A Smile from the Villain


A Smile from the Villain Chapter 10

note: changed Lingshan school back to Spirit Mountain sect

“you sure?” Zi Yangpei still didn’t give up bringing Qin Kaiyi to his side.

“… Brother Zi Yangpei, let me think about it again.” Qin Kaiyi replied. although he had to go down the path of demon cultivation, he didn’t want to follow the old monster in front of him!

“Then you think about it slowly.” Zi Yangpei smiled.

“Brother Zi Yangpei, what about your sable?” Seeing that Zi Yangpei really showed no signs of  anger, Qin Kaiyi carefully said: “I really don’t know where it went.”

“…” As soon as mentioning the sable, Zi Yangpei’s eyes cooled down. He checked Qin Kaiyi’s cave again, and confirmed that the aura he had attached to the sable had indeed dissipated.

“Run away?” Zi Yangpei sneered, “Don’t let me catch you.”

“Since the sable has run away, then please take me to your Spirit Mountain sect.” Qin Kaiyi, who had thought he could send this Buddha away, seemed to have been pierced in the heart after hearing this sentence. However, Zi Yangpei was standing next to him. Qin Kaiyi didn’t dare go too far, so he had to smile and promised.

The Spirit Mountain sect covers a wide area, as large as dozens of football fields, which are mainly divided into several blocks. One is the Dongfu practiced by the disciples, the other is the refining medicine and the cultivation of spiritual grass. The third is the martial arts field. These three places occupy half of the space of the Spirit Mountain sect, while the other half … is a forbidden area covered with formations.

The forbidden area was shrouded by a large array, and the people who deployed the array were no longer around. but it is said that this method was deployed in ancient times, so the contents inside are even more fascinating.

The most attractive thing in the cultivation world is magic weapons and elixirs. ancient immortals laid out an array to protect the treasures, so before the Spirit Mountain sect set the rules, countless practitioners tried to enter the forbidden area each year. Treasures were seized, among which there were many ancient monsters in their infancy. In order to avoid unnecessary losses of disciples, the first article of the Spirit Mountain sect rules is it is forbidden to approach the forbidden area, and once found, they are directly abolished and driven-out.

Qin Shi entered the forbidden area for Liu Linger. If it weren’t for his status as a disciple and protection of Shi Fu Qing xuzi he would be a dead person now.

while Qin Kaiyi walked Zi Yangpei around, he was thinking that Zi Yangpei should not have the ability to break the formation right now. What does Zi Yangpei really want? It’s getting more and more difficult to understand what this old monster is thinking.

“How long have you been at Spirit Mountain sect?” Zi Yangpei began to chat with Qin Kaiyi.

“Well, it’s been a few years.” Qin Kaiyi said vaguely.*

“How many years?” Zi Yangpei pressed for an answer.*

“It’s been eight or nine years.” Qin Kaiyi had no choice but to answer Zi Yangpei’s question.

“Do you like the junior sister who came to you just now?” Zi Yangpei continued his inquiry.

“…” Brother, you are really gossipy, Qin Kaiyi thought silently in his heart, but did not dare to neglect in answering him: “how could that be, she is my junior sister, nothing more.”

“It seems you really like her.” Zi Yangpei smiled thoughtfully.

Seeing Zi Yangpei’s ambiguous smile, Qin Kaiyi was too lazy to correct it.

Taking Zi Yangpei around the Dongfu several times, Qin Kaiyi was thinking that Shi Fu Qing xuzi was now at the training ground, if he could bring Zi Yangpei over … Maybe he could escape.

But Zi Yangpei seemed to know what Qin Kaiyi was thinking, and he waved his hand directly: “Take me to the place where the spirit grass is planted.”

“Okay … no, what did Brother Zi Yangpei want to go there for?” Qin Kaiyi could only agree, but he remembered something terrible … Shen Feixiao was sent to the pharmacy as punishment! !! !! wouldn’t this be bringing the tiger to the sheep? ?

“What’s wrong?” Zi Yangpei saw Qin Kaiyi’s unusual response, and teased, “Is there anything unsightly there?”

“How could it be.” Qin Kaiyi laughed like a fool. He hurriedly tried to change Zi Yangpei’s mind. “But Brother Zi Yangpei, what 's so good about planting spiritual grass, I'd better take you to practice martial art or to take a look at the market? ”

“Okay.” Zi Yangpei responded with a smile.

Qin Kaiyi breathed a sigh of relief in his heart … but before this breath was relieved, he heard Zi Yangpei open his mouth again.

“Bringing me to the training ground to see your Shi Fu ?” Zi Yangpei’s teeth were very white and neat. When he smiled they were revealed in a straight white row … seeing that look Qin Kaiyi felt a lot of chills over his body. .

