A Naive Short-tempered Girl

A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 94

Chapter 94 Audacious – breakthrough – Meeting

Without she realized, Yao Yao has took some notes about the stocks that she analyses.

“Xiao Luo, all the managers are done with their analysis, but how can you still do Bao Li Hua stocks analysis?” one of colleagues who passed Yao Yao’s desk asked, continue: “Aiya, Bao Hua Li stocks B it impossible, currently it dropped significantly, it not an option to do the investment, even wanted to invest for short investment but still there must need about three months to get the result.”


After she heard what her colleague told her, Yao Tao face turned green: “Are you talking about short investment?”

“That’s right.”

Doom! Since that’s the matter they must not invest on Bao Hua Li stock A, it would compensate for the loss deathly!

“Manager? Where is Wilson, the Vice Manager?”

“Didn’t you hear what I said before, everyone is in meeting room.”

“Well, where is Sun supervisor?” Yao Yao stood up, looking around for Sun Lin in her office room.

“Sun Supervisor also joined.’

“Are all have gone? Sister Zhang (Zhang Jie), help me, can you go to the meeting room, inform either Sun supervisor or Wilson vice Manager that they must not invest on Bao Li Hua stocks A. or else you can make phone call.”

“Xiao Luo, are you okay?” Sister Zhang unbelievable looking at Yao Yao: “Manager Lin has already approved Bao Li Hua stocks, you said not to buy and then they would not buy? Moreover, all of them are in meeting so no one will switch on the phone, I don’t want to take the risk. If you want to go… you go by yourself.

Berson Meeting Room, C room

Regarding the company meeting room it is divided into three types, the A, B and C. The C room can accommodate hundreds of people and also have small interactive multimedia hall. In the middle of the room there is another rounded table which has sub-regional director seat, Finance Manager, the supervisor level managers and others are group leader, secretaries, assistants and others.

“CEO Yu, General Manager Long, Wang General Director, this is the report regarding to the Bao Li Hua stocks investment analysis, please take a look.” The Finance Manager Lin Ya Cheng said, his personal secretary distribute the document to the three people.

Yu Ao Tian read the document contain, suddenly his face expression changed. Everyone included the Long General Manager, Wang General Director and others never thought that Yu Ao Tian, their CEO would come and join the monthly meeting.

“Bao Li Hua stocks A?” Yu Ao Tian coldly said.

Lin Ya Cheng carefully examining his expression but he cannot find any satisfaction expression from Yu Ao Tian and then he replied: “Yes. It is.”


Yu Ao Tian expressionless slammed the document in the table.

Everyone who gathered in the meeting room shocked and all of them still waiting how their Finance Manager explained to their CEO.

“Secretary Mo.” Yu Ao Tian turned his back and called Mo Xue Tong.

She nodded, she has prepared other document for Yu Ao Tian and hand it over to him.

“Hey, you guys make guess, what did secretary Mo hand over to CEO Yu?” some of the employees made circles gossiping.

At the moment Yu Ao Tian is starting to open the document that he received from secretary Mo, suddenly someone “infiltrate” the meeting room, everyone looked at the person direction even Yu Ao Tian.

“Xiao Luo, why are you here?” asked Sun Li shocked when seeing Yao Yao entering the meeting room.

“I…” everyone still looked at her included Yu Ao Tian, because of their eyesight; she almost forgot her main purpose to come. How can Yu Ao Tian also in here? Didn’t they say only Long Ye who is coming?

“Supervisor Sun, doesn’t she is your team member? Didn’t she know that what are we doing in here? Simply to say come to make trouble! Hurried deal with her!” Lin Ya Chen angrily said to Sun Li and looked at Yu Ao Tian: “I am sorry, I am sorry, CEO Yu, General Manager Long and Wang General Director.”

“Xiao Luo hurry gets out! Get out hurried!” Sun Li suddenly dragged Yao Yao to leave the room.

At this moment, Long Ye glanced at Yu Ao Tian, his lips curved upward: “Wait, Xiao Meng…hem…you dare to infiltrate the meeting room, you must have good reason to do so, mustn’t you?”

Sun Li stopped, looking at Long Ye, and also looking at Yao Yao: “General Manager Long is asking you, hurried answer!”

She gained herself, Yao Yao hurried nodding.

“Well, what’s matter?”

“It is….” She wanted to speak, but when her eyes met Yu Ao Tian’s eyes she lower her head, her body is trembling: “No…Nothing. I… am sorry, disturb, disturbing all of you.”

“Well, you the new comer, what you do you want to do? You just come few days or do you want to resign?”

Yao Yao clenched, stammered: “I, I…” she took deep breath, made a fist: “Cannot, cannot buy Bao Li Hua stock A.”

At the moment, Yao Yao voice is soften, but the colleagues who sat not far from her: “Xiao Luo, are you crazy? Do you want to trouble us?”

“What did she said, can you say it to me once again?” Long Ye smiled.

Sun Li glared at Yao Yao, worried: “She said, she said cannot buy Bao Li Hua stocks A.”

An instant everyone face expression changed, to unknown they have worked so hard in order to analysis about this stocks and got the result, even the CEO hasn’t read it, but she is only small employee how dare she came and said such words?

“Well, you newbie, no need to come to work, simply go to HRD to make report!” Lin Ya Cheng disappointed.

“Manager Lin, I understand… perhaps this is not my part to speak up, but… this amount of money really cannot invest to Bao Li Hua stock A as short investment.” Toward Yao Yao this job is not an easy job she can have but asking her do nothing in order to stay for this job, she really cannot do it.

“What do you understand? You are only a newbie, what is your right to say…”

“Why?” Long Ye cut Lin Ya Cheng’s words.

For Yao Yao the warmness of Long Ye way of speaking it encourage her to stubborn: “Because, Bao Li Hua stocks A is not suitable to make short investment, the reason…” she walked to the in front of the white board, she took one of the pen marker, she wrote down all the reason and also make a circle for the important point. “This is the reason. So that…” when she spotted Yu Ao Tian eyesight, suddenly she lost her confident.

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