A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 350.2

Part 2 (Two)

Working At Feng Group

Both of them are going out from their room together, when passing the big hall, Feng Xiao who is sitting in big hall while reading a newspaper looking at them with despise eyesight: “Where are you going?”

“Father in Law, good morning.” Yao Yao is politely greeting Feng Xiao with smile.

“Father, I am going to work.”

“I don’t ask you! I asked your wife, where is she going to?”

Ugh….. “Father in law, I, I am also going to work.”

“You are going to work?” Feng Xiao put down the newspaper, pair of his hand support his back, sternly he walking until right in front of her: “Aren’t you a student? Where are you working?”

“I have directly submitted the report in order to take part in the entrance exams for postgraduate, now I want to go to Feng Group to help!”

Once Feng Xiao heard this, it hard for him not to recall few days ago when his wife told him about this little girl who asked for 4 billion. Hah, could not get the money and now she is targeting Feng Group? “You are not allowed! The daughter in law of Feng family must be stayed at home. Without my words, you are not allowed to step your feet outside this house, not even one step!!”

Cold sweat, Father in Law seems such bossy, simply to say he is so similar with Feng Chen Yi!


At the moment when Feng Chen Yi wanted to say something, quickly Yao Yao pulled his sleeves, faster hint him with her eyesight, which means…. you don’t forget the thing that you promised me last night.

“Father in Law, you say…. compare to big sister in law who have more value, I am who born from lowly family background, so that I can’t help Feng Family, if you are not asking me to working outside to earn my own money, how can I still have face to stay at Feng family, this really no any difference between me with woodworm (parasite).”

Should you this exaggerating? Feng Chen Yi is looking with kind of contemptuously eyesight toward Yao Yao exaggerating expression, endure himself not to laugh.

“Just like this, Father in Law. I don’t need salary, also no need any important position. Just doing odd or not so important works it’s okay in Feng Group, how is it?”

“En?” Whatever Yao Yao said before without doubt, it has hit on Feng Xiao true heart, he is afraid that this little girl is aiming on his Feng’s asset (money), and now after all she has touched him with this words?

“Do you really go working for doing not so important works?”

“Really! Really! As long as I can do even little bit for Feng family, I really more than satisfied.”

At the moment when Feng Xiao hesitated, suddenly Lan Ni Pei is coming over: “Old Master, you just agreed at what daughter in law idea.”

“Do as you wish.” Feng Xiao is helplessly waving his hand, turned his back and left.

Humph, this lowly old woman, during this time said something like this does she want to see something bad happen to her at company? She would not grant what Lan Ni Pei wish for! “Mother in Law, thank you. Now I go for working.” although Yao Yao is very clear with Lan Ni Pei motive, but she really acting as good daughter in law on the surface, or else how can later she handle this old lowly woman without her knowing?

“Go to Feng Group to do odd and so not import works perhaps it will be hard to satisfied your heart?” getting inside to the car, Feng Chen Yi is coldly asked.

She is smiling mysteriously, confidently shaking her head: “This is not so, this is not so, I have told your father that doing odd and not so important works, but odd and not so important works also divided into many types. Cleaner, pouring tea all are odd and not so important. But…. go and get involved in every department are also considered as doing odd and not so important things!”

“You little rascal, did you fool my father?”

“I don’t dare to do so.”

“Hah.” Feng Chen Yi helplessly give a smile, one of his hand on the steer wheel, and the other hand is put on her shoulder: “What’s your plan?”

She is smiling naughtily but gradually her face is dimmed: “Which department of Feng Group that compete business with Berson Group then, I will go to that department, I wish to go and compete with Berson Group, get all the projects by myself!”

The target is clear! Concise and comprehensive. Feng Chen Yi can feel this time Yao Yao is going to be fierce, “And then?”

“Force Yu Ao Tian to take over the biggest power at Berson, when that time arrive, my real fight against him are starting!” thinking until this scenery, Yao Yao can feel that the blood in her body is boiling. She really expecting this faster arrived.


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