“Oh, Zi Yangpei, don’t be kidding, how could I do that?” Qin Kaiyi now hates himself so much, *

“Really?” Zi Yangpei seemed surprised: “You wouldn’t do that?”

“Of course.” Qin Kaiyi did not smile.

“You won’t do this.” Zi Yangpei nodding said coldly. “My worm is placed in your body. Although you don’t feel the pain, it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt your body. If you don’t believe it, you can Try it out and see if you can block the worm before i drive it through your whole body. ”

“… Hehe, Zi Yangpei really likes to make a joke.” Qin Kaiyi said dryly, of course, he was not stupid enough to try it out by himself.

“Then what are you waiting for? Let’s go.” Zi Yangpei said.

“Yes.” Qin Kaiyi was abnormally aggrieved.

The Spirit Mountain sect is a large area of ​​cultivated land where spiritual grass is planted. Many cultivation arrays are arranged on the specially prepared land to provide a large amount of spiritual aura to the plants. There are people specialized in growing them, and there are powerful restrictions around them. Most people can’t approach them at all. Compared to the slightly inferior plants which are left under the care of ordinary disciples, that are used for food

Taking care of different spirit plants naturally has different rewards. Qin Kaiyi does not know much about these, he is an important disciple who is favored by  Qing xuzi. he dosn;’t have to worry about access to any spirit plants he may need.

Next to the Spirit Mountains Field is the Spirit Mountains  refining pharmacy. because many spiritual plants have practical effects in refining. such as a herb called swallow palm, which must be refined within a few moment of harvest, or it will wither in one breath becoming a useless weed.

Seeing that Zi Yangpei was actually interested in these herbs, Qin Kaiyi could only pray in his heart … I hope that guy Shen Feixiao has not obediently reported to the pharmacy today.

“What are you worried about?” Zi Yangpei seemed to see Qin Kaiyi’s uneasiness and asked On the way.

“Haha, what could i be worried about?” How could Qin Kaiyi tell Zi Yangpei about the the worries in his heart?

“Are you hiding my Sable here?” Zi Yangpei instantly poked at Qin Kaiyi’s sore point.

“How is that possible?” Qin Kaiyi  denied. “Isn’t Brother Yangpei very familiar with the breath of your sable? If I hid the sable here, how could you not feel it?”* Shen Feixiao, if you are really in the pharmacy now, even the gods can’t save you!

“Really.” Zi Yangpei clearly did not completely believe Qin Kaiyi.

“Of course.” Qin Kaiyi gritted his teeth, it didn’t matter with Shen Feixiao’s protagonist halo. *He believed he would not meet such a tragedy. He … well, that man standing in the medicine field Why are you so familiar?

Zi Yangpei followed Qin Kaiyi’s eyes and dropped the previous conversation to ask “Do you know that person?”

“No, i don’t know him.” Qin Kaiyi was dying on the inside.

“Then why is he coming towards you?” Zi Yangpei’s eyes are full of gossip.

“Because he’s boring.” Qin Kaiyi couldn’t wait to shrink himself into a small corner and run away, hey, To the one coming over to here, don’t just come over, Shen Feixiao you Asshole, go that way, go the other way! !! !!

Whoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooomoo, Qin Kaiyi was crying wildly in his heart, Shen Feixiao, what about your protagonist’s halo, your domineering luck, if you come this way your story is over! !! !! The protagonist cant be replaced! !! !! Seeing Shen Feixiao regardless of his ferocious expression, coming to Qin Kaiyi side with no hesitation, Qin Kaiyi just wanted to lie on the ground and cry, I really want to go home, 嘤嘤嘤嘤……_(:3)∠)_

But just when Qin Kaiyi’s spirit was about to collapse, he suddenly heard a sharp voice [System Tip: Please help Shen Feixiao escape from Zi Yangpei. system: please help Shen Feixiao escape from the Zi Yang Pei system: if you fail the subject will Be killed, subject will be killed]

… Hey, system god, are you trying to terrorize someone to death?* Qin Kaiyi’s face was as pale as death,… Is there any difference between being killed by Zi Yangpei and being killed by the system?

But even if he becomes a ghost, he will not let this person, Shen Feixiao off. I am going to die, and its all your fault! !! !! Qin Kaiyi growled in his heart.

Shen Feixiao, who came over to Qin Kaiyi, apparently did not know his brother's fierce inner struggle. He was still malnourished, and slowly walked in front of Qin Kaiyi. glancing at the child by Qin Kaiyi side Zi Yangpei asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Nothing”, please be quick, go away, this is screamed in Qin Kaiyi’s heart. As he barely controlled his twisted facial nerves, he looked at Shen Feixiao with a light smile: “It’s okay, im just taking the new teacher for a walk around Spirit Mountain.”

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