A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 444 part3

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Chapter 444

Part 3 (Three)

Get Troubled

'Tutt… tutt… tuttt' very long, finally the phone connected: "Hello?"

"Ugh…" the man rolled his eyes: "May I know, is this Mr. Long?"

"Why looking for me?"

"Ah? It is really you, Mr. Long." Paused, the men in the entire abandoned building all of them have dumbstruck, it can be seen that, this little girl indeed know Mr. Long. "Da… Da Long… Xian Sheng, I, I am the third group, Xiao Lin. Like this… we have accepted a 'business', now 'the good' wants… wants to meet you."

Every mafia groups they have their own code, such as 'business', it is kidnapping people; 'goods' it is the people who kidnapped, 'the good owner', it is the person who ask and do the payment.

At the other side of phone call Long Ye who heard this: "The other part said want to meet me, you contacted me according the 'goods' told you to do, do you have brain or not?"

"But…. She not only could say out the detail about you but also she was the person who gave me your phone number."

"Hah?" This time finally Long Ye knew something is off, anxiously he asked: "What is the…. 'goods' name?"

"She is Luo Yao Yao!"

"Damn it!" right at that time, Long Ye attitude has changed into 360 degrees then he roared toward the other party: "Immediately send me your location, no one can touch her, understand?"

"Under… understood!" at the time when that man hung up the phone call, his face turned white pale.

As information, Long Ye is infamous Mr. Nice in Yu Long group, it such rare to see him because of something flared up, it seems this time… they really have gotten into big problem."

"What is the situation?" all the surrounded men are confusedly asked.

Man is anxiously waving his hand: "Hurry…. Hurry loosen the rope, treat her good!"

Very fast, the rope that tight Yao Yao has loosen up, these scoundrels even respectfully wiping the chair and let her to have a seat….

Perhaps, after it has past about half hour.

There was a sound of car engine that coming into the abandoned small building, these few scoundrels paused and nervously heaved a cold sigh: "Miss Luo, later our lives are in your hand, later you must talk good words about us."

Yao Yao kept silent said nothing, slowly she titled her head.

As followed there is footstep coming closer, those scoundrels as if not dare to take breath.

Right at the time when Long Ye's men appearing in front of them, those scoundrels nervous and bowing respectfully: "Mr. Long…"

Long Ye pair of charming eyes for first is looked at Yao Yao who sat in the first row. "Yao Yao!" he rushed in front of her. His warm big palm touched her small face, slowly lift up her lowered head.

Just an instantaneously, Yao Yao's mouth corner, eyes there's bruises that caught by his eyes.

That pair of charming eyes gleam gloomy, he flared up turning his back, looking at those few scoundrels: "Beat them up!" a command has down, two men that brought by Long Ye, punching and kicking them.

"Mr. Long, we admit doing wrong, we don't know if Miss Luo is yours person."

"Mr. Long, please spare us."

"Long Ge Ge…" Yao Yao who kept on silent for this time, gently opened her mouth, she pulled Long Ye's sleeves, shaking her head: "Forget it…"

"You don't get involved. I bring you out from here first." Long Ye warmly smiled, pulling Yao Yao and bringing her out from this abandon small building.

Those few scoundrels are still begging to be spared but failed to do so.

Not long after that, these few scoundrels face have turned swelling because get beaten lying on the ground.

Those two men who brought by Long Ye, seeing them that looked painfully, helplessly said: "You guys can stay alive really are the biggest fortunate you got."

"Sst… aiyo. How can this be called getting a biggest fortune? TMD, 'goods' how coincidence it was, knowing Mr. Long, really bad luck."

That two men exchanged their glance, let out a long sigh, said with one voice: "She is not only knowing Mr. Long. You guys must be thanked God, that little girl was asking you to contact Mr. Long, if she simply asked you to call Big Boss Yu, all of you not only beaten this simple."

"Ah? That little girl also knows Big Boss Yu?" one of the man who wound slightly better unbelievable changed hi position from lying on ground to the sitting down.

"She, she is Mr. Long's God Sister; and also Big Boss Yu's… Woman!"

At the moment this words spoke, everyone is letting out cold sweats, now finally they understood this time being beaten to this point indeed gotten a big fortune.

If Yu Ao Tian was called out, due to Yu Ao Tian way of settling problems, their lives are all set aside today…


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