A Priest's Legend

Other name: A Legendary Priest; A Priest Legend; 牧师传奇

Genre: Adventure, Drama, Fantasy, Mystery

Date released: 2007
Views: 1278

Author: Diao Yan De; Holding A Cigarette In Mouth; 叼烟的

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Wuxiaworld Forums

Author’s Synopsis: Priest Manifesto: In other people’s eyes, we are perhaps small and weak; that’s right, we don’t have a formidable attack power. However, we ourselves know that we are strong! Because! We control your life or death! ————Legendary Priest ● Silence’s ● Words Translator’s Synopsis: This is a story about a normal priest’s adventure in Continent Sunk. A priest Silence often stroke monsters alone in some area to obtain experiences leveling up needed for a long time. However, the common days passed by shortly after he found a Chaos Ring, which was able to help him swift from a holy priest curing teammates or himself (but he did occasionally team up with other players) to a dark priest enjoying a attack power matching to a mage distinguished as an extraordinary magic attack and AOE. Therefore, he began to strive hard for collecting the full set of Chaos outfit.
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