A Naive Short-tempered Girl

A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 422

Chapter 422

Her other life

The person that sent by Chinese government to greet was Prime Minister Qi Lian Hao who was serving during that time, as it could be seen the relationship between China and Ya Si Lan were so good, Prime Minister was personally came to welcome them, isn't this called as glory?

Princess Lan Shan and Prince consort Ao Ni Ken and also the royal highness Lan Duo stayed at the China highest authority's residence.

While Bing Ye who is originally a Chinese often came to stay at Hei Yan Long's house, sometimes returned to Prime Minister's official residence. During that time Bing Ye was only 17 year old but he was absolutely looked alike mature man such composed and stern.

Perhaps because Bing Ye's age and also his eldest son didn't have much gap, Qi Lian Hao even wanted to invite Bing Ye, asked him to stay at his house.

First time when came to Qi Lian Hao's house, Bing Ye was completely looked alike adult, few times meeting with Yu Ao Tian, he was showing disdain expression to him.

As to know, during that time Yu Ao Tian has already 14 year old, how could he let this guest to be audacious at his home?

Conflict kept on happening between two of them, moreover the eight years old Qi Lian Ao Yun also disliked Bing Ye characters, kept on joining hand with Yu Ao Tian against Bing Ye.

Every times they were fighting, it would be Yu Ao Tian's mother Yu Yi Ting who became the mediator. But after long time, Yu Ao Tian was starting to acknowledge this big brother who older him by three years. Same, Bing Ye also being attracted to this little brother who younger him by three years.

They were starting to discuss about life, discussing about military, criticized about politics. It was obvious they just teenagers but the topics they talked just similar alike thirties old people. Simply to say Qi Lian Ao Yun could not get into their world so that due to his nature, he just run and played by himself.

As remembered there was one time, Yu Ao Tian asked: 'Xiao Ye, why are you coming to China?'

'Because I am My Highness Lan Duo's guard, so that I must follow her to come here.'

'Guard? Is it such high position?'

'Haha, I also not really sure, anyway only a heir who can have a guard. While me, not more than her other life.'

'What is called as the other life?'

'At the time when the Royal Highness Lan Duo encounters problem, I must die in front of her.'

Although the position as guard in Ya Si Lan country not really high but it is the most honor position, also being respected by citizens.

Bing Ye arrived at Ya Si Lan country when he was 13 year old, during that time Ya Si Lan was looking guard for Royal Highness Lan Duo. Perhaps due to curiosity, Bing Ye joined the election.

Originally he has already had special ability, as well he has high physical quality, after he had been defeating countless of competitors to be Royal Highness Lan Duo's guard, he could be said as the person who saw Lan Duo born!

'Royal Highness Lan Duo?' after heard Lan Duo this name, Yu Ao Tian's eyes filled with question.

Bing Ye smiled while nodded his head, proudly said: 'En, She is the person that I will protect with my life!'

'How old is she now?'

'4 year old.'

Once Yu Ao Tian heard this, his face showed disdained: "Only 4 year old? She is only still a breastfeeding baby. Hah, indeed need a guard to protect.'

'Xiao Tian! Perhaps you have mistaken something. Although Royal Highness Lan Duo only 4 year old, but the domineering and also wisdom that she has, nothing you or me who could compare with.'

That year the fourteen years old Yu Ao Tian could not understand the emotion that shown by Bing Ye, moreover he is also one of group people who has high IQ, only during that time Bing Ye didn't know it.

'Only 4 years old, what kind of wisdom and domineering? Hah, if there is opportunity I really want to meet how awesome that Royal Highness Lan Duo.'

'Hah, you can. If there is an opportunity, I will bring you to meet her. At the time you must have understood everything!'

Afterwards, Bing Ye and Yu Ao Tian had talked many regarding Lan Duo, such as her talents, her military tactics, her shooting skill, her talents and many more.

Yu Ao Tian just alike listening to heaven script, inside his heart the only thing that he felt was… Lan Duo really too bitter, especially she is accompanied by someone like Bing Ye type of high demanded and also stern person!

In his eyes, Bing Ye isn't looked alike Lan Duo's guard, bit more alike Lan Duo's teacher, teaching her how to kill, how to control people, how to lead one's nation alike father-founder!

But, these two people didn't know, that was their first time talked about Royal Highness Lan Duo from Ya Si Lan country and also the last time they talked about her…

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