A New Age of Magic


A New Age of Magic Volume 1 Chapter 12

Chapter 12 Solution

"I think, I think... with eight hundred coppers in a hundred days, plus the money saved before, I can send my little brother to the warrior training camp, or to the church to be baptized and become a real disciple." Swaydi twists her fingers.

"Swaydi, you disappoint me!" Fowles looks at Swaydi, and he is so sad. "I gave you the opportunity to borrow money from me, and you are satisfied with only solving the problem of your brother?"

"Your brother's problem can be solved. What are you going to do with the other kids in the waste house? You abandon them?"

It's a question to force someone to win a prize! Things like helping others, always should be voluntary. People who give help should be the one who decide if he is willing to help or how to help.

It is only facing the pure and kind girl like Swaydi, can Fowles make such ridiculous condemnation against, like a sacred saint.

"No, young master, no..." Swaydi shakes her head like a rattle drum almost crying. "I thought you... you would take care of them."

"Oh." Fowles sighed. "Swaydi, do you know why I am angry? Just because anyone of you can take care of them, but only I can't!"

"Why?" Swaydi could not accept the sophistry of Fowles. Her blue eyes turns and turns, looking confused.

"Because, they are not my people! The rules of the aristocracy are customary..." Fowles's falsehood made a sense of helplessness. "Even if they are beggars, they still are the private property of the Baron of Earendur, accepting the govern of the Baron, paying the tax to the Baron."

"I can reward them because of the stories they tell, and I can hire them to do things, but I can't give them favors for no reason. Or the Baron will misunderstand me by giving favors to his people. It is a taboo between the nobles."

Are there really such rules between the nobles? There are, but it usually refers to the special years when a famine occurs.

When tens of thousands of people have no food or clothing, other lords cannot help freely, unless they are requested by the lords of these hungry people.

As for such natural disasters have subversive destruction to the territories. If other lords take this opportunity to take the people away, the lords of the place will return to their hometowns with no people to govern. What's the point for the lords then?

It is inevitable for a man to have a headache or fever. It is also inevitable for a lord to encounter a natural disaster. In order not to be a lord with no people to govern whenever there is a disaster, the nobles made this unspoken rule.

However, helping a poor kid who is already poor to death is definitely not within the unspoken rules. First the number is not that big, secondly... he is not a lord at all, even not in the list of the lord candidates!

If the lords of the territory have to manage even these little things, they really are going to be exhausted.

But these tricky things, are enough to bluff Swaydi.

"So, Swaydi, I just want to help them, and I can't do anything. It can only be going through you. Do you understand? You make money from me and help them. The whole thing has nothing to do with me!"

"Oh, I understand!" Swaydi screams happily.

What ... a thoughtful girl! Fowles looks at Swaydi, and his appetite is wild open: "Or, let's change to another agreement? An agreement that ... you use your future salary, as your brother and the nine kids' tuition, how about that?"

"What do you mean?" Swaydi can not keep up with Fowles's pace.

"You see, I am a Wizard and I can teach these kids magic; old Shelton is a housekeeper, and he can teach the kids to read and write; I also have two guards. Although they are useless, at least they can teach them the most basic martial arts practice..."

"As long as you work for me for one day, I am responsible for their education for a day. What do you think?"

What… a seamless plan. Killing multiple birds with one stone!

With the future of the group of kids, he ties Swaydi firmly to him. Without paying her wages, she is also going to be grateful to him;

The kids can just entangle Shelton, so that he will not put too much thought on Fowles to exhaust him;
Fowles will definitely need a lot of helpers in this world. As long as he instills the kids in the right way, these kids will grow up and become powerful helpers to him. And not to mention such a long-term thing, even now... doesn't he still have many things for them to do?

Fowles is even touched by himself when saying these. It is extremely mean, shameless and disingenuous!

Fowles is even so, let alone Swaydi. She agrees with this intention without hesitation. After finishing the treasure hunt, she and Fowles will write and sign the contract immediately.


Earendur is a beautiful city with fresh air and beautiful scenery. Apart from the inconvenience of the inner-transit system, there is no shortcoming at all. No wonder that in the glorious era before Captain William Gent, it was once known as the pearl on the east coast.

