A Sequel for the Villainess?


A Sequel for the Villainess? Chapter 22

On the way, I received the wrapped gift from the maid that was in the waiting room.

We left for the garden from the balcony. Before we knew it, the surrounding was lighted by candlelight.

I used to walk in the castle's garden many times, but I felt like I stepped into this world for the first time, it was magical.

"Are you cold?"

"No. I'm fine"

Perhaps I didn't feel it because Luke was here. His heat was transmitted from my arm connected to his. With that alone, my cheeks, that were cold due to the spring night wind, turned red.

We walked very far from the balcony.  The noise from the ball couldn't be heard anymore.

We sat on a bench.

I missed the warmth of Luke who separated suddenly.

"Luke. You see"

I practiced my speech many times in my head, but words didn't come out.

"Julia. Let me say something"

I wonder why I was only representing Luke as a "male character". In the darkness of the night, the fleeting candle light reflected on his blond hair.


I could stare at him forever. But sensing it couldn't be, my heart was noisy.

"No. At any rate, I have something to tell Luke.

 Luke, do you believe in me? I, I believe in you"

The Luke of the game came to gradually dislike and suspect Julia.

"What's wrong? What happened? I believe in Julia. I thought we had built a relationship of mutual trust this past year… What on earth happened?"

Luke was a hidden character that Meg met after capturing all the listed characters with a fixed affection degree. But since he disguised himself as a janitor for his spying activities, she never noticed he was a capturable target.

Luke was a businessman and the King's younger brother. He had the sex appeal of an adult and reminded me of a wild beast. It was difficult to approach him because he was cautious of his surroundings.

But getting to know Luke, he became the special one. The situation where this wild beast only love one person was the dream of all the women.

In the school corridor after school, Julia warned the women mob that was following Meg.

The women mob were growing impudent with Meg's behavior. The mob of women were mostly low class aristocrats or commoners. If Meg were to become the Queen, it was obvious that they had superficial thoughts of gaining advantage as followers.

While she was warning the women’s mob, Meg arrived. From here, Meg protected the women’s mob, complained to Julia and an event occurred.

The water of the janitor, who was doing the mopping close by, came on Meg.

Luke apologized to her. From here, Luke's route could appear depending on Meg's answer.

Meg cursed Luke. With this, his route disappeared.

At the present time, he, who was expressionless before, was showing me his sweet face.

(I want it to be this way forever. Please, don't be effective, the update of fate called the original work!!)

I was always wishing for it since the conversation with Polyanna-san. But… I knew that my wish was small and thin.

Zack's character changed into a R18 version. I, the villainess character Julia, might change too.

Because she was a weak character, the serious Julia was seen as a villainess in the first stage. But in the second stage of the original work, she became such an extreme personality, posing as a character that throws herself into revenge.

"I like Luke. I love you"

"Julia! Me too! Let me propose to you!"

What a pouting face he was making me see. My heart was bouncing out of my chest.

"Here, a return gift"

It was the yellow teddy bear with light brown eyes. I sometimes imagined a future where I am married to Luke. I imagined the scene of two yellow teddy bears sitting side by side and I smiled.

'Please protect me. My knight'

Luke made a broad smile looking at the memo.

"Of course!"

His large body wrapped me.

(That is enough for me.)

"One day, I want to go to unknown countries riding a ship with Luke"

"Of course, I will take you with me"

"I, I don't need a social status like royalty or Duke"

"Yes, I know. Me too. That might be why I chose Julia. Of course, there are a lot of other reasons why I chose Julia too…"

(My love. To think I will miss this person so much…

… But, I am sorry. Luke. I cannot do anything for me.)

"Luke. Remember. I love you. I will love you forever. I want you to believe in me and help me if I sometimes make a mistake and lose my way…"

"What on earth is happening?  What does that mean!?"

Luke's warmth disappeared. His worried face was looking fixedly at mine. I want him to remember my happy smile.

(Luke. I was happy to meet you. Thank you.)

The Luke who bluntly said "become my woman". The Luke who played with the children at the Queen Dowager's refuge. This past year, the face of my loving Luke was flowing in my head.

(Don't cry, don't. You have to give him a smile.)

I was persuading myself.

"I love you"

(Hey, Julia. I know you love him too. Be honest. You love him, right?

Therefore, beat the original work. The revenge you are feeling is not really you.)

The feeling melted when I was hit by Polyanna-sama.

'Why should I be looked down upon by others! Why is Meg still going in and out of the castle! I cannot throw away my life where I have always lived to become a Queen'

(Serious Julia. Remember the time spent with the elder sisters and the small children from the refuge this past year. Please. You felt Luke's love. That much happiness is enough.

I was you, you were me. I briefly came out to protect you. You were loved by me too.

However, it is time for you to recover yourself. My time is over. Thank you… Farewell… Goodbye.)

…Original work. Fate. Second stage. A sequel for the villainess…

In the dark and quiet garden, the fleeting light of the candles were showing a magical moment.

"I will turn you into the King"

(The end)


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