A Place Where I belong


A Place Where I belong Chapter 14

The room was pitch black. One couldn’t see his own hand in current situation. Kim was still on the ground he was a frightened. He breathe deeply for a couple of times and calmed down himself.

What is happening here? At first some unknown entity calls out my name out of the blue, when I try to help it locks me with it. This is so unpleasant. I should find an exit. But this darkness won’t let that happen either. Maybe, I should ask that entity that brought me here on purpose. Kim pondered.

“Hello! Is….is….anyone here! Why…why…have you brought me here?” He asked loudly in a hesitation.

Humans are weak and fragile beings. They always fear the dark places regardless how brave they are, especially when they are alone in an unknown place. So same happened with Kim.

Suddenly, a cold air collided with his forehead. He was startled and jerked to his right. All the hairs on his body again stood up.

What the hell was that it felt like someone just touched me! He was thinking in fear. He got up and asked in a predicament, “Miss Lilly, is that you? If it’s you…then it’s really a bad prank you’re playing on me!” the moment he finished speaking another wave of cold air collided him head-on. This time it was stronger than before he was pushed three or four feet back. He again fell down on his back.

I was wrong this is not Miss Lilly’s prank. It is that unknown entity that called my name earlier. I don’t know why it called out for me, but the way I see it. It looks like it just wanted to fool around with me.

He thought of a possibility. After few breaths another wave came. This was stronger than the previous one. It directly collided with Kim. Kim blown away in air. He was thrown above ten feet off the ground. Kim was really scared this time. He shout in fear, “Whoa!”

For a moment he was held up in air but then he fell down. Breaking creaks of some wooden object could be heard. He moaned in pain, “Ahhh!!!” His right arm was dislocated from the shoulder. He grabbed it tightly. His head was a bit dizzy due to pain but he didn’t lose consciousness. He gasped. But his rest was a bit short and another wave came and collided with him. Kim was again lifted in air and fell down, but this time he fell on his back. His head was going to hit the floor but he change his position to save his head from getting injured. Again his right arm which was already dislocated hit collided with the floor.

He shrieked in pain. Blood was coming out from the corner of his mouth. He was gasping for air but then again another wave came, and same thing happened like before. He was writhing in pain. But didn’t lose consciousness.


Lilly was bathing in tub. When she saw her reflection in the water, a thought came in her mind Lilly in the water, huh? He isn’t that simple as I thought he’d be. Suddenly, she remembered Kim’s remarks he gave her earlier, especially about how she moves. She blushed and distorted her reflection. Her emotions were in turmoil. She groaned in anger, “Why does it had to be him? God! That idiot! How could he say such things at my face? Has he forgotten that saved his ass?” She came out of the tub took the shower. When she looked her reflection in the mirror, a thought came in her mind. But—what he said to me—does he really believe that I am beautiful? No one praised me like he did in ages. I shouldn’t have scolded him like that. Now he’ll distance himself from me. Well, I’ll apologize to him—no wait what the hell I am thinking? Why should I care if he distance himself from me or not? He isn’t related to me in the very least. Huh!

With that thought she stopped thinking dressed herself and left the bathroom. When she opened the door of her room there was a paper note stick to the door. There were things listed and in the bottom there was a message.

“I am really sorry for crossing the line Miss Lilly. It won’t open my mouth unless if it is necessary. Please forgive me for what I did earlier.”

After reading that note her expression became stern. She didn’t give any more heed to his message and began to collect the listed item he mentioned in the note.

On the other hand Kim was lying in the floor like a dead meat. He was rather breathing but his head was dizzy. His vision was blurry. He could feel every bone in his body was already broken except for his head which was in one piece. He closed his eyes because he was tired of being getting beaten up by some unknown entity. But then his little sister appeared in his dream.

Big brother you weren’t this weak before. Don’t give up. Remember our promise that you made that day.

With that said, he opened his eyes. Although, his all four limbs were broken. He couldn’t move an inch. He shouted in pain and anger, “You son of bitch! If you want to test my courage to see how long I can survive your torture than you have to kill me because I’ll NEVER GIVE UP! DO YOU HEAR ME I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!”

“HAHAHA….” Kim heard a loud laughter. That voice was similar to the one that was calling out for him earlier.

