Su Tang looked at Li Lei incredulously as she also did not think he would speak so directly. She was embarrassed and angry at the same time. Her face was so red that it looked like she was bleeding. How could this be… How could this be?! She asked in a trembling voice, "Why…"

Li Lei answered gently and sincerely, "Su Tang, you're a good woman, and I owe you too much."

Old Master Li rebuked. "Since you know that you owe her too much, why are you refusing to marry her?! I order you to marry Su Tang as your wife!"

"Grandpa." Li Lei turned around and looked at Old Master Li. "That's because I owe Xiao Ling even more."

Old Master Li sneered. "What can you owe her? She's the one who owes our family!" Once he thought about how that girl's ill luck brought misfortune to the Li Family in recent years, anger started boiling in him.

Li Lei said, "When Su Tang gave birth to Xiao Rui, although he had no status, he was taken care of well by my side. Xiao Rui grew up in the Li Family and had the honor of being a young master. He was fed and dressed well. He was safe beyond measure."

Old Master Li snorted. "So you think that you've done enough?"

Su Tang's face turned pale and tears flowed down her face. However, she still resisted the shame and softly said to Old Master, "Young Master has been very good to me in these years. We… Both my son and I are… content."

Many people started to sympathize with her.

Li Lei continued to look at her apologetically. "I'm sorry."

He turned around again and said to Old Master and the guests, "However, there is another child who is also my son. He's my biological son. When he was conceived, I was not there and his mother endured hardship to give birth to him. He went missing on his 100-day banquet, and for five years, he disappeared without a trace. I've never done my part as his father. Now, he is back and I must compensate him. He is Shaohui, the son that I had with Xiao Ling."

When he said that, the audience was stunned.

Even Old Master Li was astounded. "What?! Li Lei, are you talking nonsense? Are you creating a story to lie to me just so you can be with Ye Xingling?!"

"How can I use this to lie to you, grandpa?" Li Lei said. "The paternity test results are out. I'm Shaohui's biological father and Xiao Ling is his biological mother. There's no doubt about it."

He handed a document to Old Master Li.

With shaking hands, Old Master Li took the file and quickly read it. Sure enough, the conclusion on it was that Li Lei was Shaohui's father and Xia Ling was Shaohui's mother!

This meant that he finally had a biological great-grandson!

He was not a great-grandson like Li Rui whom he had no blood relations with but his biological great-grandson!

This piece of good news came too suddenly and felt unreal.

Old Master lifted his head, still in disbelief. "Really? How could Shaohui be your son? Wasn't he adopted by Ye Xingling? Where is the child? Quickly let me see him!"


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