A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 403 part2

Chapter 403

Military Secret Base

Part 2 (Two)


'Yu Ao Tian, do you still want to pretend? Your father isn’t someone ambitious! Your father have intended to start a coup, being found out by government, being sentence to death, all were his deed! What is yours right to revenge, all were the things that your father supposed to end up! His deeds!'

She once had said something too excessive toward Yu Ao Tian!

No wonder, that time he was so angered, no wonder his reaction was so emotional.

Imaging that, if other people were humiliating her parent, perhaps the reaction that she showed must be hundred times more than Yu Ao Tian.

'thump thump…' a jangle gunfire hitting the car's rear windshield.

Quickly Yu Ao Tian pulled Yao Yao and pressed her down to his laps, at sudden he accelerating.

Lying on his knees, Yao Yao buried down her head, there is no expression on her face.

She really wanted to tell herself, Yu Ao Tian did mistake, Yu Ao Tian was lying, to be truth it was his father who was intending to coup, but being found out by the Vice Minister Zeng so that being sentence to death, but….

But the words which said by the villagers were more than enough to confirm about what was happened 13 years ago due to the mutiny, it was done by Zeng Kai Rui!

Because, the villagers said that, the island's military base is built…. 13 years ago….

'sst…' a sound, the speeding car suddenly stopped.

"What happen?" Yao Yao curiously turned her body, she looked at Yu Ao Tian.

"We…." Lowered his eyes: "We don't have way to go!" after said, his bottomless eyes closed, he held Yao Yao and getting down from the car.

At this moment, Yao Yao just realized, at their in front was actually a cliff, while at their back was countless handheld machine gun soldiers!

"Hah, really never thought that, this scenery regarding 13 years ago is repeating again!" Yu Ao Tian was looking at one by one that fierce soldiers, he laughed mockery. His pair of bottomless eyes slowly looked at The Little Thing who is in his embraced. "Scared of death?"

She didn't understand what Yu Ao Tian said before, but that sentence, she absolutely cleared: "Not scare!" she spoke firmly.

With pampering attitude he stroking Yao Yao's head, slowly he walked to the edge of cliff: "Yao Yao, 13 years ago with this kind of situation you had created a miracle for me; 13 years later with the same situation, I believe…. You are still same like before going to create new miracle for me!" after said, he glanced at those military officers in front of his eyes who are prepared to make shot, tightly he hugged Yao Yao, jumped down from the cliff….

"Mr. Feng, just now the soldier made a report, they have found traces of life on the island within ten miles radius in sea, according to the drift of the water and the coordinates that given by Mr. Bartholomew, Mr. Yu and also your wife perhaps drift to that mysterious island."

Feng Chen Yi who is resting inside the cabin, once he heard Colonel Drew reported, alike an arrow he set off a quilt and then rushed out.

"General Manager Feng! Huh… General Manager Feng." As Lisa seen, she also followed at his back.

Feng Chen Yi picked up the telescope, following the coordinates that given by Colonel Drew, not far from there's really a village households.

At this aimless vast oceans, Feng Chen Yi has been drifting for about ten days. They have been stopped at countless nameless islands, also again and again filled with hope, and now, he only hopes this opportunity would not be alike as before an empty.

"General Manager Feng, your clothes." Followed at his back Lisa handed over a coat to Feng Chen Yi.

He took the coat and wearing it, due to the medicine effect, his high fever has turned to be mild-fever, but his body hasn't recovered yet. That good looking face still same as white as paper, his gray beard slightly long and looked so exhausted.

Not long after that, the ship arrived at the shore, Feng Chen Yi was the first who boarded to this unknown mysterious island.

"Mr. Feng, now we are not sure which races of human being that living in this mysterious island, so that, It still better for you if walking from the behind side."

"Thank you, Colonel Drew, it's okay." Before, he ever said, no matter what difficulties Yao Yao going to face, he would be the first man who going to stay beside her, but now…. When Yao Yao went missing due to the air-crash he could not stay beside her, it has been about ten days since the incident, he still this aimlessly looking for her, could not fulfill his promise, for Feng Chen Yi this is kind of disturbance.

"Colonel Drew, there is a Chinese Ship that moving closer to the shore." One of the soldiers nervously made a report in front of them.

All eyes are turned to the ships that had been raising China's flag.

Followed by the ship that getting close, Feng Chen Yi could see clearly the person who standing in the ship's bow is Long Ye, believed that Long Ye also spotted Feng Chen Yi.

"Mr. Feng, are they your men?" Colonel Drew curiously asked.

Feng Chen Yi nodding his head, slowly walking back to the seashore: "Vice CEO."

Long Ye's ship getting closer to the seashore, faster he walked down from the deck and then shaking hand with Feng Chen Yi: "General Manager Feng, how is the situation in here?"

"It still hasn't any sign yet, it seemed you also could not get any sign too?"

"En." Long Ye seriously nodding his head, eyes slowly looked at the village that not far away: "Here, have you searched it before?"

"To be just about to search, this… perhaps the only hope!"


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