A Race to (Be) The Top

Other name: ARTT; 群雄逐鹿

Genre: Comedy, Romance, Shounen Ai, Yaoi

Date released: 2018
Views: 6105

Author: Yi Xiu Luo; 易修罗

Status: Ongoing

Translator: BlackBoxTL

Ling Xiaolu, who wanted to purchase a VR game client, accidentally met a terminal error. Forced to play as a pet, Ling Xiaolu started his journey in the game, and became the highly coveted target of the tall, handsome and rich top players. With the help of the game developer’s cover, would Ling Xiaolu, having concealed his combat-pet identity under the greedy eyes of everyone, be able to go through his game career unscathed? This is an inspirational story about a tragic youth, who was tenacious and constantly strove to improve himself to stand on his own two feet and guard his freedom, but everything ended up in vain.
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