A Priest's Legend


A Priest's Legend Volume 1 Chapter 8

Chapter Eight A Ultra-priest

   Silence scarcely suffering for a day in the office came back home when he directly rushed into the bathroom with a shower of cold water flush on his bady so as to preserve a calm mind as he was  about to confront the most severe choice in the game what could take place of his life.

If the ring didn’t work in that way he imagined,what would he choose to do?

   Washing down his flesh,Xiao Qi felt a little better about his spirit,which signified coming adventure into the game world of Sunk without any meal.

  Keep on filling the experiences bar to the full.Although there was only 13 percent of experiences left from the next level,Silence got so close to the Azrael while killing monsters thanks to his absent mindedness.Right this time Silence set off to buck himself up as he knew it was unworthy if monsters brought the life off at this crucial point.

   Silence fully concentrated was taking advantages of the new tactics he put forward lately.

   Exact sidesteps,pulled distance between self and monsters to the maximum.

   Remarkable positionings,didn’t cost a duration of a second with the most fit spells constantly out.

   No break in the middle,and valuable macia potions directly thrown into the mouth.

The result from these three stuffs was:

   “Ding dong!” As system notification voiced spotlessly white lights were given off from all over Silence’s body.

   With the systematic notification sound ringing out Silence returned to see his Role Level changing to a 40th leveled from a highly absorbed status.Silence chose to walk slowly and leisurely from Valley Devil to the main city of human beings instead of using a Scroll of Town Portal.

   Silence went to the Bank first,opened the safe,quietly gazing at the ring lying therein which exuded orange lights.He took the ring off and armed himself with it.Silence placed himself to the Lawful Good camp first,and hence arrived at the doorway of   the east town Holy Temple,wondering so long but consequently nothing happened.

   Sprinting over a great many streets to the side of the Dark Temple at the West District,Silence stopped there.He saw a rare crowds standing around, and waited quietly.

   Finally system gave a notification:“the cooldown time ends”.

   Silence fixed the ring to the Ring Devil status without hesitate and possible regret,obeserved his camp turning from Lawful Good to Chaotic Evil.Then, Silence softly but steadly stepped into the temple standing for who can be called ancestors of dark priests.

   Lonely,Silence never kept himself open to other elses.This time he still did come here without company.

   Silence thought,from birth to the present he was alone all the time and no change took place even after going into this game as he moved.Even if he failed to confirm the seemingly fulfiled imagination through the ring,it wasn’t a key to his experience on the Continent Sunk.

   Standing in front of the Transfer NPC serving dark prisests,Silence handed in a request.

   “Are you sure you desire to transfer to be a dark priest?”


   A system notification poped up :Comrades fell down gradually before you,and you yet had no ability to keep them to safe.You,faint about the will to save teammates and the weak,betrayed the guidence from light and resolutely walked down along with the company of dark.Congratulation,you succeded in transfering to a dark priest.

   Sunk System gave a second notification.The player Silence gained an occupational talent skill:Forces from Darkness;a passive skill;with it you got spell effect of evil magics inreased by 5% while  spell effect of sacred magics decreased by 10%.Everytime you got improved at Role Level five times,then the individual correspondingly improved Force from Darkness once as aresult with a bonus as same as the original set of the skill description. In other words,you was about to enjoy a 45% increase at evil magics effect as well as a 90% decrease at sacred magics effect until you reached the 41th leveled.

   The last system hint emerged in succession:player Silence was currently able to learn a high ranked dark spell.

   Silence calmly saw the continuous system notification,as if it nearly had nothing to do with him after a decision was made.Peerless power and a rarely ranked spell he previously seeked,seemed to be none of business to himself now.

   Silence didn’t instantluy study a advance dark spell with higher leveled permission,yet directly moved out of Dark Hall centered in Dark Temple.Seeing its previous white priest robe turning to a dark one,Silence turned back into the hall.He was waiting silently until the cooldown of the Ring of Chaos(Chaotic Ring) was over.

