A Reincarnated Mage's Tower Dungeon Management


A Reincarnated Mage's Tower Dungeon Management Volume 1 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 - The Lovestruck Demon Lord's Cowgirl Play

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"Haaahaaa……Gilles……I love you, your body, your penis, everything!"

Being directed above my flesh rod which was towering right now, was the pink orifice of Belle, already wet as a raincloud.

Because she has already cummed several times, her love juices were already raining, leaving silver strings as they drip down to my tower.

It felt like I was bathed in honey combined with a lukewarm juice.

"I'll put it in, okay?"

Trying to hide her tensed expression, she hit the head of my cock to her crack.

"Hot! Gilles……your thing is too hot!"
"It's also the same for you"
"I can't help it! Because you have squeezed me dry already, all my senses are fully tingling! Take responsibility for it!"
"Respon-……Yeah, I know"

I wanted to ask Belle what do I have to take responsibility for, but as it is right now, I could feel that a really troublesome answer would come back to me, so for now, I couldn't do anything but nod.

"Th-then……Huuuup……I'll put it in"

Belle took a deep breath, then she sank her hips below.

I thought it would be easier now because she's not a virgin anymore, she wasn't able to stretch too far, as her vagina was still narrow.

"H-hard! Nmmm, Haaa"

She took another breath, then inserted it further.

The head of my penis got stuck in the middle for a moment, but she was able to put it in. It reached all the way up to her depths, surprising even for me.

"You're really wet"

I took a glance at our joined parts, and from there her juices were already overflowing, as if she's peeing at the roadside.

Then, she took a breather upon making contact with this body of mine.

"We haven't even started yet"
"Yeah, I know"

She wasn’t moving yet, but I could already feel how small her insides are.

It was not to be underestimated though, as I could feel her move about, as if trying to match the motions of my meat stick.

However, just with that, I could already tell her pussy is of an excellent grade.

"I-I'll start moving now"

Sitting with her legs outstretched, Belle drew her knees closer and started lifting her butt.

Then, she slowly sank it again.

"Ah, aaaah, aaaaaah, aaaaaaaaaaaah!"
"Feeling good?"
"Yes! This is amazing! Gilles' thing is……almost turning……my insides…… inside out!"
"And I'll make you feel even more so"

Again, she finally reached the bottom.

There was a bulge that protruded just above her groin, the same place my penis was probably located right now.

That showed how narrow and tight Belle's vagina is.

"at this rate……Nmmmmm, I'll cum once again!"
"You can just stop if you don't like it"
"No, not gonna! I want to put it in once more!"

Each time Belle cries out loud, the muscles inside her vagina move in sync.

"Haaahaaaa……Gilles……whenever I think about you, or even whenever I look at your face……I thought, I was thankful I've become a girl."
"Your feminine charm is also great, Belle. It's the best I have ever seen. And I want you to show me more of it."
"iyaaa…… it's embarrassing……"

Belle hid her face with both hands in shyness.

But that gesture made me want to love her more.

"Hey, you stopped. Move your hips"

Once again, she resumed moving her butt.

She repeated those actions over and over, but this time, gaining speed as time went by.

After that, I made Belle stoop over a bit.

"if it's this pose……it will make your movements easier."

And as a result, her swaying did become smoother.

Her waist plopped up and down in a good rhythm, making alluring sounds of pounding flesh as it goes.

"Ahhh, kuhh! I-it has certainly become much much easier to move, but……"
"it's about time for me to cum too"
"I want it……together with Gilles……I want us to cum…… together……Nmmmm!"

Belle bit her lips, willing to endure the pleasure to prevent her from cumming.

But her legs were already shaking, and her pussy already cramping.

It can already be seen that it's only a matter of time for her limit.

"You don't have to endure it"
B-but……Nmm, haaaa"
"For now, let's do it once more"

Even I would feel bad if I just leave her in this state.

So, I grabbed Belle's butt.

"G-Gilles!? What are you……"
"You already know, right?"
"W-wait, stop! I said stooooop!"
"Here we go~"

I pushed my meat stick deeply into her womb, creating a slapping sound as we made contact.


Belle moaned out in a deep voice, as if it came from someone else, then her fluids gushed out.

She made an intense o-face, with her tongue and spine stretched out.

