A. R. G.


A. R. G. epilogue

Haha, thanks everyone for putting up patience for me. Actually I misplaced the book so I wasn’t able to find it for quite a long time. Now I saw it hidden in one of my sister’s cabinet. She found it yet didn’t return to ┬áme, ahaha, such cute ‘good sister’. Well, here’s the epilogue now and from hereafter, I can finally say A.R.G has been completely translated. Enjoy reading. I hope you had enjoyed the whole ride. Lovelots.



Ivy was sitting on one of the benches that they had placed on their verandah. They had arranged the things there in such a way that the place would look like a park. In front of her were few tables which they expect will be filled with people in one week after celebrating the soft launch of Dreams Cafe.

Only Lexie and Ivy were at home. Her friend was currently inside her studio, busily setting things up there.

She took a deep breath to taste the sweetness of the scent of the dama de noches* planted in the garden. Her eyes went down to her fingers to glance on the ring Jeff has given her.

Her engagement ring. The solitary diamond seemed to be twinkling like a star.

"When you are happy, your eyes shine. Similar to the stars twinkling in the evening sky," Luis told her.

"Was that a poem?" she smilingly asked.

"Cecilia was the poem fanatic, not me. My Cecilia… I was glad knowing that she lived a good life even after those things." He looked at her for quite a long time. "I was not mistaken when I told you that I can see her in you because you and Cecilia were actually related to each other. If the two of us had ended up together… you would have been my granddaughter."

She gave him a smile. She had also thought of that possibility. "You told me I would be helping you but you ended up helping me instead."

"You're wrong," he replied.

She reasoned, "If it weren't for you and your naughtiness, those chances to be with Jeff, for him - for us to realize our real feelings, would not happen."

"If it weren't for you, I would have never seen any beauty again. And that was what you have helped me with."


"Can you still remember what Mylie said before? She said when you experienced seeing something ugly, you close your eyes and then you will always fail to see the other beauties around you."

She didn't know he was there when that issue took place, but she smiled at Luis with understanding.

He continued, "Cecilia's disappearance was a very horrible experience for me. When she left, my eyes went close for so long. I did not see the beauties in life that had been presented before me - Victoria, our child and the chance to lead a good family. I continue searching for the world's beauty and probably that was the reason why I can't leave, not knowing that actually I just can't see it because my eyes were closed."

"But you Ivy, I learned from you the courage to slowly open my eyes. I saw the beauty through learning from your way of viewing the world. You never let your nightmares defeat you. You have chosen to search for the light to shun the darkness away from your mind. You chose to dream and live. And to live in happiness.

She felt the hot tears welling up from the corner of her eyes when she heard those words. "Thanks, Luis, for telling me this."

He went to her side and kissed her forehead. For the very first time, she felt his physical presence. His kiss, was like the wind brushing past her forehead, like water, like a gentle flower's petal.

"Thank you, my angel," he said.

Dama de noches – Night-blooming jasmine,