“Impressive….you really amazed me….Kim…I thought you’ll give up the second I’ll torture you to death but you are persistent….Excellent! I’ve been waiting for someone like you for many years. Now the time has come!”

Kim was in state of confusion. He blurted, “Who are you?”

“I am the one who had been forgotten for a millennia. But destiny has brought me an amazing candidate who shall carry my forgotten legacy. I am the Dark Knight.” The voice replied in strong tone.

Kim was confused. “How the hell do you know my name? And what’s this rubbish about inheritance?” Kim said in bewilderment.

“Hmm…It’s look like the attendant here didn’t tell you about what this place is?” Entity asked him.

“What do you mean? This isn’t just a house. Is it something more than a house?” Kim asked the entity in predicament.

“Yes! It is indeed not just a house. This is an examination hall which I created before my death. So that one day if I feel someone who is capable to inherit my power I shall bless him with it.”

“…………….” Kim was shocked.

He didn’t know what to say?

“This place isn’t simple as you see. Not everyone can enter this hall. Only the eligible can enter.”

Kim frowned and asked, “If what you’re saying is true then how did I get in here in the first place?”

“You can say that it is fate that brought us together in the first place. Our meeting was predetermined.”

Kim was still lying on the floor unmoved. He requested, “If you have the power, will you treat my wounds?”

“This test isn’t about to injure someone physically. It is to see how someone is able to endure. And your endurance is something on some other level. I hope you get my point.”

Kim looked at his surroundings it was still dark but some purple light shined above him and he could see his body was undamaged. He stood up abruptly. He was still in confusion. He looked towards the source of the voice it was coming out of the purple light. Kim stood before light. “Thank you Dark Knight for treating my wounds.”

“Don’t mention it. Like I said that this test was meant to test the endurance. So, you weren’t harm in the first place to begin with.”

“I know what you mean but I still have to do it. Anyways, why you want me to become your inheritor? And how did you know my name?” Kim asked in confusion.

“I can read your mind and all those memories of your past Kim Osborn. As for becoming my inheritor, it is a will that had been passed down for generations. My power is the strongest of all, if one knows how to use it. You have the talent to inherit my power so I want you to carry my legacy Kim.”

Kim was hesitating. Because, he never trusted any stranger in his life. “But what benefit do I get from inheriting your power?” He asked in some confusion.

“What benefit did you ever get from studying? You came here with all your own hard work. And you’re still unemployed. You do your own chores just like before. Places had changed not your daily life for past fourteen years. Don’t you agree with me Kim?” the entity said in a mocking tone.

Kim gritted his teeth and said, “I admit this is the truth. But that doesn’t mean I’ll give up on my dreams. I will work hard in studies because I made a promise with my little sister. Whatever happens, I will never abandon my little sister’s will!”

“I really admire your passion towards your goal. But if you want to gain a lot more benefits than studying then inherit my power Kim. Your future accomplishments will be unpredictable. No one shall be able to harm you.” The Dark Knight exclaimed in admiration.

Kim was still hesitating. He breathed deeply and said with a stern face, “Okay. But I am still not convinced completely. Please give me a better reason for becoming your inheritor.”

“Hmm…still unconvinced, eh? Then I’ll show you something which will convince you. Are you ready?” Dark Knight asked Kim.

“Yeah. Anytime.” Kim answered with a grin.

With a flash Kim and the Dark Knight were standing in a remote village, where corpses of people were lying there. It looked like an aftermath of war. Houses were destroyed. It looked like they time traveled in the past somehow. Kim was feeling rather nauseated.

Kim heard footsteps from behind. He turned around. A young boy, who was around nine, was running with a scared expression on his face towards a house whose roof top was half destroyed. It was winter and there was snow everywhere.

The young boy looked around carefully and then sneaked into the house. Kim wanted to follow that boy. In a flash Dark Knight brought Kim in the house. Kim saw that young boy was going under the rubble of the house, in the basement. Kim followed him in the basement. When he arrived at the basement, Kim froze for a moment because he saw that the boy was feeding his little sister who was about six years old. Tears appeared in his eyes and he diverted his eyes from them to Dark Knight.

He asked in anger, “Did you bring me here to mock me?”

“No, you’re getting it all wrong come with me.” Dark Knight said coldly.

