A Perfect Martial God


A Perfect Martial God Volume 1 Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Runes (Part II)

"Zhou Han, let's get to business. You won the first title of battalion three and the quality to participate in the division challenge. You should try your best to get the regiment commander position from Shi He. Shi He has given me a lot of pressure. If you take over his position, haha, I could be having a good time under you!" Luo Cheng said.

"Oh, no problem!" Zhou Han nodded with smile. He didn't want to promise anything. Though he was currently a level 8 fighter, which would allow him to become the division commander, he didn't want to brag about it. Those who were able to become division commanders, not only had strong strength, but also had a lot of experiences. It was not as easy as imagined to take over their positions. But Zhou Han was confident that he could win the regiment commander position.

"Well, I believe that Zhou Han brother will not let me down!" Luo Cheng nodded firmly and said: "The division challenged would take place the day after tomorrow. So Zhou Han, take some good rest today. I will send you to the division tomorrow."

"Good!" Zhou Han nodded.

Although Zhou Han was downgraded to a groom, after winning the first title in battalion three, no one could look down upon him. Zhou Han returned to his tent and hurriedly entered the spiritual space.

Over the past half month, Zhou Han had already understood spiritual space and the sacrifice.

The sacrifice was usually made up of the spirits of symbol creators. They lived in the mind of symbol creators, acting as the creation source of symbol creators.

The most primitive ritual spirit was unintelligible. It was called an altar or a ritual tower, which could only be controlled by the symbol creators. With the strength of symbol creators, the ritual spirit leveled up. When it reached a certain level, the cult spirit would be born. The cult spirit followed orders from symbol creators. Only at this time was the spirit called a sacrifice.

The sacrifice in Zhou Han's spirit, was left by an ancient master fighter. The sacrifice didn't tell Zhou Han anything about the master fighter. Neither did Zhou Han ask about it.

The spiritual space was a space developed by the sacrifice itself. This space allowed for the spirit of its owner to enter or stored the suppressed spirits of others.

The enchanting woman seducing Zhou Han' s spirit in the first time when Zhou Han entered the space was the soul of a prisoner of the sacrifice. 
However, the sacrifice didn't disclose anything information about the prisoner soul in his spiritual space. The sacrifice told Zhou Han that he would know more about the prisoner soul after Zhou Han became a symbol creator.

Zhou Han couldn't wait but entered the spiritual space. Though the sacrifice said he would teach Zhou Han to become a symbol creator after Zhou Han entered the level of real reserve power, there were still lots of things about runes that Zhou Han needed learn in advance.

Runes were the only thing that symbol creators relied on. It wasn't the case that anyone would be able to make runes right after becoming a symbol creator. The symbol creator needed to explore by himself to figure out how to make runes. This was why every symbol creator needed a personal master to teach them hand by hand.

However, the real reason why there weren't many symbol creators in the world was that there weren't so many talented people.

Without the required talent, no one could become a symbol creator even with the best teacher.

The sacrifice said that Zhou Han had got good talent. So Zhou Han wanted to work harder. Getting familiar to runes earlier might help Zhou Han to be able to create symbols. Maybe he would soon be able to beat Zhou Liang.

"Can you draw out the fifteen runes I taught you these days without referring back to your notes?" The sacrifice asked.

"Yes!" Zhou Han immediately painted fifteen esoteric lines on the ground of the spiritual space. These lines looked weird. Some was like entangled tree roots, some were like floating clouds without directions, some were like stars in the sky. But since Zhou Han was still starting to understand runes, he had to memorize all the shapes."

"There is a rune that you got it wrong." Said the sacrifice.

Zhou Han looked at his drawings with puzzle. He didn't know which one he got wrong.

"The third one, have you noticed? The line on the left side of this rune is a little thicker than the origins. I told you yesterday, even a slightest difference would matter. The magical power of symbols all relied on the runes." Said the sacrifice.

Zhou Han checked and compared again. The sacrifice was right.

"You should be very familiar with even the basic things. So today I will not teach you new runes. You practice all these 15 runes again. The next time when you can draw the 15 runes exactly as the original ones, I will teach you new runes." The sacrifice said in a harsh way. Actually, the sacrifice was amzed by what Zhou Han had achieved so far. Usually it took ordinary people at least one month to be familiar with the 15 runes. Zhou Han was able to achieve it in several days. He was indeed a good talent.

"Yes!" Zhou Han did not refute, and immediately began to practice.

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