A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 395.1

Chapter 395

She Poisoned

Early in the morning, the blue ocean covered with thin fog. At the first glance, simple to say it was as beautiful as immortal scenery. There was a shallow layer of fog outline around of the shade with palm size, such alike immortal dream.

Gradually, the sun raising from that thin fog and getting rid that immortal scenery, and left deeply worrying weather.

“Ng….” the man was letting out such weak sound, and then he licked his lips.

Didn’t know whether because of the sunshine, or because the body was recovering, his skin that as white snow gradually had trace of color.

Slowly opened his eyes, his bottomless eyes at the moment looked dull, he dumbfounded staring at sky, at the moment when he lifting his hand heavily touched a woman’s body which laying on his top of body.

His eyes looked down….

“Yao….” weak and hoarse sound, that pair of dull eyes slightly have helpless traced.

Looking at his surrounding it only left one fruit, the sweet taste in his mouth, as well the warm body temperature which emitting from Yao Yao, in his mind flashing every words which she said from yesterday…..

‘Yu Ao Tian, this…. is the first time, and also the last one, after passing this night, no matter you live or die, the debt that I owed you, all are settled clear!!’


Although he was losing his consciousness, he did not know why, every words which said by Yao Yao yesterday as if he had heard it; everything she has done as if he had seen it, it was so real.

“Little Thing, Little Thing.” Yu Ao Tian weakly patting her head.

Not long after that, Yao Yao didn’t show any response.

Perhaps she was too tired, Yu Ao Tian didn’t bear to wake her up, so that he only lifted his head and staring at the sky, gently hugging that petite body which looked similar to child posture, and then watching pieces of clouds that drifting across his eyes.

Heart, composed.

This was the first time quietness in his thirteen years.

At sudden, he suddenly flashed a kind of impulsiveness wanted to stay in here forever. But, it was only a flashing through, he knew in the future there would be many, too many things that awaiting him….

After about half an hour silent.

Yu Ao Tian’s face which showed relaxing expression gradually turned to be gloomy. “Yao Yao, Yao Yao! Yao Yao!!” bad premonition suddenly struck him, his hands hugging tightly onto her body, taking all his effort to support his body into sitting position.

Suddenly, a green color which glow in her small face caught by Yu Ao Tian’s eyes, was she poisoned?

He even though this Little Thing was too exhausted which made her slept alike death, but more he thought more off he felt, normally this Little Thing is sleeping so restless, impossible for her to sleep laying on him this quietly for long time!

Hurried he tidying the clothes, Yu Ao Tian gently carrying her, his eyes were looking at the surrounded, he finally realized actually it was an island!

Enduring the pain of the wounds at his back, he faster running to the seashore…..

It was still a vast of boundless!

He really wanted to know, how this Little Thing went through this kind of hopeless situation?

‘Hey, Yu Ao Tian, how about both of us consider, consider, die together and settle at once. The ‘debt’ you owed me clear, ‘debt that I owed you also clear, how about it? Hey? Give me an answer?’

No wonder this Little Thing could such confidently talking that way toward him, dealing with this kind of situation, the first option was commit suicide, and then the second was choosing….

Pressed down the hopeless inside heart, and then waiting and belief that miracle would have happened!

“Before, when I was at my the most helpless situation encountering you, it was sort of miracle, so that…. I belief, there will be still new miracle going to happen.” speaking with voice that filled a love, Yu Ao Tian smile charming, using his face gently stroking her small face.

And then, just at this moment….


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