Therefore, Fowles and Swaydi's way of going is not so much a treasure hunt, but rather a tour, appreciation to ... the tranquility and comfort of a small harbor in the early autumn.

Even the kids born and raised in the small town where Swaydi lives cannot help but yell and scream for the beautiful scene that has been neglected by them for so long...

The blue sea, the breeze blowing of the branches and leaves, the birds flying in the fresh sky, as well as the simple houses and the old streets are all clean and pure just like the places of interest.

With this feeling, Fowles and Swaydi comb their thought on all these places.

The former residence of Captain William Gent, the mansion of Captain William Gent, the back garden of Captain William Gent, the beach of Captain William Gent, the pirate island of Captain William Gent, the cave of Captain William Gent, the Magic Fountain of Captain William Gent, Water Clock, Wolff's Old Villa, Wolff Art Gallery, Earendur Lord Castle, Earendur Office, Temple Complex, Wizard Tower, Central Square...

It was only then does Swaydi know that the great pirate left so many traces and clues in Earendur.

According to Fowles, the treasures of the great pirate, which are comparable to the dragons, cannot be easily transported, which is really eye-catching.

However, if you put it somewhere in the sea, when Captain William Gent retired, whenever he needed money, he had to go to the island to take it. It is also very easy to be explored.

Therefore, Fowles even suspected that the treasure of the great pirate is actually hidden in the city of Earendur, a place that has not been discovered so far.

Captain William Gent's words before his death can be listened. But if you do not listen, no loss will come. As long as he explores the relevant places, he can definitely find some clues of his treasure. The hidden treasures are so big, that it is impossible to leave no clue at all.

This sounds very reasonable, but it seems ridiculous after the two people searched all the above locations to find out nothing at all.

The guess of treasures hidden in the bottom of the Magic Fountain in the Central Square according to Fowles's deduction to the pirate's last words also becomes ridiculous after searching.

So when the sun goes down, the two people's one-day treasure hunt trip ends without gaining anything...

The energetic Swaydi's legs are like filled with heavy lead, but Fowles who usually walks as strenuous as the old cows pulling the old cars, are not different as the state when going out in the morning.

This guy really doesn't know how to pity the jade. The inconvenience of action is originally excuse for him taking advantage of Swaydi, but after a whole day of walking slowly, not only did he take advantage of Swaydi, but also pressed most of his weight onto Swaydi's body. Shameless!

Unfortunately, Swaydi not only did not notice she master's blackmail, but after returning home, also drags her tired body, and wants to sign the new contract with Fowles immediately...

Of course Fowles agrees gladly. Then this pure and delicious lamb finally falls into the wolf's evil mouth...

When the contract is signed, Swaydi wants to pick up the little ones at home immediately, so that she could take care of them. But Fowles stops her and says that he is still seriously injured. She has to wait for a few days until he fells better.

Swaydi does not know what Fowles is waiting for, but this is a very good reason and it is not doubtful.

So from this day on, Fowles once again retracts into his room and turns into an otaku, and studies the magical knowledge wholeheartedly, as if he has completely forgotten his determination to find the treasure of Captain William Gent.

Swaydi is too nice a person. Although Fowles's doing things halfway is very funny, she never makes fun of it, but just doing her duty responsibly.

However, outside the manor, an artificially created wave is gradually spreading and spreading, and the wave is getting stronger and stronger. The amplitude is getting bigger and bigger, and there is only one topic: the treasure of the pirate William Gent.

We do not know when it started, some new legends about Captain William Gent's treasure suddenly appears in Earendur, such as... Where is Captain William Gent's house? Where is Captain William Gent's former residence? Who were Captain William Gent's friends?

For a time, the Wizard Tower Library, the archives of the Earendur Office, the Chronicle Hall of the Temple, and the large number of remains left by Captain William Gent and Wolff were overcrowded.

The thresholds of those places can be openly entered are almost broken, and places that are not allowed to enter, people either rob, or sneak, or directly pay bribes. They do everything.

It is originally just news groundlessly. According to the experience of the residents of Earendur for many years, things should soon be settled and everything will be back on track.

But god knows why, this time the waves are especially big and high. And it has the trend of becoming bigger and higher. There are even ... even adventurers rushing to this place from far continents. Earendur has never been more crowded and exciting...

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