   System notification eventually arrived:the cooldown of Chaotic Ring ended.

   Silence trod out of the Dark Temple.He watched no people gathering around,of which he primed Swift function Chaotic Ring possessed as a result.

   System made a hint:player Silence turned over to stand on the camp Lawful Good.

   Silence discovered that the  occupation talent skill he was awarded just now had been missing.Then he saw  a spotless white robe,covered on himself which signaled holy  priests’ status, and touched it,hence headed toward the east Holy Temple.

   “Success or failure hinges on this one action.”Silence thought,as he walked into the Holy Temple.

   “Are you sure to transfer as a holy priest?”


   System gave a notification.On the way of pursuing light,you found out only an even more pure belief had an ability to bulid up an increasing curing ability,to protect whom you thought highly of.Congratulations that you skipped over a great many trails and tribulations to transfer to a holy priest beliving in brightness.

   System gave a notification.The player Silence gained an occupational talent skill:Belief in Holiness.A passive skill´╝Ťwith it you got spell effect of sacred magics increased by 5% while spell effect of devil magics decreased by 10%;everytime the players rose to a higher level five times,then the individual correspondingly improved Belief in Holiness once as a result with a bonus as same as the original set.That was to say,when you arrived at a 41th leveled role,you would enjoy a 45% increase at sacred magics effect as well as a 90% decrease at devil magics effect.

   System gave the last cue.The player Silence was able to learn higher ranked sacred magics.

   “Successful!”Silence was only too agitated to quit the Sunk world instantly and pulled up the music sound to the maximum,mad in roaring for much than a hour.

   Xiao Qi,drowned in excitatory state,couldn’t control himself until his neighbor tried the best to knock at the door.He hurried up to turned down the music sound,opened the door,looking the neighbor full of anger.A smiling face was prepared to face the angry neighbor.With assurance that he wouldn’t go through a mid-night carnival made,Xiao Qi successfully sent the neighbor away and reentered the Sunk game.

   Silence immediately finished learning all the skills available to him in a state of intoxication,totally unaware of an astonishing speed which the golden coins in his own porcket were consumed at.He found out that those he was able to learn had been mastered.Without hesitation Silence got out of the Holy Temple, a sacred place to all the holy priest,and hurried to arrived at the Dark Temple in the East District.

   On the half way he utilized Chaotic Ring to transfer himself to stand by the Chaotic Evil camp.Coming into the Dark Temple, Silence learned over all the available spells no matter what they were generally about and specifically of in the same way as how he showed in the Holy Temple.

   With all clusters and nessesaries done,Silence came to a hotel in a subconscious reflex and saw players in the hotel hall talking,finding a vailable seat to sit down onto.The most important for him was to calm down his mood with sufficient time.

   “Yet rarely needed he to indulge in causal time.”Silence bought a bottle of wine.In the Sunk game world also did a certain drunken effects exist.

   While drinking, Silence opened the Spells List,surprised to find out that all previously learned evil high leveled spells should present on the list  except no display of Forces from Darkness,the talent core skill of evil priest  in the basis of holy occupation talent skill and high ranked skills’ still presentation on the Spells List.

   Totally out of Silence’s expectation,he thought it had been the biggest surprise to have  dual occupations,only to find   he made nearly full use of dual magical skills in a type of condition like this.As all the players knew as Silence believed just now,individuals had no chance to release spells from two kinds of jobs at the same time.But now Silence made it breaking the spell-using record on the Continent Sunk.While he performed largely reduced dark spells as a holy priest,if he showed up as a common holy priest,there was no need for him to perform attacking assignment as what he needed to do was to take care of his teammates.Thereby,in the status as a holy priest,largely reduced evil magical spells was strong enough to save him.

   A long long time later,Silence slightly calmed down from an extremely excited mood.Silence was buried in looking over all the newly learned spells without any sound leaking.Seeing those skills which excited him one by one,Silence fiercely finished up a whole bottle of wine.

