A Sorcerer's Journey


A Sorcerer's Journey Chapter 211

Grimm was nothing but an inconspicuous black spot among the Demon Hunters, mechanical marionettes and aircrafts that were coming and going.

As he approached closer to the Demon Hunters' Void Fortress, he saw the thick and solid blood-colored metal that was exuding a cold, shimmering light. It was a color that struck fear and hopelessness within the creatures of the foreign worlds, but it was the pride and confidence of every Demon Hunter.

As he left the dark clouds, it became brighter and the temperature increased. Grimm, who was approaching the Void Fortress softly exclaimed his surprise.

The Void Fortress was moving away from the clouds. It seemed that the battle command decided to establish the base of the sorcerer world at the scorching, shadowless world of the Crimson Sun.

It was a land where no Amonro had touched; yet it took up a huge area of the shadow world like the oceans of the sorcerers' world.

There were about thirty Voidships, each three hundred meters in length, escorting the Void Fortress in all four corners of the void fortress.

At times, as if they had received some orders, one or two Voidships would lead hundreds of slave monsters and a small party of Bright Sorcerers across like huge sharks that were patrolling the skies.

At the same time, there were also Voidships coming in from the faraway skies approaching the void fortress slowly.

After flying past these gigantic objects, Grimm continued his ascent slowly. Clack! Grimm's feet landed on the edges of a square on top of the half-globe shaped Void Fortress. He was inconspicuous among the busy crew.

Grimm was astonished the moment he stepped on the square.

There were various kinds of corpse specimens from the Shadow World tightly laid across the square. They came in various shapes and sizes, there was even a complete carcass of the Great Bloodfall Lavawyvern with its magmas fallen off!

The Great Bloodfall Lavawyvern was seven hundred meters in length—its huge body was like a huge mountain of flesh.

How could such a huge body be turned into a specimen, and was brought to the Void Fortress's square?

The first thing that came to mind was the Hearkening Whisperers.

Hearkening Whisperers, once they had infiltrated the Amonro's defensive lines, would be a terrifying nightmare if they were not stopped by anyone of the same level.

But since there was a complete carcass of a Great Bloodfall Lavawyvern on the square, it would seem that Grimm's hope of earning the badge of honor through accelerated research on his potion made from the demonic blood moss was about to be lost.

Squeezing through the chaotic square, Grimm came to the small sorcerer tower in the middle of the square.

The tower stood at less than a hundred meters and was about twenty storeys high. It was one of the smaller ones among the sorcerer towers.

At this moment, there was a layer of dark elemental mist covering the top of the tower like a vortex of dark clouds, spiralling continuously.

"Using the sorcerer tower, artificially maintaining a small dark vortex from the sorcerer world's elementals to block the sunlight?"

Grimm looked at the skies around the Void Fortress. As the Void Fortress was about to break through the layers of dark clouds, the surrounding dark clouds were almost disappearing from view.

An open view of the bright red skies, distorted by the rising waves of hot air. One could faintly see smoking volcanoes that laid across the faraway horizons.

It looked like the void fortress would set up base in the world of the eternal Crimson Sun that was free from the shadowy clouds.

Grimm contemplated for a moment. He glanced upon the two mechanical marionettes that were standing guard by the gate of the sorcerer's tower as he entered.

The first level of the tower was an office hall. The hall was tens of meters high. There were no decks within the three-storey high hall. The bustling sorcerers' were made up of mostly bright sorcerers who were specialized in arcane studies, collecting intelligence from the shadow world.

Grimm found an empty space within the three-storey hall and flew there through manipulation of the natural forces.

A Level 2 Bright Sorcerer, donning a tall sorcerer's hat and dressed in a spotless white sorcerer's robe, was looking downward as he scribbled something with his quill pen. At the same time, he was exchanging information through the crystal ball.

The Bright Sorcerer raised his head to reveal an old, wrinkled face. He casually picked up some bright red chillies and put them in his mouth as he chewed. He didn't say a word as he looked straight at Grimm.

Grimm politely nodded his head as he spoke in a deep tone, "I am here to revise the information regarding the Camphroagate Tree of the Shadow World. Just recently, I discovered at the underground passage of the Camphroagate Tree..."

