A Sorcerer's Journey


A Sorcerer's Journey Chapter 208

Just in time, Grimm decisively withdrew from the meaningless battlegroup. He turned around and flew toward the corpse of the Great Bloodfalls Lavawyvern that was afloat the lava lake.

The lava lake was still bubbling, but the magma on the surface was no longer ferociously spewing out magma columns. Although it appeared calm, it was still rising gradually. It radiated a scorching heat that made Grimm feel he was roasted.

"First layer of Wild Instinct Anatomy, open."

Following Grimm's soft incantations, the cells of his body seemed rejuvenated—releasing an astonishing burst of energy in a short time. At the same time, he appeared to have a clearer sense of his surroundings. A dense layer of black scales appeared from the surface of his body—like an evil beast that dwelled in the cruel abyss had been unleashed to the world.

As the scales increased Grimm's resistance against the basic elements by leaps and bounds, it felt like the boiling heat around his body had been marginally reduced.

"The structure of the scales on my body evolved from the fittest cells that survived the evolutionary process from the passive evolution of the passive resistance from the first level of Wild Instinct Anatomy. The focus is on the astonishing energy resistance. This layer of scales has a resistance of about seven-hundred degrees against other energies while the strongest fire element resistance is about a thousand degrees." Grimm appeared to have some understanding.

Other than developing the evolutionary process of the sorcerer's wild instincts through survival of the fittest, most importantly, Wild Instinct Anatomy developed the stability of the compounded body structures after activating the spell.

Perhaps it didn't seem obvious in a low-level Wild Instinct Anatomy spell, but once the third or fourth level was developed, the Wild Instinct Anatomy spell produced an incredulous amount of amplification within the body once activated.

Now, under the condition of not coming into direct contact with the lava flow, it would be no problem to run around in the corpse of the Great Bloodfalls Lavawyvern.

Whoosh! Grimm flew inside the corpse of the Great Bloodfalls Lavawyvern under the cover of his sorcerer's barrier.

The boiling heat was relentlessly cooking away the internal remains of the Lavawyvern. After the creature's death, blood red lava had already seeped through its mouth. A strange smell, composed of different types of burnt matters filled the air.

The internal remains of the Great Bloodfalls Lavawyvern was very spacious. Its built was very different from other creatures. Other than the crumbled outer skins and its magma scales that have fallen into the lava, there was a layer of dark corium that were highly resistant to heat.

Some of the remains of low-level Amonros that had been burnt to a crisp laid silently on a few corners. They were laid on top of each other—still maintaining the forms of their final struggles.

One could only imagine the hopeless scenes of the low-level Amonros who were unable to fly away when the heat inside the Great Bloodfalls Lavawyvern rapidly increased.

An endless stream of lava awaited outside and there was no room for escape. That was how so many Amonros were roasted alive in this oven made out of the Lavawyvern's remain.

There were many crystal-like materials within the Lavawyvern. They looked like stones that were giving out faint red glows and were scattered around.

Grimm raised his finger. With his magic power, a crystal-like object gravitated toward him. At the same time, with no time to lose, he continued flying deeper into the insides of the Lavawyvern to look for the source of demonic blood moss.

Grimm did not touch the stone-sized crystal with his bare hands. The crystal didn't seem to have heat radiating from it. It was lukewarm, like a magic stone. They appear to be some kind of insulating materials.

"This material… better keep some, some of the lab equipment could need this feature."

Grimm slashed open a dimensional gap and gravitated more than ten crystals into the gap with his magical powers. After that, he looked around at the dark corium within the Lavawyvern.

"These materials are highly resistant to fire. If I could extract their essence in forms of fibers and weave them into a sorcerer's robe, even a Level 3 sorcerer would be pleasantly surprised by its fire resistance."

At the thought of that, Grimm decided to try and collect the skins of the Great Bloodfalls Lavawyvern if he had the chance to return once he had completed his mission.

The lava had yet to flow inside the depths of the remains, but the temperature seemed to be getting higher. Apparently, it was due to part of its body, which had submerged within the lava.

Putting aside the dead Amonros that were almost burnt to a crisp, Grimm raised his head and discovered that there was actually a layer of wall made from densely packed flesh and fat. This was what was known as the Camphoragate Tree in the Amonro civilization.

The flesh and fat had shriveled away, completely devoid of water. Grimm did not hesitate and rushed within the deepest layer of the Great Bloodfalls Lavawyvern.


