A Path of Business: My Loyal and Lovely Husband


A Path of Business: My Loyal and Lovely Husband Chapter 2: Go Home and Make Troubles

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Jin Weiwei rushes out and looks around, but outside there is only a piece of weedy grassland. She wants to run a little farther, however, a cliff suddenly appears in front of her.

Jin Weiwei stops at once and looks down, and the cliff seems more than ten thousand feet deep, deep and bottomless.

"Where on earth is this place? Why is there a cliff outside the peaceful village?"

According to the memory of the past owner, the village stays in the valley between two mountains, and the broken temple is at the head of the village. It's strange to see the cliff here.

It is even more astonishing when she turns her head back.

Where is the temple? Where is the village? Why is there only one door in a meadow?

Weiwei is a little bit afraid and goes back to the door in a hurry. However, she suddenly hears a voice coming from the other side of the door.

"Feng, you have seen someone come in, haven't you? Where is she?" 

Her stepmother Cao also cries: "Yeah, where's my lady, tell me!"

"I, I just saw them come in, and they cannot be in somewhere else! Or, let's find them?"

"Where possibly can we find them? There's nothing beside this broken temple. You can tell nobody is here with only one glance."

After a noisy argument for a while, the crowd disperses. Jin Weiwei could hear no voice, so she carefully opens the door in silence.

On the other side of the door is still the broken temple with no people inside now. Weiwei is relieved and gets into the temple. However, when she looks back, there is no door on the wall at all.

There's only one wall in good condition, and the door has vanished into thin air!

"How could it be? Is it the so-called... Superpower?"

Jin Weiwei is doubtful and wants to touch the wall. Not until she lifts her hand does she realize that she still hold a man on her shoulder. She was too nervous just now that she even forgot this pretty beggar for a while.

"A thin body with strong power, I can easily carry a man now." Jin Weiwei, muttering to herself, puts the beggar down, "Little beggar, we have no entanglement any more."

It is too late for her to stay here any longer. Jin Weiwei has to go back home and talk to Cao now.

Following the memory, she returns home. As soon as she opens the door, a heavy object flies straight towards her. "Where have you been today, little fool? I just asked you to send things to Feng. How do you come back so late?

Jin Weiwei sniggers. But for her luck and the magical door, today she must be caught by butcher Feng and stepmother Cao.

However, she doesn't know at all that all her sufferings today are Cao's doing.

Jin Weiwei used to be a fool who failed to notice the trick between them, but since now……hey hey, she would like to see, in her presence, what troubles Cao can make!

Facing Cao's question, Weiwei immediately pretends to be innocent and says: "I've been at Uncle Feng's house all the time. He gave me delicious food and asked me to wait for him in bed. He said he would come back later and had a good time with me... But I waited for a long time, and he didn't come back, so I came back by myself……"

Cao is mixed up.

House? Bed? Play? 

"Well, Feng, the dirty old man, I will sort you out!" Cao shouts and rushes out, slamming the door behind.

"How could she be stupid like a fool." Jin Weiwei looks at Cao's back with a smile, and goes into the kitchen to find something for dinner."

After a long day's tossing, she is starving. Jin Weiwei soon finds two white steamed buns privately kept by Cao.

Cao gave Weiwei steamed bread of corn to eat at lunch, but Cao herself ate such delicious food secretly. Weiwei quickly finishes her dinner and begins to pick up Cao's belongings.

"Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!"

As soon as Jin Weiwei is ready, Cao's knocking at the door rings out.

"Bad girl, open the door, get out and make it clear!"


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