Moments later.

After the old sorcerer had finished recording Grimm's statements, with a stern expression, he once again grabbed a handful of red chillies and stuffed them in his mouth. He swiped the surface of the table in front of him to make some space. With a magical tap, a translucent Sorcerer Barrier appeared on top.

In the middle of the long table, the strange creature that had been named as the Camphroagate Worm by Grimm was struggling continuously like a loach.


As the old sorcerer tore a piece of paper apart, there was a ripple in the space within the Sorcerer Barrier on the table. The live specimen of the Camphroagate Worm disappeared.

A fluffy little creature that looked like a bat grabbed hold of the verification scroll from the old sorcerer's hand and passed it to Grimm. The Myna demeaningly made a 'caw' voice as it took the scroll in its beak and threw them straight into the dimensional gap. It looked at the small bat-like creature in annoyance.

The bat was stunned for a moment. It stuck its tongue out at the Myna like a naughty kid.

The old sorcerer took a glance at the bird before looking back at Grimm, who was wearing the Mask of Truth. He calmly said to him, "Alright, the Camphroagate Worm has been recorded. After we have verified that it is the first effective entry, we will send out a corresponding confirmation."


After nodding his head, Grimm flew away with the Myna on his shoulder. He asked softly, "What's the deal with you just now?"

"Nothing, I just hate bats of any kind." The Myna said in annoyance as it groomed its feathers with its beak.

Grimm shook his head and returned to the square on the deck.

The sorcerers who were on their missions started to collect the specimens in an audacious manner. Since they were on the Void Fortress, the principal will of the sorcerer's world that permeated the area was very dense, which allowed the Demon Hunters to open the dimensional fragments in a short time.

At this moment, the Void Fortress had flown to the Crimson Sun World, where there were not even a single trace of shadows. On top of the sky was the sun that had never set, maintaining its eternal brightness. Although the sorcerer's tower of the void fortress had brewed up a layer of shadow storm vortex, the temperature of the air had noticeably increased.


The void fortress stopped at the Crimson Sun World, some kilometers away from the layers of shadow cloud.

According to the archives, the Enigmatic Amonros would not be able to use their enigmatic powers if there were no dark shadow clouds. The battle command of the void fortress probably moved the void fortress outside the shadow cloud layer based on this information.

The crystal ball levitated. In a brief moment, Grimm was able to contact Millie.

"Huh? Grimm, have you gotten back to the Void Fortress?" Millie asked in a surprised manner as she saw the busy background.

Millie was standing on the back of the Ice Phoenix. Around her were seven or eight dark sorcerers. It appeared that they were in a party to conduct a mission of some kind.

The Myna on top of Grimm's shoulder cackled as it interrupted. "Caw! Caw! You probably don't know yet, but Master Grimm is going to get a Level 3 honorary badge soon! Caw! Caw!"

Grimm glared at the bird. It shut its mouth.

Millie was astonished. "How is that possible?"

Millie knew how difficult it was to get an honorary badge. Some of the Demon Hunters couldn't earn a badge even though they had conducted more than ten missions. It was normal.

Grimm shook his head as he calmly spoke. "I'll tell you later. I will share some information regarding the Camphroagate Tree. If you plan on going to the underground passage underneath the tree, you need to be careful of the wall of flesh…"

Grimm was standing on the bustling deck. After he had finished sharing the information with Millie, a small party of Demon Hunters stopped overhead. There were twenty-two people in the group. The leader was a Level 2 sorcerer. There were Level 2 and 3 honorary badges on his Sorcerer Barrier.

The Level 2 sorcerer was very strong!

"The Demon-Hunter Sorcerer underneath, your current mission is to investigate the group of volcanoes in that direction and map out the area. Collect all relevant information." The Level 2 sorcerer tossed a sheepskin scroll to Grimm.

Grimm received the sheepskin scroll and left.

In fact, the battle command hoped that all Dark Sorcerers would be out to explore the unfamiliar world to their hearts' desires instead of coming back to the void fortress.

The group of terrifying Dark Sorcerers would destroy everything in their paths. They were the 'Black Sorcerers' that roam the foreign worlds.


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