A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 376

Chapter 376

Part 1 (One)

Yao Yao is being looked down

Not long after that, the car has arrived at Prime Minister Qi’s birthday venue, it is such high level and private place. Alike government officers who want to organize birthday party certainly could not be too high-profile, private place is the best choice.

“Chairman Feng.”

“Chairman Feng.” the person who is responsible for opening the car’s door, bent down and bowing with respect.

Feng Xiao pair of eyes suddenly shine and looked at Yao Yao.
She sacred shuddered.

“Why are you so distracted?” Feng Xiao coldly spoke, a quick glance at his arm.


Father in Law this wants….

Yao Yao quickly supported Feng Xiao’s hand, and together getting down from the car.
And the other that ‘one family’ are also followed at their back.

“Hah, no matter how hatred, because of Chen Yi, Old Man seems to take good care of Luo Yao Yao.” seeing Feng Xiao and Yao Yao back, with dissatisfaction Feng Chen Rui pouted his mouth.

Often in this kind of big party, standing beside the Master of family this person might assume as someone who most beloved family’s member, due to Feng Chen Yi’s absent today, Feng Xiao only could bring Yao Yao to represent and replace him, hence one can see that how Feng Xiao cares so much toward this second son.

“You know Old Master is so sided toward Feng Chen Yi, so that, you must take advantage of this situation to have good talk with Xanders (Sang De Er) company’s Chairman, as early as possible to take United States market.”

“Understood mom.”

The big hall two door are opened slowly, first thing that caught by eyes are splendid and glamour big hall, and also the sweet symphony. The women and men inside the big hall all are wearing formal dresses, chat with each other.

Regarding such splendid and important party, Yao Yao dislikes but also she does not feel any strange feeling with it.

At the moment entered, she is giving her utmost natural smiled politely and elegantly hung on her face.

“Did Chen Yi teach you?” very obvious, Old Master attracted to Yao Yao’s smile.

She nodding her head: “En. Chen Yi ever said, attending this kind of venue, only a smile can make a person looked more noble.”

“Hah.” Feng Xiao didn’t say anything, only gave a cold smile for moment, this could be called as his first time to bring his second daughter in law to meet outsiders, never thought that the most basic etiquette which presented by her actually quite well.

“Aiya, Chairman Feng, long time no see, long time no see.” few of gentry businessmen greeting Feng Xiao when they seen him, hurried they warming surrounded him.

“Haha.” Feng Xiao politely replying them by shaking their hands, eyes sight slowly looking at Yao Yao: “Come, Yao Yao, quickly greet Uncle Li and Uncle Zhang.”

“Hello Uncle Li, Hello Uncle Zhang.” Yao Yao politely nodding her head toward them.

“Hm? Chairman Feng, this is….”

“Haha, she is daughter in law who just married into our family, Luo Yao Yao.”

“Oh?” These two old comrade once they heard it, could not help but exchanging their glances: “Aiya, Chen Yi really has good eyes, your second daughter in law not only so beautiful, but also has prosperous appearance for husband, I see later in the future Chen Yi will be great person*

*长Chang 江 Jiang 后 Hou 浪 Lang推 Tui前 Qian浪 Lang : pushed back after the Yang Tze River


“Chairman Feng, what is your second daughter in law background? I think, can be married into your family, her background must not simple, right?” Listened to the way this Old Man spoke, he must not see any news, the person who standing beside him seemed to be clever more, hurried he pulled his arm.

Very obvious, at this moment Feng Xiao who face is showing smile expression turned to be stiffen.

At one glanced Yao Yao could see her Father in Law unhappy. After all, her background really disgraced a wealthy family alike Feng’s.

There’s time it not alike Feng Xiao act such snobbish, just this is how the upper class interaction, once the background not really good would be cold-shoulder by others, looking down by others. Alike Feng Family that has status, once there something ordinary happened, they also could be a laughing stock by other.

“Lan Ling ah.”

“Yes. Father in Law.”

“You bring Yao Yao to meet others, after all Yao Yao just married into ours family, still not yet not officially introduce her to other.”

“Understand Father in Law.” although Lan Ling dislikes to bring Yao Yao and introduced her to other wealthy Madams, but because of giving Feng Xiao a face she only can forcing herself to bring Yao Yao to introduce her with those wealthy Madams, go to Woman’s circle.

“Hey, I tell you, ours Feng Family in this kind of venue always become everyone attention, later you don’t make me losing a face, understand?” Lan Ling spoke with not good speaking intonation commanding Yao Yao.

She pouted her mouth, helplessly nodding her head: “Understood, Big Sister in Law.”

“Madam Zhang.”

“Aiya, Madam Feng. Few months not seen each other, you are getting more beautiful.” Seeing Lan Ling walking closer, those few wealthy Madams passionately surrounding her, constantly praising her.


Part 2

Speak honestly, Lan Ling is not really looked that awesome beautiful woman, she only not ugly that’s all.

“Madam Feng, who is the person beside you?” one of the Madam from the wealthy Madam’s group is pointed at Yao Yao.

“She? She is my Xiao Shu’s wife who just married into our family.” Lan Ling waving her hand which wearing big diamond ring, not tensed not slow introduced.

These few rich Madams glance, at sudden warmly surrounded Yao Yao: “So you are General Manager Feng’s wife, you are so beautiful, such young.”

“That’s right. Alike crystal doll.”

Everyone focus one by one turned to Yao Yao, Lan Ling who used being praised very obviously not happy, glared hatred toward Yao Yao.

“Fiuh, oh ya, what is your father business?” one of the rich Madam curiously asked.

Without waiting for Yao Yao to answer, Lan Ling quickly said: “Her father has passed away.”

“Ugh…” few of Madams are exchanging their glances: “How about your mother?”

“Also have passed away!”

“.……..haha, so regretful.” the warm attitude suddenly turned to be cold-shoulder, even the way everyone looked at Yao Yao changed to be different.

Aiya, so sad. Yao Yao let out long breathe, she feeling sad not because herself, but for those few persons in front of her, just as expected it is actually confirmed the words as one’s has more money, more snobbish their speaking tone. It seems, she really not even little bit feel suitable to life with wealthy family, ha….

“I am sorry, I feel little bit not comfortable, I go there to have rest.” Yao Yao bowing her head and retreat herself from everyone and looking for one place for sitting in the corner.

“Yi! Madam Feng, what brand that wear by yours Young Sister in Law? It looks very crudelymade.” Not long after Yao Yao left, few of wealthy Madams are gossiping.

“Who knows, someone like her with that kind of background, how can she understand brand ah.”

“That kind of background? What do you mean?”

Lan Ling mysteriously looking at right and left, whispering: “Have all of you read newspapers, the Xi Fu who married by my Xiao Shu is someone who coming from poor family. It seems alike someone who always living in rent house.”

“Are you sure? It sound horrible. The Second Young Master from Feng’s family is someone who being paid attention by everyone, how could he marry such wildful wife? This really…..”

“There is no way. Who asked my Xiao Shu likes her.” Lan Ling pretending to act helplessly by shrugging her shoulders, but actually deep in her heart she extremely happy. As long as Yao Yao being looked down by others, her position would be go higher.

At the moment when all wealthy Madams circle spoke bad things regarding Yao Yao, there are not paying attention beside them, there’s a pair of ear….


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