With a flash Dark Knight brought him on the surface. On the surface there were some people who were wearing army uniforms nearby house. They had guns with them. They were chatting with each other. Suddenly, with a loud boom they scattered like pieces of paper in the air. The nearby house, where that young boy lived was also affected due to explosion. Kim was a hundred meters away from the house. He could hear their painful screams under the rubble. “Somebody! Help us! I have a little sister here please save us!”

He ran towards the house like a madman while shouting, “Hey! Kids don’t worry I’ll save you!” when he reached the house, he tried to lift the rubble but couldn’t because it was too heavy. He put all his effort to lift but couldn’t move an inch. He asked the Dark Knight for help but he refused.

Kim tried to dig a hole in the ground with his bare hands, “Don’t worry kids I’ll save you!” He shouted while digging a hole.

Their screams were getting lower and lower. In the end their screams couldn’t be heard any more. When he reached the basement he found those two lying on the floor unconscious. He fell on his knees in front of them. But then he saw that young boy was struggling to breathe. Kim brought him out along with his sister. He laid them down on the ground covered with ice.

“Hey kid! Come on open your eyes! Stay with me! Come on look at me! What’s your name?” Kim asked in panic.

“My…si….te…r…” young boy replied weakly.

Kim brought his ear near his mouth.

The boy again said in a weak voice, “Ple…se hel…p my…..sis….ter…”

Kim’s heart was shaken upon hearing his request. He looked at his sister who was lying there and barely moving. Kim removed the clothes she was covered in. His breathing stopped for a second when he removed that piece of clothing. He saw that her lower part was missing and the wound was two or three days old. Her face was pale in color. She was really weak.

“Hey kid how long you two been like this?” Kim turned around to look at the boy. But he was gone. Kim checked his pulse which was out cold. Then he turned back towards his little sister. He held her up in his arms.

“Her life will soon come to an end. She will be free from this prison very soon. Leave her be.” The Dark Knight said with concern.

“I am not a heartless bastard. I won’t abandon her…….how would I leave her in a place like this?” Kim burst in tears. One of his tear fell on her cheek. She was looking at Kim with her blurry vision. She raised her hand. Kim grabbed her hand in his. Her eyes which were blank filled with sadness, telling him that she doesn’t want to die too soon.

“Kim tell her to sleep.” Dark Knight advised Kim.

Kim nodded. He strolled her hairs and said in a gentle tone, “It’s alright….you can go….to sleep. I’ll take care of you and your brother.” These words were really hard for him to say to her. But he said it with a fake smile. The girl smiled and closed her eyes and never opened them again. Kim scream in pain. He cried in pain. Although, he didn’t know them but he can still feel the pain in his heart which had been there since he lost his little sister and was left all alone. He held up the girl close to his chest and hugged her tightly.

“If I had the power………I could…….I could……..have saved………them both. They died…….because……of ……me….because………I am……….powerless……….I couldn’t……..save my sister…..and I couldn’t………save them………” He said painfully.

After some time, he calmed down.

“Yes! That’s right. Now do you know the meaning behind my words?” The dark knight said in a stern tone.

“Yes. I do. I will become your inheritor. I will use your power to save people like them.” Kim’s eyes were still wet but there was something else in his eyes. Dark Knight was surprised and happy at same moment when he took notice of Kim’s eyes. He said in excitement, “Very well then. Let’s go back to our place. There I’ll bless you with my power.”

‘Wait.” Kim interrupted him and said with concern, “I want to bury them. Can you wait till then?”

Dark knight was surprised he didn’t want to spoil the moment by telling him that this was just an illusion. So, he agreed without any objection.

Kim dig two holes own its own without Dark Knight’s help. While he was digging hole his tears didn’t stop rolling down his cheeks because he’s having some flash back from his childhood when he didn’t have enough money to ask the undertaker to dug a hole in the ground for his sister so he did on his own. Although, it took whole six hours to dug a hole on that day but he did it on his own accord. The same thing happened this day. He buried them both and dug a piece of wood on the front of their graves. On the piece of wood he carved, “Here lies a brother and his beloved sister.”

When he was finished, the Dark Knight brought him back to the room again. The Dark Knight handed a purple-black looking orb in his hand. Kim asked in confusion, “What is this thing Dark Knight?”

The Dark Knight answered in an ecstasy, “This is my power. I call it King’s Orb.”


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