A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 444 part2

Everything goes well…

So Yao Yao was seeing Feng Chen Yi and Xie Zhi Qing in basement parking lot, moreover two of them were inside Feng Chen Yi’s Ferrari. Was it car matter? I don’t think so.

Just not long after that, a van stopped in front of Yao Yao. You have guessed Yao Yao might kidnap. Interesting, some said perhaps Yu Ao Tian, perhaps Bing Ye.

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Chapter 444

Part 2 (Two)

Get Troubled


Her mouth is stuffed, while her head is covered with black bag, along the way she got swinging, swinging along the moving van.

These men, who are they?

What their purpose to kidnap her?

Yao Yao restless, she waited in order to know what would be happened later.

Finally, the moving van is drawn up.

She could feel that there were two people who pulled her out from the van. Followed by, uncovered the black bag on her head. There were about ten men who wearing black suit caught by her eyes, her fear eyesight swept the surrounded environment, here must be an abandoned small building.

"Uh! Uh! Uh!" she tried to make noise, expecting those men would be going to take out the thing that stuffed on her mouth.

But those few men only expressionless looking at her, there was no any intention of them to move.

What did these men want to do?

Her gaze is deathly locked, suddenly… one of the man’s suit which embroidery word caught by her eyes.


They are… Yu Long Group's men?

Were they asked by Yu Ao Tian to kidnap her? What did Yu Ao Tian want to do?

'Do a check!'

Her head is recalled the thing that happened in school before, the scenery when Yu Ao Tian pulled her to do the check up, could it be… Yu Ao Tian wanted to do her pregnancy check up!

No… no…

"Do it." Few men were exchanging their glances. Staring at the man who was coming closer to her, fear feeling creeping on Yao Yao, she shook her head. "Uh uh!"

Who knew…

One of the men pulled her long hair. 'pa' a slap landed on her face.

Her eyes glared wide, these are… these men aren't asked by Yu Ao Tian! Yu Ao Tian has been not turning to be this lowly asking his men to beat her. Then who was asking them?

'pa' another slap landed.

She felt so frustrating.

"Little Girl, you don't blame us, we just done the thing as what people told us, people who has paid to us"

Done because be paid? Helped other? "Uh uh!" then they should have told her that, actually who had asked them?

"Hope after this time of lesson, later you can stay calmer." After said, two men raised their leg.

Yao Yao who was on the ground has emotionally moving and shaking her head…

"Brother Lin, this little girl expression looked odd." At the moment when that man wanted to land his feet, the other man who stood beside him suddenly opened his mouth.

That man as if realized something might off, took out the thing that stuffed her mouth.

Just at the moment it being taken, Yao Yao hurried scream out: "I am pregnant! You don't kick my stomach! Don't hit my stomach!"

Although, she has decided not to born this child, but in the most dangerous situation, she still could not help herself, she still wanted to take the role as mother.

"Huh…" few of men were exchanging their glance each other. They are mafia, also they are not a saint, there is no point for them to care about Yao Yao begging. "There is no way, little girl, we cannot care much about you."

"That's right, you are pregnant but get into trouble, this is really serve your right. Hit your child just take it as a lesson for you."

Seeing those men didn't have intention to stop, Yao Yao curled tight her hand into fist: "Actually who is asking all of you?"

"You don't need to know. We will not tell you." After said, one of the men kicked her…

Yao Yao subconsciously bending down, she protected her stomach. But that man kick at her back.

"Uh…" Painfully she crawled to the ground, Yao Yao gritting her teeth: "I want to meet Long Ye…"


She climbed up from the ground difficulty, she angered looked at those few men, shouted: "I want to meet Yu Long first group, Long Ye! Immediately called him here!"

An instantaneously after those few men heard this name, all of them are dumbfounded. "You…"

"Perhaps she only ever heard about Da Long Xian Sheng (Master Big Long) this name, so she only leisurely called out," one of the men whispered.

The other man undoubtedly frowned: "Also can't say very clearly and detailed about Long Master? Even know the first group leader?"

"Ugh…" the man rolled his eyes: "Little Girl, what is your relationship with Mr. Long?"

Listened to these few men speaking tone, Yao Yao feared after she clearly said then, on contrary these few men scared to contact Long Ye, so that she told them vaguely: "Just call him out then you will know it!"

Few men are exchanging their glances: "We don't have Mr. Long's phone number."

"1351111111, call him!"

Man is taking out his mobile phone, half believe half doubt but still dialing the number according to what Yao Yao said.

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