Unable to take the pleasure, she plopped down, slurring on her net words.

"Ahhh, hiiiii……gummmmiinnnngg…noooooo……"
"Well, soory to disappoint you, but that is a part of life"
"Kuhh……Fuuuuhh! B-buuut……"

Feeling a little awkward that what she intended to do has failed, Belle still re-positioned herself above me.

She leant forward, making her hips easy to swing, and moved her hips up and down again.

“Gilles, how about this?” It’s faster than before, isn’t it?"

Belle asked me once more. Looks like the girl has regained her composure.

Because she was slouching a bit, her big breasts were hanging down.

They're shaking and swaying in front of me, similar to church bells dinging at noon.

"Cowgirling aside, your breasts are spectacular too in a way"
"You really like breasts, don't you?"
"Belle's tits are what I like the best after all"
"Eh!? You like me?"

Though it wasn't as near as what I said, Bell did a strange interpretation of it.

Hearing what she only wanted and filtering out the rest is very demon lord-like of her.

Well, I don't feel like correcting her either.

"Ahhhnn, nmmm, kuhhhnnn, Aaaaah, Aaah, Nmmmmmm!"

Bell increased her speed even more.

"T-this is bad……it feels……too good. I cant stop my hips!"
"What slutty moves you have now, Demon Lord"

This woman, who was a virgin just before, is now shaking her hips uncontrollably over my waist.

It’s making me feel her entirety even more. It’s like she’s carving her insides to the shape of my dick.

Just the thought of it made me excited even more.

"Nmmmm, Gilles……do you feel good?"
"True? I'm not really sure if I'm doing it right"
"Just right at the passing level"
"Ahaaaa. Gilles is feeling good……I'm happy……Nmmm, I'm really happy!"

Love juices are flowing everywhere, and our connecting parts are soggy like egg whites.

Thin, viscous threads were created each and every time Belle rise her hips.

"I'm……I'm going to cum again……"
"Is that so?"
"It's……still early. I……I don't like it…… I want to cum…… together with Gilles"
"That's why I'm telling you, you don't have to mind me"
"No……you're my precious person now……I will definitely……make us come together"

Belle upon telling me so overlapped her lips with mine.

Her big tits which was now leaning in front of my body got squished instantly.

Still, the movement of her hips didn't stop, but that one is dangerous as it is, for my behalf too.


Grabbing my cheeks, she put her tongue inside my mouth.

It swirled inside, and before I knew, we were scrambling for each other's tongues, creating a new form of sopping oral communication.

"I love you Gilles. I'm really happy to have met a guy like you in this dungeon"
"That's glad for me to hear"
"Ahhh……Nmmmm……I'm going to cum……"
"I'm about to cum too. Can I let it out now?"
"Fufufu, of course, but on one condition. You shall only cum inside. No exceptions, you hear?'
"Yep, loud and clear, ma'am. I'll do it even if you don't tell me"

Looks like the negotiations have been settled.

I intend to fill her up either way, so I'm going to make sure I wont waste a single drop.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh! Giiiiiiiiiiiillessss! Wooooow, Aaaaaaaah! I'm cummminnnng!"
"I'm cumming, Belle! Accept it all!"

I screamed as I ejaculated in Belle's womb.

White and thick semen was fired many times.

"C-cumming! Aaaaaaaaaahhh!"
"Here……take another!"
"Cum, cum, cum cum cuuuuuuum!"

It's not just her words, but her body too came to seek for my semen.

I could feel it as her vagina tried to wring out the last of it in my penis.

It was so tight I feel like I'm getting a handjob.

"Haaahaaa……I can't let it out anymore……"
"Ahhh, my womb……my womb feels hot"

Belle lifted her hips, unplugging her hole from my dick. From there, gushing semen flowed out from the orifice.

"Gilles, you let it out too much"
"My bad"
"so this is Gilles' seed……"

Belle scooped out some of the leaked semen with her finger. Then she licked it with her tongue.

"Wow, this is kinda tasty"
"Good grief, what a ridiculous woman"
"I don't want to hear that from you"

With that said, Belle embraced me.

Feeling the warmth of her body, I was about to doze off……when it happened.

"Wh-what is that?"

The formation on the 100th floor began to shine suddenly.


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