It sounded like a toddler's cry, or a cry from a beast that was on the verge of death. The sharp cry pierced across the space that was thick with the stench of cooked blood. The space was actually similar to the Amonro nursery that was in the tunnel of flesh. It was covered in a pinkish color from the layer of soft flesh and fat.

Without a moment's hesitation, Grimm took out his spinetail dagger to slash away at the layers of entangled flesh and fat that blocked his path. Green, dense liquid did not flow out from the tissue layers that had been roasted at high heat as expected. Instead, they were torn apart piece by piece like a paper.


The piercing cry grew even more intense. An internal organ that seemed like a gas pouch appeared in front of Grimm. The organ was covered with dense fat tissues—like arteries around the heart. It was a terrifying sight.

The walls of flesh that grew here belonged to the Amonro civilization. They couldn't have belonged to the Great Bloodfalls Lavawyverns, which were friendly to the magma giants. Obviously they were the Amonros' means to control the Lavawyvern.

Without giving more thoughts to the disgusting sights, Grimm flew up and looked inside the mouth of the gas pouch.

At first, a wave of heat mixed with an acidic stench blew across his face. The sorcerer barrier was sizzling upon contact from its corrosiveness.

Grimm re-established his magical supply while focusing on shifting the balance of natural forces to rapidly recover his mana.

He saw a patch of viscous blood-red liquid at the bottom of the gas pouch that was almost ten-meters in height. The piercing voice came from that patch of viscous red liquid.


Grimm was stunned by what he saw inside.

The viscous blood-red liquid that was floating about was unquestionably the demonic blood moss that was launched by the Amonro's strategic rail cannons on the battlefield. However, due to the over evaporation of the nutritional liquid in the gas pouch as well as the high heat, the demonic blood moss appeared to be on the verge of death. Therefore the moss looked like hands that were reaching out from the depths of hell, endlessly struggling.

At first glance, it appeared that the moss had a hive mind. They were incessantly rolling over in a terrifying manner.

In any case, these demonic blood moss were far more terrifying than some of the sinister plants from the sorcerer's world. They shouldn't even be classified as plants. It would be more fitting to call them parasites.

The demonic blood moss that was left in the gas pouch at this point in time were distilled into a concentrate by the harsh environment. What remained was the essence—like the distilled pus liquid from the laboratory.

Suddenly, the demonic blood moss appeared to have sensed Grimm's breath. Their cries grew even more intense as they rolled toward Grimm, as if they were about to climb out from the gas pouch.

Grimm was unfazed by them. He calmed himself down and proceeded to analyze them in a rational manner.

The viscous red liquid under the demonic blood moss should be blood that belonged to a living entity. Meaning that if he wanted to breed the demonic blood moss, other than fulfilling some of the conditions of the internal structure of the Lavawyvern, the living blood also played an essential part.

The heat within the Lavawyvern grew even higher, to the point where even the dual layer of protection from Grimm's sorcerer's barrier and his black scales were unable to cope.

Without any more hesitation, Grimm took out a few sealed advanced test tubes and collected the moss specimens from the gas pouch through his skillful manipulation of gravity. Other than the living demonic blood moss, there were also dead demonic blood moss which had dried out, the dried matters within the walls of the gas pouch, viscous blood layer, evaporated gas from the air, etc…

One of the test tubes was half-filled with waste blood sample that Grimm used to conduct his experiments.

As the open test tube approached the bottom of the gas pouch, the rolling demonic blood moss gushed toward it by a will of their own. If Grimm's test tubes hadn't been taller than the usual ones, it would have been consumed in an instant.

Even though the tubes were tall, a larger strain of demonic blood moss still managed to reach the test tube. A small portion of its strain spiraled inside the test tube like a liquid.

After covering each collected samples with their caps, and even adding a spell for security, he kept away the test tubes and rushed out without further delay.

The interior of the Lavawyvern was too hot. Grimm could feel a burning sensation in his lungs at every breath.


As he escaped from the deepest layer of the Lavawyvern, he turned back to see the lava that was mere meters away from completely consuming the cavern. He had a stern look across his face.

On the other side, a group of Dark Sorcerers was coming in from outside the Great Bloodfalls Lavawyvern. They slowly took out a ball-shaped object that was covered by a thick wall of flesh. Countless numbers of bloody strain-like creatures were poking around like loaches. It was a horrifying sight to behold.

There was no mention of the creatures in the information crystal ball from the Void Fortress.


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