A Naive Short-tempered Girl


A Naive Short-tempered Girl Chapter 323

Chapter 323

Married Feng Chen Yi

‘Ring…. Ring… Ring…’read at .wordpress

The mobile phone that being tossed to bed aside suddenly ringing, Gong Xiao Man suddenly standing up, ranging in fume when accepting the phone call: “You MF who are you?”read at .wordpress

“…………………….” on the other side of mobile phone it silent for while, and then followed with cold voice:

“Gong Xiao Man?”read at .wordpress

“That’s right, it is me. Who MF you are, why you make Yao Yao crying?”

“Where is Yao Yao now?”

After heard that cold voice, Gong Xiao Man angered vented out: “I ask you, why do you make Yao Yao crying!!!”read at .wordpress

“I am Feng Chen Yi! Just now it wasn’t me who phoned!!!”

“……….ugh…..” so this phone called is Feng Chen Yi, Gong Xiao Man who is raging in fume immediately cooling down: “She, she is at dorm now.”original .wordpress.com

‘Tutts…’ followed after she done with her words, the phone is immediately hung up.

 Gong Xiao Man who received the phone call is in confusion, if just now wasn’t Feng Chen Yi who called the mobile phone, who would…. Be the person?

She is checking on Yao Yao’s phone incoming called, once she takes a look, she found out it was Yu Ao Tian!original .wordpress.com

Her eyes are glancing at Yao Yao who is still crying on her bed, and then she takes a look at the mobile phone monitor that clearly showing up the phone number.

How could Yao Yao crying such miserable after she received a phone call from Yu Ao Tian?

“Which dorm number she stayed?” after hung up the phone called for a while, Feng Chen Yi coming to First University, since the dorm for female students cannot easily being entered by a stranger, so that he only can contact Gong Xiao Man to pick him to go in.

“At 403.”original .wordpress.com

“Thank You.”original .wordpress.com

Feng Chen Yi is taking big stride, rushing on dorm 403, from the outside the dorm room he could hear bitter crying voice.

Push open the door.this works is belong to .wordpress.com

Yao Yao is still on her bed crying, Feng Chen Yi only need two big steps, he has already arrived at bed side: “Yao Yao, what is happened?” he is pulling her up from her bed.

Her white little face is fuming in rage and turned to be so red, very red, that big moist eyes are open wide showing how dissatisfied she is. It can feel that, at this moment she is absolutely! Must be super angry.

“You, why are you coming?” wiping her tears, she asked with sob voice.

“Just don’t ask me why I am coming. What happened to you?”

What happened? Did something happen?

No!this works is belong to .wordpress.com

If there is Feng Chen Yi nothing impossible to be happened, that’s right! There is him, it means everything can be settled! “Feng Chen Yi, I know, you have power, come, help me! No matter what the price is I willing to sacrifice, help me!!” Yao Yao is emotionally grabbed his hands.

But from that no matter what words, Feng Chen Yi at the moment can feel that she must absolutely facing something big, so that her words sound such confusing.

“Yao Yao, you calm down for moment and then tell me what kind of help do you want from me.”

“I understand, now it only yours status that able to help me out, really, I can sacrifice everything, you tell me, will you willing to help me or not!!!!”this works is belong to .wordpress.com

“Yao Yao!!!! You calm down, you must tell me first what can I do for you, so that I can give you my answer, whether I can help you out or not, okay?”

Feng Chen Yi higher his speaking tone, that cold face is shown panicking expression. He really does not want to see the lost control of Yao Yao, at least, he must know what makes she lost self-control to this point.

“I, want, you to help me, fight against Yu Ao Tian!!!” she is using her strength to sniff and also stop her tears, she is showing weird smile on her face: “Berson and Feng Group have many projects right? So that, soon or later will go opposite way. So that, let me join, I will go against Yu Ao Tian together with you, can I? Can I?”

Suddenly Feng Chen Yi silent.this works is belong to .wordpress.com

His cold eyes are straightly seeing her eyes which filled with hatred, and at same time a small face that shown bitterness and also unhappiness. It can feel, something without any turning back is happened between Yao Yao and Yu Ao Tian, so that she could lose control over herself!

After a while, his cold face is changed, smiled: “Alright! But…. This time, I don’t want to help you freely!”
It’s fine to say whether he is put fire and robbing or taking an advantage of person who in perilous state, but six sense told Feng Chen Yi, this perhaps his last chance to keep Yao Yao stayed beside him!

“Didn’t I tell you? I can pay at any cost. I can give you everything that I have. Should I become your lover? I can do it. Whatever it is I can! Of course, as long as you okay with me!” It is so obvious because this time failure Yao Yao is such messing up, or else due to her personality she would not say something like this.

Or perhaps, this is the most drastic chances of hers, the last pounce.this works is belong to .wordpress.com

After all, the death of her mother, actually it had given her big shock, too much.

“I don’t need you to be my lover.”

“So what do you want? Say it!” Yao Yao is emotionally half kneeling on her bed, her face is showing crazy smiles which make people feel worry about her, even looking through her eyes for this moment it is dim.

“Marry with me.”this works is belong to .wordpress.com

“But….” she gave her answer without thinking, but immediately she gained herself back: “What did you say?” that dim eyes suddenly turned to be bright, she is looking at Feng Chen Yi who in front of her with disbelieved eyesight.

“I want you to marry with me! Becomes my wife. Didn’t you say that, you can sacrifice at any cost.” Feng Chen Yi’s face is showing cold expression while speaking with lower intonation, but his face is perfectly serious, there is no slightest joking intention.

“Wait…. Wait….” panic! Panic! What does she want to say? What she wanted to do? Why did she forget?

That’s right, if want to fight against Yu Ao Tian, she must borrow Feng Chen Yi power in order to beat Yu Ao Tian down.this works is belong to .wordpress.com

Didn’t she think before, no matter what would happen she won’t drag Feng Chen Yi? Why at this moment, she still looking for Feng Chen Yi?

Thinking carefully, is it because Yu Ao Tian capability too strong, so she only can look for Feng Chen Yi to help her put!

But, the revenge for her mother death, and also the marriage with Feng Chen Yi are two different things!

“Feng Chen Yi, you, know…. What does marriage mean? This is not a game.”.wordpress.com

“Of course I know what does marriage mean, but you must remember, both of us ever together before, what did I ever tell you before?”

‘I just want to have one marriage for my life time, so that, I will not be so easily to find any woman as my girlfriend, moreover I won’t be such easily talking about marriage. But, as long as there is a girl I want, I will take any cost in order to make her to be my wife!!’

It seems that Feng Chen Yi ever told her before?

But…. “I, I ever became Yu Ao Tian’s lover.” this is an indelible stain, such ridiculous past, after all she even ever became the lover of the person who murdered her mother!

“I don’t have any objection.”.wordpress.com

“Not objection?” lift his eyelids, Feng Chen Yi pair of cold eyes looking at her who after all almost crying because touched.

How could Feng Chen Yi able to say something like that so affirm and resolute? It is okay for him to hesitate, due to his status, his background, why must he choose someone who ever became other people’s lover as his wife? “If you can help me, Whatever the cost it takes I willing to sacrifice, but…. Other than marrying you.”

“I just want you to marry me!”


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