   “Haha…”Such a strong drunken effect  in the game,little astonished Silence.Was the game drunken effect that strong or had Silence been already drunken? No one knew it.

   “The first stronger in the game.”This idea suddenly poped up from Silence’s spinning head,“I wanna be number one!Just like those years!”

   In those years when he were still in the army,Xiao Qi looked down upon overall competitors.In this game Sunk,he could do that the same as previously.

   Occupied in his thoughts,Silence still negelected that his own black robe was rather prominent,even if he was sitting conspicuously in a corner.

   “Hey!Who you say is that guy?”A fighter said in a low tone to a priest companion.

   “I just took a quick look at the Ranking List.Now there are three high leveled priest with a level over 40th leveled. Shengjie,Silence and Xiaomao.I have heard both Shengjie and Xiaomao have regular teams but no one hears about Silence.While Shengjie two persons are fixed to their regular teammates,abosolutely unlikely to change to a dark priest,which is about to greatly impaire their ability to cure others.Do you understand which priest this guy is right now?” That priest was pround to look at his companion and said,“yet it is strange.A priest as is he,he was never heard to construct a team with other high ranked formidable players.I wonder how he manages to go up to a rather rarely leveled situation.”

He said with a deep puzzle on his face.

   “So invincible,that even a single priest can raise levels  at a speed as fast as grouped fighters.”Next to Silence a mage regarded overall black priest robe covering Silence’s body and said with jealousy.

   “Come on.You mages have rose at a speed quick enough.”

   “You fighter still take up the first place in the Level Ranking List,don’t  you?”

   Silence recalling himself back heard nearby players’ talks, and slightly froze.How did they manage to guess my personal information with regard to occupation? I rememebered hiding my personal data well.

   Silence spent a little time in inquries in the game,only to find there was one staff in this game called:Ranking.

   Ranking functioned easily now as the system only opened the Level Ranking on each occupation and a  total.

   Silence unfolded the Priest Division of Ranking List,only to find that his name was conspicuously on it,followingly close to a 42th leveled priest Shengjie.Xiaomao was tied with him for the second place.Silence didn’t keep seeing who is the fourth priest on the list.

   Silence opened the Mage Division of Ranking List.The first one called Xigua,the second called Donggua.View of these two names reminded Silence of a familiar experience.Oh,He remembered, between right two mages accompanied with Dongfang ,one were called Nangua? And the other was Guazi? Who knew whether these first two mages on the Mage Ranking List were related to the latter two mages? Reading it fully,sure enough, Silence found out Nangua and Guazi’s names.

   The Fighter Ranking List was followingly opened and Dongfang’s name stuck into Silence’s eyes suddenly.

   “He unexpectedly takes the first place all over the Sunk world.”Silence sighed as he read Dongfang’s name.He recalled his odd response at that day and understood it throughout.While Dongfang was propable not to care about whether he was highly regarded thanks to his open-minded character and heroic temper, there was no doubt that Dongfang felt strange at Silence’s porker-faced look as anyone accessible to stronger’s information would be surprised to have a chance to group with Dongfang.

   Silence thought of Dongfang and naturally remembered the letter Dongfang had sent to him.

   Silence thought about gang establishing and hence regarded his equipments.He came to the post office in the eyes of envy and suspicion of people in the hotel hall later and sent a letter to Dongfang:pls had him informed after the gang was set up.

   After sending out the letter,Silence thought he had more than sufficient time to master lately learned magical spells so as to get used to new skills and even make a perfect tactics.

But strong drowsiness made Silence have got to withdraw from Sunk.

   Silence left the game and looked at the time.The clock struck almost midnight.It acculated up to 60 hours when he hadn’t slept.

   While Silence slided into a deep and steady sleep,a grapevine set off to spread away quickly:the first evil priest befell on the Continent Sunk.


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