A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 433 part2

Chapter 443

Part 2 (Two)

How To Tolerate

“Haha.” Looking at Qi Lian Ao Yun who kept on praising Feng Chen Yi, Yao Yao only could give a faint of smile as an answer.

Because, she really didn’t know how to answer Qi Lian Ao Yun.

If an ordinary girl, perhaps she might answer… ‘En, I do also love him!’ unfortunately, she could not give such certain words. But, everything that Feng Chen Yi done, she would remember all in her heart.

“That’s right… the child in your stomach?” Qi Lian Ao Yun about to speak but decided better saying nothing.

Yao Yao subconsciously swept her eyes on her stomach, helplessly smiled: “These two days, Chen Yi showed very good performance, as if he has really accepted this child. But I know him very well… from outside he looked not care, but inside his heart he must be cared so much.”

“That’s right, there is no man who would accept his own wife pregnant other man’s child, this reality.”

“Haha, Qi Lian sunbae you have said to this point, so that, I do also know, perhaps Chen Yi is trying to adapt because of me, then he accepted this child. Anyway, I must adapt to Chen Yi too, so that… this child…” her small hand touched her abdomen.

“Do you still want to  abort it?”

“En… it is only these two days little bit busy, wait until the office matters settled, I will go to hospital.” Although she has decided, but it is not hard to see there is endlessly unwillingness in Yao Yao’s eyes, After all this is a little life that shouldn’t be born into this world, child… actually it is the most innocent one.

“That’s right, Qi Lian sunbae, how’s you with Ke Xin?”

“It has settled. After CEO Feng appeared, both of us are okay.”

“Qi Lian sunbae, you toward Ke Xin…” An initially she wanted to ask Qi Lian Ao Yun what kind of attitude he showed toward Feng Ke Xin, but words has been in her mouth, Yao Yao felt this words weren’t something that she should have asked. “En, then it is good. Because of my matter it has been giving you and Feng Ke Xin many troubles, actually… really sorry.” Stood up, she gave him deep bowing.

Qi Lian Ao Yun didn’t think so then furrowed his brow: “Aish, so bad that I didn’t have chance to kill Ao Tian’s child. But…” stood up: “But it gave me a chance to witness such warmness scenery.” A warm palm touched her head, a warm and gentle smile faintly in his face: “Little… Dummy… wish you…. Happy.”

At this moment, she finally able to see the warm smile of Qi Lian Ao Yun just like the first time she encountered him, that time Qi Lian Ao Yun alike a prince who standing under the peach trees, smiled so gently, his smile looked so pure.

But, his pair of melancholy eyes is still that muddy.

It seemed, whoever started the trouble should end it*], the only person who can untangle all the ties in Qi Lian Ao Yun’s heart must be Yu Ao Tian.

“Thank you, Qi Lian sunbae.”

“I take my leave.”

“Aish… wait for moment!” Yao Yao’s eyes rolled, she shyly smiled: “Qi Lian sunbae, can you do me a favor?”

“En, you say.”

She took out a stack of piled documents in front of Qi Lian Ao Yun: “Qi Lian sunbae, don’t know whether you know it or not, within this company there are Feng Chen Yi’s men and also Feng Chen Rui’s men, until now I still don’t know who is Chen Yi’s confidant in legal department, and who is Chen Rui’s confidant, so that I don’t dare to ask random people to help me out, only you! Now I only trust you that you are not going to betray me, so that…Qi Lian sunbae, these few days I might trouble you for moment.”

“I understand your meant, rest assure.” Qi Lian sunbae took all the piled documents out from office room.

But the next moment…

A beautiful woman coming into her office room: “Attorney Luo, just now the documents that being taken away by attorney Qi Lian was regarding what cases?”

This beautiful woman who looked at her 30’s is the legal department supervisor called as Deborah.

Since first day Yao Yao came, this woman is always looked her as an enemy. No matter what she have done, Deborah would try to trouble her, if not notice her, didn’t give her any staff to help, even no assistant.

This is leading Yao Yao to get many difficulties in legal department, so that she only can ask Qi Lian Ao Yu to help her.

As she can see, Supervisor Deborah could show her nemesis eyesight since the first time, if not because… the hatred between women’s this kind of attitude, then it is because… Deborah is Feng Chen Rui’s men!

“Supervisor Deborah, those documents are still in my works area, it seems that I don’t need to explain anything toward you.”

“Attorney Luo, you must clear on something, this is legal department, I am your boss so that I have right to ask you about everything. Moreover, Attorney Qi Lian is one of the capable attorney, also he is not your assistant, what is your right to ask him to do thing?”

Listened to Deborah speaking tone, Yao Yao hasn’t had any intention to sit at her office seat: “Qi Lian sunbae has private dealing, the thing that he helped me didn’t has any relation with works, it is only a private dealing that’s all!” looked above: “Supervisor Deborah, this, it seems that you don’t have right to meddle with, am I right?”

“Then alright. The things between attorney to attorney regarding the work process must be reported to the supervisor, and now you must report to me all the contents regarding to those documents, furthermore you must immediately tell me, what have you done for these three days!” ‘srt’ a sound, Deborah pulled out one of the office chair, sitting down in front of Yao Yao. The chair let out such piercing sound.


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