A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 337

Chapter 337

“Not like that, Ao Tian! Xiao Meng Li is so sudden wanted to marry Feng Chen Yi, is it because she want to get support from Feng Chen Yi to revenge???”
“Perhaps.” Yu Ao Tian is laughed devilishly at same time titled his head, the expression in his face is such flat, as if there is none of his business, he is also alike others commoners, take this conversation as if tea house rumors.
But Long Ye understands, more Yu Ao Tian showed this kind of attitudes, more pissed off he actually is!!!
“Ao Tian, let me have talk with Xiao Meng Li, let me tell her the truth….”
“Long Ye! Let me tell you for once again!” his cold eyes are gleaming dangerously, he gloomy said: “My matter with Luo Yao Yao, you must not interfere!!”
“Ao Tian, so you will let Xiao Meng Li to marry Feng Chen Yi??? do you really don’t have any objection?”
“That’s her choice.” that’s true, it indeed her choice! The bird’s wing is stronger, although he wanted to break it, but at same time he is not able to do so!
“Huh….” seeing the expressionless face of Yu Ao Tian, Long Ye is only can let out long sigh, murmured: “Why…. things turned to be like this….. it obviously everything was okay before.”

The Glamor Wedding Party IV

Makeup room…….

In front of the makeup mirror, Yao Yao is makeup beautifully, her black hair is wearing shining crown, simply to say she is looked alike princess from fairly tale, very cute but also mesmerizing.

“My Beloved, today you are extremely beautiful! Come, wear your wedding dress.” as the bride maid, Gong Xiao Man excitedly takes that wedding dress which cost million dollars.

Yao Yao with help of two assistants changed her wedding dress with this diamond wedding dress.

The design of the shoulder, the waist and also the expansion of the hem, give full expression of delicacy her beauty and her natural princess aura to the maximum.

“The power of money indeed not ordinary, simply to say this piece of wedding dress is perfectly beautiful!! ah, Yao Yao you are so happy, simply to say you are the happiest woman in the world now.” if said Gong Xiao Man not envied Yao Yao, it was something impossible!

Her own best sister isn’t only married 24K golden turtle, but the bride groom also her first love, who would not envy?

“Miss Luo, Second Young Master said that you must wear this.” one of the assistants is hand over one wooden box.

Yao Yao opened and looked at it, so that it is a piece of Daisy series. Haha, the necklace that being broken by Yu Ao Tian last time had repaired by Feng Chen Yi?

“Woah, isn’t this yours and Feng Chen Yi token of love? Come, let me help you to wear it.” Gong Xiao Man is hurried to take over the box and then carefully to put that little daisy to Yao Yao.

Looking at the mirror it reflects the beautiful princess, Gong Xiao Man who standing behind her can’t help not to sigh: “As if day dreaming. I still remembered, that time how happy you were when you told me about this little daisy meaning. That time I thought, you perhaps would marry Feng Chen Yi right? But who knows, things had come to this point, while you….. but not thought, both of you are circling and still at finally together.”

“Yao Yao, see the current you, I even thought these two years emptiness as if never happened before. You and Feng Chen Yi as if always, always dating, perhaps this is called as fate, the heaven has determined him to be your husband! Hope you be happy, my beloved…..”


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